The Gunsnake hisses
Gunfire disturbs the forest
My last breath escapes

Bravo for a poem about a gun

Bravo for a poem
about a gun toting snake
with bullets for you

Farewell for adventurer

Lone shellcasing falls
As does the newfound victim
Soon all is quiet

Moar, moar!

Moar, moar!


I can’t help but think
Why did I open that vault?
During your game you:


There I saw the tree
Not even once did I think
The tree would saw me

Love it!

Love it!

Final brawl

Atop the high peak
Sorceress and her lover
Both tasted my fists

HIgh Thaumaturgist

Cataclysmic beams
Level entire armies and
That poor escort, oops

So true! ;)

So true! ;)