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zebez's Addon Compilation

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This is a compilation of various other addons and my own stuff.

It's mostly for myself so it's not very polished or tested much.
Most changes are to the Classic UI. A 1920x1080 resolution is recommended.

-Transparent talent/skill bar
-Darker looking sidepanel, matches Dark UI
-Added player doll to the sidebar (It looks cool :P)
-Game map is always centered on player
-Map scroll on middle mouse, removed mouse gestures
-Most dialog windows don't overlap the sidebar anymore
-Taller new game dialog
-Party hp bars match game maps hp bars
-Left/Right click on party members/summons to give orders or control
-Added remaining summoning time to party icons and tooltip

Included addons:
Myth's Tactical Borders by Mytheos
Classic UI Buff Removal by Regalion, StarKeep

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