Updated https://te4.org!

My minions,

As your probably noticed, I have updated and reskinned https://te4.org/ to look (hopefully) much better!

This update, combined with version 1.5.4 when it'll be out will also improve the online character sheets, including your actual character doll (so you can show off your fashion sense with the shimmering feature) and clearer talents & items tooltips with included icons :)

Have fun!

Defense: Resistances

The character sheet used to display all of your character's resistances in the Defense: Resistances section but it recently only shows your All resistance (not Fire, Cold, etc.). Is there any chance that information will make a return? I loved seeing those stats, as those are usually some of the ones I found most memorable for a character.

I love the site redesign btw, it looks very clean!

Yes this is a game side bug,

Yes this is a game side bug, will be fixed in 1.5.4

Can we get a lower contrast

Can we get a lower contrast option? It hurts my eyes reading nearly pure white on a background this dark.

Good job!

I like this updated site!
And the online character doll will be a cool feature!
Thank you, darkgod!