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  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Im on my first attempt but I have a level 9 currently.

    Anthoril is kinda like a submachine where a archmage is like a cannon. Archmage can do more damage but is limited by mana. Anthoril can constantly do smaller damages.

    Edit: for escort missions remember that bathe in light can heal your escort

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I should note that the lab mino was near death before I fumbled my way into yet another stupid death.

    Also I have never had any problems predicting/seeing where the (p)s are. A little cautious play = the key in the maze in general. Even vs Bandit Lords you can win fairly easily given you aren't level 1-2.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    He is deadly in short range. I had by then an teleport rune slot. When I first encountered him I teleported away, then found a nice long hallway and waited for him to track me (I actually got bored pressing '5' so I hurt myself with starfall to be able to speed-regen). I lit up one end (from where he would arrive) with sun blast to spot him at long range. When he showed up I crashed a star into him for a nice stun, then covered the whole approach area with a shadow blast, shot him with searing light, moonbeams and firebeams. He managed two steps at most.

    I had problems keeping escorts alive, tended to fry them with residual searing lights or shadow blasts or twilight surges. But one escort thief gave me heightened senses, and I believe that has been absolutely VITAL in this chars survival. So either finding an early good light source or a successful thief escort quest is very useful for A-thils.

    Edit: HAvent unlocked barrier yet. Mabye with higher magic level and more skill points, but I haven't gone there yet. (At level 18)

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Yeah well my latest attempt died miserably to the Labyrith Minotaur. I have beaten him with 0 deaths many times but apparently Anorthils are beyond my feeble typing skills. I fumble fingered this latest into a triple death at the start after successfully jumping back to the entrance, and then dumped in frustration. One thing to note: Barrier seems utterly useless. It goes in one round so basically just wastes a turn which is not worth it unless you need one round to cool down your escape talent.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I am currently playing an Anorithil now, after almost-successful fighter, wyrmic and archmage. (They all went east, one twice)

    I share your opinion for the starting game. Trollmire is the easiest dungeon but I had more anorithil die there than any other character type. Bill the Troll had 4 notches in his belt before I finally had one of my acolytes kill him. After that it got a whole easier, and now my char is having a very easy time indeed. Kor'Pul, Old forest, Sandworm, Maze, City storm (easiest time I've ever had in here) and now in Daikara. Maxed out moonbeam first, put one point in a good many skills, saved up some generic points to level 8 so I could get the perseverance hymn up to speed, then resistance hymn. Shadow blast was next to max out, after I learned that the damage listed in the talent list is very wrong. It is a LOT more, It's a huge area as well, albeit short range. At level 10 I took another rune/infusion slot. Got 1 wild, 2 regen (keep looking for the best regen/healing there is) and a teleport (in case I forget jumpgate or run out of negative energy). Starfall next pumped, sun flare up to 5 radius blind plus some damage, and getting firebeam up to speed now.

    Currently at level 18 I have not maxed out my magic for my level, and hardly worked on cunning at all. (twilight/twilight surge still give enough NE for now). Instead I did enough con to get health +2, and actually raised STR to 18 to get heavy armor ability, to use all those great helms and metal boots that keep dropping.

    Got a shielding amulet and boots of stability, so feeling pretty safe nothing can kill me before I can teleport out.

    By the way, melee is decent for the char. I do 30 damage per enemy per round. Only thing is, I dont hit them, they do.

    Normal is not cheating. In short, normal will probably teach you how to play a class faster, while hardcore will teach safety and how to avoid dying faster. Getting as much +CON and health talents and resists is a priority, no matter what character I play.


  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Get to about level 8 and something autokills me (this time it was a failed save vs confusion when I was caught by surprise.) 1 life = no fun so I guess from now on I have to "cheat" to play the game.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Thanks yes that does help a bit. I have a fondness for fortitude for some reason but resistance is probably better later on.

    I am running in Normal Mode...just because I dislike the negatives applied to Roguelike(hardcore).

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Heya Gandolfo,

    The base Anorithil trees didn't change to much. I added some stat scaling to the Twilight tree and fixed Jumpgate and Shadow Simulacrum (the first the sustain cost was entered backwards so it wasn't being applied and the later had been broken for a number of betas). So any old guides you find should still be pretty up to date.

    While I did try to encourage putting points into cunning you can bet by without it for awhile and I would reccommend that if you're playing on a hardcore you keep magic and con maxed until you manage to get your health up to decent levels.

