Hello Eyal World!


I'm Sightwalker, I'm a game programmer and I play ToME for quite a while now (since June). I usually play Cornac Berserker on Nightmare mode and sometimes I even stream it on Twitch. (still never finished the game, tho)

When I get some free time, I intend to start making addons for the game. I just researched the surfaces, but I wonder how limited are the abilities to add new enemies, maps, items and monsters; nothing some better research can't answer me (or at least I hope)!

Pleased to be a part of the community!

New Content

You can add all of those things with addons. Even new campaigns!

That's amazing news for me!

That's amazing news for me! <3


As darkgobbo said, adding enemies, maps, items, and even campaigns is possible. Even adding new abilities and classes is not terribly difficult (learning Lua is probably most of the work) as the support for add-ons is great.


No prior LUA knowledge needed

When I started modding ToME I had only a couple of high school level computer science classes under my belt and had never heard of LUA. I certainly made some mistakes, but not knowing LUA was never a set back. There's quite a wealth of examples for most things you may want to do (talents, races,classes, items, zones, quests, etc), and if you can't find an example or still have questions, come join us on the Discord and the forums :) I was welcomed by the group of regular modders and given tons of great advice (and more than a little coding help) to get me on my way, and now I have created several addons.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! (And not just because I'm always eager for new content... but mostly ;-P )

Thanks! Not sure if that was


Not sure if that was addressed to me or the OP or both, but I do actually have one mod: the Playable Wight Race mod, made because I didn't really feel like skeletons or ghouls truly had "tank" mechanics. (I have written about the design philosophy in greater length at my profile on the wiki.)

Thanks for the encouragement. I'll check out your work!

Thank you, guys! I'm gonna

Thank you, guys! I'm gonna try taking some time to experiment on something, then. I have messed with LUA before, and I work on programming so I think the wall for me is mostly getting to understand the syntax needed for the addons to work, which just requires time. xD Love the talk!


There are basically no limits. In fact, if you run into some limitation preventing you, the game is open source so you can submit a "fix" if ya really want to :D

Being open source is actually

Being open source is actually one of the best things about this game <3