OldRPG - Music Mod

OldRPG - Music Mod

OldRPG Music Mod.

This is a combined script which downloads youtube videos, converts them to ogg format, names them the same as the game's default tracks, then programmatically manipulates the files. Using ffmpeg, the downloaded audio has it's volume normalized, fade in/out applied and silence added the the end of tracks to cut down on repetition. The script is easily modifiable to select different music, different amounts of fade / silence etc though defaults are supplied.

This is an optional mod but I feel it adds a ton to the overall OldRPG experience in TOME. You must obviously run the batch file manually after installing this mod.

The script will automatically download a copy of ffmpeg but you must manually extract it.
In addition, you must manually download and place youtube-dl in the same folder as the script (instructions are included within the batch file).

It could easily be adapted for *nix systems with minor changes to syntax and commands.

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