Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 "Wandering Star" is released!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 ! See http://te4.org/

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

This release adds a new class and a new class evolution, amongst other updates, fixes and balances !

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  • Add a new hook/callback, ActorAI:aiTalentTactics/callbackOnAITalentTactics
  • Add chat portraits to many things
  • Add zone max level to tooltip and adjust levels for difficulty (if applicable)
  • Allow Steady Shot triggered via Shoot to apply Marked
  • Dirges update mastery correctly
  • Feed and Fed Upon properly ignore absolute resistance
  • Fix a bug with Garrote
  • Fix AI targeting of friendly actors, preventing them once again from toasting their friends
  • Fix alt tier1 zones having a different level range than non-alt tier1 zones
  • Fix Assasinate
  • Fix bone shield having non-integer cooldowns
  • Fix Brawler Attack Speed
  • Fix Cleansing Flames's tactical table
  • Fix description for Animate Blade
  • Fix Disengage being able to move through walls
  • Fix Energy Absorption
  • Fix Hymn Nocturnalist description
  • Fix Minotaur's Grand Arrival
  • Fix Shadows not Fading once they are immune to their summoner's damage
  • Fix Shattering Charge double crits
  • Fix talent level of chants & hymns boosted by difficulty twice
  • Fix Trap Priming
  • Fix twist the knife extending debuffs by non-integer amounts
  • Fix value displayed in damage log for Guardian Unity
  • Fix Vile Transplant effect limit
  • Fix wintry ego on shield not criting
  • forceUseTalent will not break things like movement infusion and won't be disturbed by confusion
  • It is now possible to recall out of the Temporal Rift
  • It is now safe to digest a cursed shadow
  • Mirror images are removed on death
  • New chat dialog interface
  • New gfx for the Rune of Reflection
  • New skeleton's damage shield visuals
  • New Sun Paladin evolution: Avatar of a Distant Sun
  • New Wanderer class. It's akin to adventurer but more chaotic! Instead of choosing talent trees you get a random set as you levelup! The set is determined by a seed that you can share with others to have friendly random competitions, or just share cool combos ;)
  • New Webs of Fate visual effect
  • Prevent clicking multiple times on hotkeys while the targeting interface is running (prevents infinite resource bug)
  • Prevent exploit where you could increase and decrease talent mastery at the same time you learned Fallen prodigy
  • Prevent player from infinitely stacking Pestilence shield with enough action speed
  • Remove digging from a few more vaults
  • Slightly nerf pace yourself
  • Some UI updates (buttons, and such)
  • Split the effect of Brutalized and Stunned
  • Support inconstant resource drain, fixing the Fearscape and a few other talents
  • Take Down respects pin if the target is more than 1 tile away
  • Tentative fix for yeti's in EoR having fur sticking outside of their pants
  • Tune down a Boneyard and Corpse Explosion visuals
  • Update fixedart daggers to 50%str/50%dex dammod for knives
  • Update Seen by Arcane Eye to immediately reveal actors
  • Update targeting parameters for Kneecapper and Kill Shot
  • Update Yeek's Quickened to trigger if the damage would leave you at 30% life or less
  • Update many NPCs tiles
  • Update the face of most character dolls
  • Update translations
  • Upscale the size of many lore pictures

  • Fix Diseased Body crashing in some corner cases
  • Fix Eternal Suffering to not appear on NPCs
  • Update translations

  • Add portraits for various chats
  • Exoskeleton is now displayed behind weapons
  • Fix Emergency Steam Purge wrong range
  • Fix Innovation + Mastery update interaction
  • Fix rounding problem with some steamtech/sawmaiming talents
  • Make Furnace Vent open only if it is fully charged
  • Mecharachnid shows artifact tiles when worn instead of generic ones
  • Summons will now avoid targeting amakthel body parts
  • Update translations
  • Upscale lore pictures
  • Yetis are 100% less prude

  • Update Reality Fracture so rifts last for the full duration stated
  • Update translations

Have fun in Eyal!


Nice update, looking forward to trying out the new wanderer class.
It looks like the only way to play :)

Stoning Poison?

No fix for not being able to buy stoning poison?

Character compatibility

When putting out a new version, I was wondering if you could include a note regarding whether or not characters from the previous versions are compatible, i.e. whether your characters will disappear from the load screen unless you opt to show older versions. For instance, I'm working on an unlock and don't want to make my character buggy by updating to a version where it might not really work. It would be helpful to learn that so I can put off updating if necessary, or go ahead and update if it should be fine.

Re: Compatibility

Minor version changes should never break compatibility. Major versions can, and likely will. E.g. 1.7.4 did not break compatibility, neither will 1.7.5, or any number of minor versions between now and 1.8.0, whenever that may be.

Silly question perhaps.. but

Silly question perhaps.. but where do I select the Wanderer class?
I would have guessed it is under the Adventurer metaclass, however it is not there.
I have already unlocked Adventurer normally. Do I need to finish the game again to unlock Wanderer as well?

Somebody already created a wiki page..


ToME players have been really good about helping us hapless non-programmers learn unlocks and achievements.


Thank you for your reply. I shall let my launcher do its job now.

Great news, but...

Thank you for your hard work, this is great news!
But have some issues with previous and this version, two of my characters doesn't have a bonus zone, and one of them have a constant LUA error when trying to use Command Staff talent.

Maybe a more controlled wanderer?

wanderer is probably the best idea for this game at this stage. But trying it out making me wonder if we could be offer like 3 choices and pick only 1 for each new random class/generic telant? Judging how many telants are in the pool, I can see most of wanderers being a total disaster to play. If people are starting to reroll for reasonablly playable seeds, I see a point to make it less random by giving the player some level of choice.

Re: Maybe a more controlled wanderer?

Someone already made that addon: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/wanderer_3in1

I'm fine with DG adding

I'm fine with DG adding users addons to the game. Addons can become outdated/broken if not updated sometimes. This means no matter what, we get the Wanderer class. Ideally, I'd like DG to implement many of the addons for ToME as I've seen so many good ones become obsolete when the modder abandons them. I'd love it if DarkGod took Zomnibus and implemented it to the base game someday and giving credit to all involved whether in game credits or making said people actual monsters we can find in the game. Just me. I'd be crushed if Zomnibus and some other addons I love become abandoned and no longer work with ToME. More that get added the better I say! Plus people who are new or don't want to mod can experience them. So many positives, very little negatives.

Re: Maybe a more controlled wanderer?

Or consider adding a re-roller to the first Stat page on creation.

Stat tracking/bestiary?

Love the work you put into this update and the new Wanderer class is a lot of fun and is perfect for when you really want a fresh roguelike experience. I would love to see some stat tracking added someday that we could access in the main menu as well as a bestiary that we can view that shows artwork for the monsters we've encountered, a brief description, where they can be found and maybe how many times they've killed us and we've killed them. It would also be cool to have some more random events in the game to keep things fresh like the "Trapped" quest that can randomly trigger. Oh and maybe some alternate layouts for towns/cities that can spawn different merchants for the same season, just to mix runs up. Am sure I can think of more suggestions. Love ToME. Best 1500 hours I've ever spent and hope to put many thousands more in before I die (hopefully of old age!) haha Thanks for your hard work DarkGod. Looking forward to the future! <3