beyond the flesh

Verbose Crystal Resonance

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Improves the description of the Crystal Resonance effect triggered by Mindslayers' Matter is Energy talent, adding a description of the actual effects conferred based on the consumed gem.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

TK Mindstars Are Weapons

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Modifies Beyond the Flesh and related talents so that telekinetically wielded mindstars are treated as weapons, attacking adjacent foes rather then pulling them in from afar.

(One minor exception: the Kinetic Aura, Thermal Aura and Charged Aura talents still follow their original behaviour with mindstars, doing damage to adjacent enemies once per turn rather than extra damage per weapon hit; modifying this behavior was deemed too difficult. We Apologize for the Inconvenience.™)

Beyond the Flesh Tweak

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Tweaks beyond the flesh so that each time the talent is activated a check will be made to determine if using 'psi-combat' stats (wil/cun) will be more or less effective for your currently conventionally wielded weapons. If these stats would be worse, the 'use_psi_combat' value is not set for the player, allowing them to use the sustain while using the normal stats for weapons. Mostly useful for Adventurer builds.

As of the first version, only checks the mainhand or ammo if you're wielding a ranged weapon, mostly ignores the accuracy issue (save for a single check if you have a staff in your mainhand), also effects the psi focus weapon, and any and all support for shields, unarmed attacks, and talents such as Strength of Purpose or Lethality is entirely incidental.

See the forum thread for a list of known issues, mostly just those listed above.

As of NSRR Betterment Version 1, most of that's fixed to one degree or another. Check thread for details, or don't and just know it's working better now.

Special credit to forum user/addon maker nsrr, who probably deserves more credit for the contents of this addon than I do.

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