Heartstalker - Psionic Class

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Adds Heartstalker, a psionic class themed around the subconscious, as a birth option. Heartstalkers are a stealth-oriented class that start with twin daggers. Confounding foes's perceptions with their strange psychic power, they weaken their victims from afar, unseen and untouchable, before drawing in close for the kill when they feel the time is right. Take care, however, for though your mind is a potent shield against hostile intent, the physical flesh it guards is exceedingly frail.

Heartstalker talent trees include:

Perception: Turn aside prying eyes to hide your presence!
Unconscious Mind: Draw power from the unconscious to erode and destroy the conscious!
Thoughtless Action: Lay cold steel to your foes faster than conscious thought could ever allow!
Biorhythm: Feel and regulate the pulses within yourself and your enemies to create and capitalise on opportunities!
Emotion: Play with and feed upon your victim's emotions to dull their senses while empowering yourself!
Depths (locked): Call upon strange powers from the root of the mind to overwhelm foes!
Memory (locked): Omit, modify, and dupilicate memories; if it is remembered so, then so it was!
Dark Psyche (locked): Dredge up the mind's hidden weakness and Hate to torment your foes with shadowy doppelgangers!

All that we know of ourselves and others is merely a facade; the truth of the mind and the world sleeps where it cannot see.

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