Possessors are coming to 1.5 !

My dear minions,


Long ago when I announced Ashes of Urh'Rok I also said that a day would come when Stone Wardens would be demoted to a normal class and the Possessors would come in as the new donator class. And while I never give dates, I try to keep my word and now the day of the Possessors is drawing near!

When Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5 release it will feature this new, very weird, class!


But what are they ?

Possessors come from my previous game, ToME2 where you could capture the bodies of your dead foes to incarnate in them and use their special abilities!

And Tales of Maj'Eyal's Possessors are just like that, but more!

While parts of the design is still in flux, quite some things are already working, most importantly the actual possession stuff!

For those of you that knew the old possessors, think of them as kind of that (with less cheesiness) with a midrange/melee psionic tackled on it.

And think of all those yummy talents NPCs can use that you can now steal!


A few mechanics explained

  • Bodies storage: When you steal one of your foes body it will be put in a "psionic storage", think of it as a kind of psionic imprit of the body. A talent even allows you to clone it to use it multiple times!
  • When you want to transform you simply access that storage and select the body you desire and bam! You get stats, effects, talents, ... of this body (all controlled by talents so it's not a binary thing, you do get better at it)
  • Stolen bodies have a very important flaw: they can never be healed in any way (except with a disminishing return special talent), so eventually even the best bodies will wither and be destroyed, but this is Tales of Maj'Eyal, new bodies are aplenty !
  • When you assume a form, you get to keep your inventory no matter what. Doing it any other way would be far too cumbersome for the play UI-wise. Also you can now pretend to be just like that rare bulwark snake that killed your last character!
  • You can also use your stored bodies in new fun ways, like using one as a psionic minion for a while, but when the effect ends the body is gone forever
  • The class has a psionic power called Finger of Death, need I say more?!


So stay tuned for 1.5 !

I've always liked

I've always liked monster-skill type powers. This looks like it will be a lot of fun. It'll be cool to discover which monsters can be used. I want to be a Worm that Walks! Come ooooooon!

So if you're a

So if you're a luminous/radiant horror then you get some absorption? I'd want to be a worm that walks in the dark crypt.


beautiful and totally worth the wait i bet! praise darkgod!

Hot bloody damn! :O <3

Hot bloody damn! :O <3

I still dig out my old 2.3.5

I still dig out my old 2.3.5 files on occasion to run Lore Master/Possessor/Druids. Miss the excitement of getting a cyclops corpse or eventually the GWoP. Excited.

First thing

First thing I'm doing when this comes out is hijacking an air elemental, then heading to tempest peak.
There I will bathe in Urkis' lightning bolts while doing a silly dance and giving both fingers.

Nygård <3

Nygård <3

Yep. Mathias Nygård. Of the

Yep. Mathias Nygård. Of the finnish west coast.


I've been waiting since switching from TE2 to TE4. This will be so fun.

Nice! Any infos on when we

Nice! Any infos on when we can expect 1.5? Or is it SOON(TM)?


Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Need I say more?

Exciting update to be sure!

Exciting update to be sure!

So many uses

I can already think of so many ways one could build a possessor.

Finger Of Death