Nostalgia, or not!

Once upon a time a mad god of darkness decided to create a game.


The board was set, the pieces were moving... ..and it looked like that.

Yes, time has passed since that memorable start! :)


When was that screenshot taken? Was that the very first version? (TE1)

Well, the game has come quite a long way since these days ^^

Random notes:
- Licensed material everywhere! (yeah I know that the game world wasn't Maj'Eyal prior to TE4)
- Potions! (so glad they disappeared)
- Adg is not an epic name that will be remembered by bards across the realms

That's actually TE4, but it's

That's actually TE4, but it's an early version. You can tell, because it is a huge graphical improvement from ToME 2.3.5., back when it was a variant of good ol' Angband.

Yeah T4 at it's begining

Yeah T4 at it's begining :=)
That is from the first beta I gave to the public!
I'll try to find the first alpha for a laught :)

Bring Nandor back or riot ;v

Bring Nandor back or riot ;v

Nandor are still around.

Nandor are still around. They're just called Shalore now. The "Grace of the Eternals" talent used to be "Grace of the Eldar", the XP penalty used to be 35% (instead of 25%), and the rest of the racial talents didn't exist (because there was only one per race), but otherwise they're the same.

(I still have beta 12 on my computer.)