New feature: Mouse movement

Mouse movement will come in next ToME4 release.

I believe I have got something that "flows" well, it works with a simple right click on the map:

- if there are no hostiles in sight it will compute an A* path, or a direct path if A* fails, and run along it until something interresting happens

- if there are hostiles in sight or if the clicked spot is one square away it will just move one turn in the given direction

Probably a good idea to make

Probably a good idea to make it an on/off feature. Some people might get frustrated if they accidentally (or while not concentrating) hit the right mouse button...

How the hell do you

How the hell do you accidentaly click the mouse ? :)
i'd rather try to avoid "option-creap" if possible, it's confusing for new(old) players and serves not much purpose because well, 99% of the time peopel do not change the options.
Also, know of any game where you can move with either the mosue or the keyboard that has such an option ? :)