T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta10b unleashed!


A nasty bug slipped through beta10, if you have online profiles active you cant save the game.

Go to T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta10 ! you can download beta10b to fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

thx for the instant osx port.

thx for the instant osx port. i will try it later and check new features and new class. :)

About the new Mac port I'm

About the new Mac port I'm having a strange behaviour with Alchemist, in Talent Levelup i can't i (by mouse over or by keys) get or inspect or upgrade Channel Staff because menu just goes away in that option. If i move mouse from that option or up/down key menu came back. I tried other resolutions/created other chars without luck..

Yes it's a small display bug,

Yes it's a small display bug, just "imagine" it shows up when you pass over it, you can add points to it

Can't load a game from beta9

Thanks DG, because didn't

Thanks DG, because didn't cross my mind that the "right" key was still in that moment binded with the missing menu. Well, that will do for now even without description. Still no luck find the way of unlock Reavers. An mid or end-game unlock?

Having played a while, I have

Having played a while, I have to say the new "targeting from other enemies' eyes" AI should be used more sparingly (probably only among creatures that talk or some social animals like wolves - that way you could also make note of it in game, e.g. "The stone troll hollers!" or something.)

Beta10b could pretty much be renamed "Night of the Living Snakes" - I've depopulated level one of the Trollshaws (or died to a horde of snakes, wolves and trolls) by the time I get 1/4 of the way across it every single time.

Suggestion for "Play a new

Suggestion for "Play a new game":

After it asks your name, if a save game already exists with that name, warn the player "Continuing will destroy your current character, are you sure? (Yes/No)"

I just lost a level 11 archmage due to not being used to actually surviving a single play session. :(

Yeah I' ll add the warning

Yeah I' ll add the warning :)

The share sight might be toned down a bit yes...

As for reavers, it's a matter of canon fodder ;)