Tactical Borders

zebez's Addon Compilation

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This is a compilation of various other addons and my own stuff.


It's mostly for myself so it's not very polished or tested much.
Most changes are to the Classic UI. A 1920x1080 resolution is recommended.

-Transparent talent/skill bar
-Darker looking sidepanel, matches Dark UI
-Added player doll to the sidebar (It looks cool :P)
-Game map is always centered on player
-Map scroll on middle mouse, removed mouse gestures
-Most dialog windows don't overlap the sidebar anymore
-Taller new game dialog
-Party hp bars match game maps hp bars
-Left/Right click on party members/summons to give orders or control
-Added remaining summoning time to party icons and tooltip

Included addons:
Myth's Tactical Borders by Mytheos
Classic UI Buff Removal by Regalion, StarKeep

Myth's Tactical Borders

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This addon replaces the default tactical borders with a verson that more clearly shows the healthbars while making target identification quick and easy.

+++ This addon only works for new characters, unless you edit your save file+++

Instructions for save file editing:

Locate your save folder - (Generally in C:\users\*username*)

( The name of you save folder inside your *username* directory is T-Engine )

BACKUP YOUR T-Engine folder TO A SAFE LOCATION - ( You can copy and paste it on your desktop )

Inside your *username* directory, open your T-Engine folder
Open the 4.0 Folder
Open the Save Folder
Look for the folder with your character's name you wish to edit and open it.
Look for and open your desc.lua file ( You can use notepad, but it may be easier to download and install something like Notepad++ )

Locate the line that looks like the following:
addons = {'ashes-urhrok', 'items-vault', 'steamui', 'stone-wardens'}

Add inside the { } the following 'myth-minimalist-ui' so that it now looks like:
addons = {'ashes-urhrok', 'items-vault', 'steamui', 'myth-tactical-borders', 'stone-wardens'}

( Keep in mind the above will look different based on what addons you have installed )

Save your desc.lua and exit the file.

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