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  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta19 aka "Temporal Mindstorm" unleashed!   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks DG for your effort.

    TOME is fantastic!!!


  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta19 aka "Temporal Mindstorm" unleashed!   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks for your hard work, really appreciate it!

  • Getting Feet Wet   10 years 12 weeks ago

    For stats, I recommend pumping CON, last Archmage I made raised mainly MAG and CON, with just a tiny bit of WIL for a long while.

    Having enough offense is also good. I liked the approach of having lightning bolt,flame and manathrust spells at decent levels quick, and just keep cycling between those. Get manathrust and flame up to beam-level and they should make short work of enemies. Phase door I used very little, mainly as a escape, not as a tactical spell. Because mana will be an issue with low WIL, so mana should be used to fry thine enemies.

    Get weapons training at the weapons shop in Last Hope. After Trollmire you might consider doing the journey, if you have 50 GP. The key is opening up the 'health' talents which give +40 HP each. You need quite a bit of CON to select them, so hang on to any +con equipment (wear it, get 'health' talent, then wear your regular stuff. Not that wearing +con is a bad idea, though). I also like to get the 'heavy armor' talent too at some point, because of good helmets, gauntlets and metal boots that just might drop.

    Lastly, keep your resistances up. When you find yourself in line of sight of enemy spellcasters, pop your wild infusion. Its a free turn, and will give 15-25% resist to everything. Also the talent 'premonition' is great, even though it takes a bit of mana to run it. It's pretty much 20% resist all. (So just wild + premonition gives close to 50%). Make a +6 resist all ring (your can probably buy the ingredients) and wear that instead of +3 all stats...and you should be pretty safe.

    I understand the love, it's pretty much ...great.

  • Getting Feet Wet   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks; good to know.

    On a sour note, my rogue just died to a skeleton archer. Ah well. I think I'll play on adventure mode instead of roguelike until I get a better handle on the game. Or maybe.. I'll keep playing on roguelike so I learn to be more cautious. Heh. I want to remake him, because this class is just so much fun. I had a lot of fun with Nightshade while I had it.

  • Getting Feet Wet   10 years 12 weeks ago

    As a general rule it's not possible, especially with a release as big as this one.

  • Getting Feet Wet   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks! I figured as much, though resistance gear seems to be quite lacking in the early game.

    For the new update, I started a rogue, and just killed Bill. I am loving this class! I have fallen in love with traps. I hope they scale well into the later game.. I've noticed monsters are starting to resist the pinning effect of the bear trap more often, and I'm worried that the damage of the fire trap won't scale with stats.

    I'm planning on investing heavily in traps and the stealth-ish skills. So far it's served me well. I basically never get into melee range at the moment, and if I do, I just stun and run, maybe hitting the enemy a few times if the coast is clear.

    I'm finding it difficult to pass up Dex and Cunning in favor of Con. :P Too many juicy abilities..

    By the way, does anyone know if it's possible to use my characters from beta 18 in the new version?

  • Getting Feet Wet   10 years 12 weeks ago

    con is a must for any class, also any items that boost your resists will improve your survivability a lot.

  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta19 aka "Temporal Mindstorm" unleashed!   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I just discovered this game 3 days ago and have been playing nonstop, and look, an update already! Awesome! :)

  • Introduction to mindslayers   10 years 12 weeks ago

    This sounds incredibly cool!

  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta19 aka "Temporal Mindstorm" unleashed!   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Like in the subject. No sleep today...

    Thank you DG!

  • archmage venture 1   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I believe the way critical hits work is that the spell decided if it is critical on cast not on hit. This means a critical beam (such as flame or lightning) hit everyone with criticals.

  • archmage venture 1   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Oh! Thank you for letting me know.

    Note : I swear i've seen the text appear even when the spell didn't actually hit anything - for example, i tend to scout corridors in the old forest with Flame bolts.

  • Nobody like golems?   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Golems aren't reliable in the end game. Golems suffer from one the inability to stay near the alchemist, they wander into masses of enemies and died. Then they suffer from a lack of resist, end game you need 40%+ resist on at least fire, cold, blight, and dark or die.

  • Rogues are neat, when I can make them live.   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Shadowblade works pretty well

  • archmage venture 1   10 years 12 weeks ago

    When your spell looks more powerful, I think it means you just had a spell go critical.

  • archmage venture 1   10 years 12 weeks ago

    You can find tons of gems in the game if you pick them up. I have a fighter with several suits of armor with onyxes in them because I took the imbue ability 3x. Perhaps it was a little silly and it would actually be meaningful if one could imbue more than just body armor but at 3x Onyx gives +3 to all stats.

    To fight Bill with an Archmage simply blast him with spells and move away as he gets closer until your cooldowns wear off or phase door if he closes too much. You should find a rune fairly easily and in the early stages that is more useful (usually) than Wild since you should not be engaging in hand to hand.

  • Sophers   10 years 12 weeks ago

    There are no other done modules only "works in progress" for te4. Apparently they are playable but I haven't a clue how that works as I have been busy still playing TOME.

    You can find them on the forums under the Tengine part.

  • Sophers   10 years 12 weeks ago

    sophers died.. rather quickly.
    but, im enjoying it quite well, thank you for asking. :)

    Im currently playing on Limbo, he's level 11.
    race: higher.
    and he's a fighter.

    he's lasted the longest.. by far.

    this game is definitely THE best roguelike ive played.

    the only downside is i cant get other modules loaded, in the te4.

  • Sophers   10 years 12 weeks ago

    how you enjoying the game?

  • warrior mage test/idea   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Playing mages like warriors is like playing the game backwards. Instead of putting points into attack spells in the beginning you just focus on defense. When I played I did not put any points into will power because I did not need the mana. If I had gotten to the far east I imagine I would have started pumping willpower. As far a game play went this was very similar to playing a wyrmic. I could ignore melee creatures but feared spell casters. This was what doomed me given I died to elven blood mages in the spellblaze. If I play this way again I think I will a)try to get more beam spells (useful for sniping spellcasters) and b) not play a skeleton (this would allow me to get a few more levels and probably get premonition) other than those 2 things I believe this is a feasible way to play until the far east.

  • "For a Nonlinear game..." (More possible spoilers within.)   10 years 12 weeks ago

    Monks today as well.

  • warrior mage test/idea   10 years 12 weeks ago

    ive considered doing this too! tell me how it goes!

  • warrior mage test/idea   10 years 12 weeks ago

    As any type of mage, I would skill Stone Skin too. The armor bonus is really great. Don't forget Blur for defense too...

  • warrior mage test/idea   10 years 12 weeks ago

    I love that idea, see how far you can push this :)

  • Unkillable Clone   10 years 12 weeks ago

    It's the bottom of the undead lair in the east where you fight a copy of yourself after the boss summons it.