Let's keep serious profanity out of the blogs.


Why? What do you have against profanity? It gives languages flavour and colour.

What about the young people?

I can see the request, first off because I also find excessive swearing annoying after a while, and also because what if a kid happens to read a blog?

There's always a better way to word something than the swearing, think of it as a challenge if you want, a way of expanding your vocabulary beyond the potentially offensive.

If nothing else, at least keep it to what you'd hear in a PG movie rather than an R would be a great first step.

What about them?

Western culture has changed quite a bit from the old days. Most people now use swear words on a daily basis, and rarely draw criticism because of it. This is because mainstream society is finally waking up to the idea that the notion of "profanity" itself is rather nonsensical.

These words are permanent parts of the English language that have evolved over thousands of years. They have etymologies and histories as long and complex as any other word you care to name. They are used by everyone at one time or another, because at the end of the day they are just words, and cannot do us any harm. Most children hear profanity every day, and sometimes even employ it themselves. They still somehow manage to grow up into productive adults all the same.

What is it, exactly, that makes swear words inherently "bad" when others that have the exact same meaning are still perfectly acceptable? It seems foolish to the point of superstition to imply that someone using such words is committing some kind of infraction against society, or that their vocabulary is somehow limited to the "potentially offensive."

If you wish to take offense from the use of some specific word that is not directed at you, that's your privilege, but keep it to yourself. Don't push others to censor their words because of your own antiquated notions of propriety.

Can anyone point me to

Can anyone point me to serious profanity on this site? Because I never saw any and thus see this blog post as pretty pointless.

Perhaps gone?

There was a blogpost with some level of profanity, but I don't see it at a quick glance. It may have been deleted.