NameGameLast updated
Theopolis DuMedd the level 48 Shalore Doomedtome3 days 15 hours ago
The Obsidian Warrior the level 46 Ogre Demonologisttome1 week 2 days ago
Tri-Star the level 47 Yeek Mindslayertome1 week 2 days ago
Marda the Auto-Tank the level 44 Krog Adventurertome1 week 2 days ago
Durgan the Judiciously One-Handed the level 45 Dwarf Adventurertome1 week 2 days ago
Agatha Heterodyne the level 50 Cornac Artificertome1 week 2 days ago
The Implacable Woman the level 50 Cornac Adventurertome1 week 2 days ago
N. Deanna Jones the level 48 Nalore Maraudertome1 week 2 days ago
Tom o'Thurgist the level 49 Higher Archmagetome1 week 2 days ago
Quickdraw Kid the level 48 Halfling Gunslingertome1 week 3 days ago
Samuel Beckett the level 42 Cornac Quantum Slidertome1 week 3 days ago
Bloodgore Grimdeath Snugglebunnies the level 44 Cornac Bloodtide Cultisttome1 week 3 days ago
Custos Petros the level 44 Drem Stone Wardentome1 week 3 days ago
Pretty Polly the Pint-Sized Pugilistic Powerhouse the level 38 Halfling Adventurertome1 week 3 days ago
Harold R. the level 37 Cornac Harriertome1 week 3 days ago
Roranoa Zoro the level 43 Cornac Maraudertome1 week 3 days ago
And I Can't Get Up the level 41 Cornac Fallen Meditanttome1 week 3 days ago
Mina Ashido the level 47 Shalore Archmagetome1 week 3 days ago
Cthulu's Flying Stingers of Darkness the level 44 Cornac Adventurertome1 week 3 days ago
Contessa Arianna Aleggra Felicite Excelsior the level 46 Ogre Berserkertome1 week 4 days ago
Tinkerbell: Dethblyd the level 45 Wood Sprite Gladiatortome1 week 4 days ago
Only You Can Start Forest Fires the level 39 Bear Adventurertome1 week 4 days ago
Purity Chaste, Acolyte of Overwhelming Damage the level 38 Cornac Adventurertome1 week 4 days ago
Teeth of the Shadow Sarlacc the level 48 Cornac Adventurertome1 week 4 days ago
Spiderbabe the level 41 Cornac Weavertome1 week 6 days ago