Dekar died - he was my best and favorite Dekar :(

Dekar was a very cool Wyrmic, but now he is dead. That makes me quite sad as he went further than anyone before him. He got killed because I thought I had the situation under control until he got stunned. :[

At least I can finally make a new char with the new options he unlocked.

oh no

your wyrmic dekar reminds of my cornac berserker i named him rokhan

i did a run through maze then a cold drake appeared and killed him

i understand your pain but good luck on further adventure

Stunning is a common way to

Stunning is a common way to die. The monster stuns you then stuns you again and its all over. The way to prevent this is to be aware of what monsters do that that AND find stun resistance gear. Good luck with your new one.

Remember: If you're a

Remember: If you're a barbarian, you can do this to your enemies!

Hymn of Perserverance plus...

One level of Hymn of Perseverance (from a Lost Anorithil) is good for 30% stun resist while it's active. Armor with the "of stability" ego is good for 70%. That 100% will also make Freeze only slow you instead of stopping you cold.

Of course you'll still need other resistances later on, but those are generally findable in the early game.