Passive Cooldowns

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A tweak to the Minimalist UI to show the effect cooldowns of various passive talents and prodigies with triggered effects in the buffs area. Affected talents in the base module:

  • Born into Magic
  • Cauterize
  • Meteoric Crash
  • Unbreakable Will
  • Spell Feedback
  • Draconic Body
  • Bloodspring
  • Elemental Surge
  • Endless Woes
  • Vitality
  • Shieldsmaiden Aura
  • Hold the Ground
  • Pestilent Blight
  • Guardian Unity
  • Fold Fate
  • Fold Warp
  • Fold Gravity
  • Virulent Disease
  • Shadowguard
  • Quickened
  • Inner Power
  • Enhanced Munitions
  • Bullseye
  • Garrote
  • Phantasmal Shield
  • Artifacts with passive triggers: Prox's Lucky Halfling Foot, Butcher

Affected talents from the Embers of Rage DLC:

  • Uncertainty Principle
  • Improved Gestalt
  • Subcutaneous Metallisation
  • Pain Enhancement System
  • Embedded Restoration Systems
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Reactive Armor
  • Automated Repair System
  • Artifacts with passive triggers: Life Support Suit, Spider's Fangs, The Lumberator, The Twisted Blade

Affected talents from the Ashes of Urh'Rok DLC:

  • Voracious Blade
  • Incinerating Blows
  • Grim Future
  • Burning Sacrifice

Affected talents from the Forbidden Cults DLC:

  • Fuel Pain
  • Inner Tentacles
  • Unravel Existence
  • Artifacts with passive triggers: Bizzare Contraption

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

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