Blackstaff Class Addon

Blackstaff Class Addon

Charged with keeping the secret of Angolwen's location by any means neccesary,
the Black Staff operatives of SI:3 are an elite mage-rogue force. Capable of dual wielding weapons while maintaining an arcane focus for support and cover fire, they ferret out spies with their cunning, keen senses, and divinatory magic then eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

This updated version takes the class in a somewhat different direction, and starts them in Angolwen. The Angolwen starter dungeon can be done with a phase door rune, but it is...tricky. So they start with a controlled phase door rune. A bit of a cheat, but let's say it's SI:3's version of Bond gadgets. To be done in future updates possibly: changing psi-fighting to a custom arcane talent.

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Blackstaff Class Addon 1.5.1 2019-08-12 01:59
Blackstaff v1.0 1.1.6 2014-02-05 03:30

Another Adventurer

There's already a rogue-mage class.