    Beyond that, drop jumpgate at the start of every level. It has no range limitation and is one of the best escape abilities in the game (just don't forget to keep enough negative energy to use your jumpgate teleport when you need too). For hymns and chants most people prefer perseverance and resistance but if you have the points to invest in more then one you can switch between them easily during combat (it doesn't cost a turn). Also don't forget the Light tree. Barrier is really nice, just cast it before you engage so you don't burn a turn up.

    Hope that helps.

    p.s. Moonlight Ray and Shadowfury are your go to spells for damage. Everything else is kinda meh.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I'd forgotten about those (I glanced through them when I first signed up here.) They do seem relatively accurate and mostly mirror what I was doing already. The advice about keeping NE full seems to be the best one as that is where the game gets hard. If you run out of negative energy you need to do something to restore it before you can do anything else with it and the sustains really make it tough to keep it high.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    There are some hints for an old beta version on this page: but the talent trees were changed recently, so the hints may be outdated.

    Escort quest zones and levels are randomly chosen and did not change as far as I know.

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    there would seem to be quite a few places where escorts may appear. i encountered the same: no escorts in the trollmire. they turned up in other dungeons. that would be the RNG for you?

  • Anthoril   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Also why is there no way to edit this once it is entered?

  • Chronomancy : Temporal Warden Playtest   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I've always loved to see a "real" ranger class in a roguelike (good archery skills + able to dual-wield light weapons while lightly armored). Usually, a ranger is designed as an archer or a fighter, rarely both. Added some talents too? This should be interesting...

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I have written a general guide to fighters, dwarf fighters in particular.

    It covers what talents do, which to raise, which to ignore, general strategy, ideal equipment, stats, dungeon order, ect.

    Have a look and you might find some interesting tips/things you didn't realize/know before. If you do look at it, could you possibly leave a comment there on how it could be improved?



  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    At least twice I've had non-rogue characters find both "Moon" and "Star" daggers in the Maze. And selling them for ten cents on the gold piece really hurts.

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Sucks but true. Stick to infusions and left one slot to "oh shit teleport".

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Found a really really nice randart great sword just recently and wished it was on one of the two-hander classes instead of the fighter I am currently running. Sad right?

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    It seems that once the skills are unlocked there is no penalty to using runes or other magic devices.

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I realized that this Urist was wasting the shield skill set, but I got carried away by that stralite greatsword.

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago
    Some comments:
    • Stick with either 2-handed weapons (berserker) or 1-handed weapons and shields (fighter) - spending points in both trees is not optimal. At the moment you are playing a weakened berserker without the nifty special skills of the class (Bloodthirst tree, stunning attack with a 2h weapon, more hit points).
    • As a fighter, you should normally spend points in Dexterity and the shield tree. Raising Shield Wall to 5/5 and using it makes you immune to stun attacks and increases the defense. You will only do perhaps 1/3 of the damage of a berserker, but you will take only few and not so damaging hits because of the increased armour and defense. One point in Assault and Overpower are enough in this version, but with Shield Expertise at 5/5 the special shields attacks will also be devastating. It is perhaps too late to change this build, but keep it in mind for the next fighter.
    • Health 1/5 is too low, try to increase it further for more hit points. You also need to think where to spend the generic points. Ideally, a warrior should try to maximize Weapon Combat, Weapon Mastery, Health and Massive Armour Training (29 points), which leaves around 12 points for the other skills (e.g. Antimagic, Trap detection, Track).
    • You have the Phial, so the Sun infusion is not needed anymore. Try to get a good Phase Door or Teleportation rune. A teleportation amulet (swap) and a teleportation wand are also nice. Try also to collect some elemental resistance rings, e.g. lightning for Storming the city quest and cold for Daikara.
    • There is a random encounter that could appear starting with level 20 - be aware that it is a very dangerous place.
  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    Congrats on the win! :) Try unlocking the mage city after you finish the Antimagic quest. That way you can get better infusions and runes there, and maybe some rings and wands.

  • Urist conquers the sandhole   9 years 46 weeks ago

    I've been eying that skill tree, haven't completed it yet, but tele or phase is just so important. :-/

  • Bugs?   9 years 47 weeks ago

    Bugs should be reported here: Also, you can try IRC channel:

  • My first online character.   9 years 47 weeks ago

    A fun read Freddybear. Thanks for posting :)

  • My first online character.   9 years 47 weeks ago

    That did not go well. Found that following the neutral burrowers around would eventually get Snik to a down stair. She made it to lvl 5 but then a gravity worm and three corrosive burrowers did her in. Twice. Bad tactics again, after she resurrected and decided to recall out she should have taken the up stairs to wait for the recall to kick in.