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Bill here, Bill there.

My recent nights and days have been fueled by Tales of Maj'Eyal, even losing every time I can still see the positive feelings that bind my mind.

On other notes, a forest troll dropped Bill's Tree Trunk, conclusion; multiple Bills.

Rajan's Explorations in Maj'Eyal - First Entry - The Journey Begins

Yesterday, in accordance with the promise that I made to my father, I set out to explore the Trollmire to the northeast of Derth. I had only the meager weapons and armor that I had inherited from him when he died, but I was confident in my ability to survive. Sure enough, the wild things that dwelt there in the heavily forested swamp held no horror for me; neither ravening wolves, nor fierce trolls, nor stinging bees deterred me in my mission. As I traveled, I came upon many wondrous items, which I picked up for my own use, or to resell when I returned to town.

I also came across many pieces of correspondence left behind by those who had come before. Some of these were letters filled with boasting between two people, one named Weisman and the other Rolf, but several tattered scraps of paper that I found led me to believe that I was in more danger in this place than the challenges that I had faced to date would indicate. The final piece that I found to this puzzle was stained with blood, presumably that of the author. I felt a momentary chill when, as I finished reading, I heard loud crashing in the underbrush.

I pulled the magical sword that I had found just a few scant hours before clear of it's sheath just in time to see a monstrous troll, easily twice the size of any of his brethren that I had encountered earlier, come crashing past the tree line. "Prox hungry," it howled as it descended on me like a boulder rolling down the side of a mountain. I braced myself for the impact of his assault behind my shield, and felt my arm jar as the troll, heedless of it's own health, hammered my shield with one ham-sized fist, then the other.

I fell back, taking occasional pokes at it with my blade as I sought a more advantageous position. I was too exposed in this glade; other enemies could approach from any side while I battled this brute, and I knew that I would have my hands full as it was. Thankfully, Prox appeared to be as stupid as most of his kind and followed me into a narrow path where the trees pressed close on all sides, allowing me to focus only on our battle. The infusions that my mother had given me before I set out on my journey are all that saved me from falling beneath his mighty blows... that and my trusty shield.

Slowly but surely, however, the battle turned in my favor. Calling upon every trick my father had taught me as a youngling, I danced around the slower Prox, taking full advantage of my greater speed. I was only able to do a little damage to him whenever I dared to press an attack, thanks to the fact that his hide was nearly as hard as rock, but in the end, he succumbed to the repeated cuts of my blade and smashing blows of my shield. He collapsed in a bloody heap at my feet, nearly unrecognizable by the time he finally fell.

Searching the giant sack strapped to his belt, I discovered a number of valuable things. Even to the untrained eye such as mine, several of these things were potently magical, including a coral shield that I found nestled in among the refuse of the monster's last couple of meals. It pained me to say goodbye to my own trusty shield, which had seen me safe through so many dangers, but I knew from my experiences here that this was only the beginning, and that a magical shield such as that which I had just found would inevitably serve me better on the long road ahead.

Exhausted by my endeavor, I made camp for the night, determining to figure out my next course of action in the morning.

first experiences/thoughts

alright, i'll be frank: i'm skeptical of any community that advertises to be non-toxic, let alone like a family. those things are pretty much geared into my head as 'as a whole the community is terrible, i'll be friends with the ones who also know the community is terrible.'

my criteria for a community to be 'terrible' is simple: are they all obnoxious, rude, and uncaring what others think? (eg: WoW trade chat) The community is terrible, make a close knit set of friends and complain on skype or guild chat.

the ToME community has blown me away when it comes to kindness, sincerity, and camaraderie between players. the only reason i planned on joining was to get access to the portal vault. however, i ended up having some trouble--i was planning on collecting all the unique uniques (such as prisma wyrm hide, radiance, staff of absorption...those things). I didn't realize I only got 3 slots bc donation perks.

here's where The Real MVP(tm) comes in: user stuntofthelitter. i don't think i've met a more sincerely good person in a lifetime of gaming. going so far as to buying AoU for me within 15 minutes of talking, i was a bit in grateful shock. and then they do the same thing for several others within a half hour.

the next few hours were honestly a blast talking to the community while i played. ive only been part of ToME for a matter of hours, but i feel like i'm gonna be staying here for quite a while :)



ps: looking forward to the new campaiiiggnnnn



I love ToME. I hate ToME.

Steps to playing ToME:

1) Create a character
2) Get a bunch of good gear, a good run, really enjoy playing
3) Die to a stupid death
4) Get unhappy because you were invested in the character
5) Stop playing ToME several days.

6) Create a character....

Starting stream soon

Hmm I was supposed to stream yesterday but ehh I was lazy so Im doing it today. Ill be playing insane roguelike probably with solipsist and I plan to play until Im at least level 30 and then continue on another day. Ill try to give tips and explain my thought process, and Ill try very hard to go for no deaths but oh well its maj eyal insane : 3

My channel is if anyone is interested, I plan to start it at 12 pacific time, or in 1 hour and a half somewhat.

Stream on Insane roguelike for chills

Hey guys, for a long time I've been thinking about making a stream on this crazy game. I aways see people so lost about it, struggling to get their way throught normal and believe it, I took a fine damn time to get my way throught that haha. This is a game where you have just so much to learn and until you get a grasp of things and the way to avoind getting fucked by eyal sometimes you start to doubt of our own sanity. But this complexity is what I love about this game. And after playing roughly a very unhealthy ammount of hours I think Im getting there. Nowadays I play only madness(you can call me an elitist lel) but trying to get my way throught new difficulties in the smoothest way possible is my thing. And I already moved into madness and honestly I havent got past level 40 yet but oh well its madness right boys. That is why I'm thinking about making a stream on insane, a difficulty that I hope that I pretty much got it figured out.

I don't use cheap tactics or what I would otherwise consider boring. I usually try to get throught content by facing it and using sheer power, preparation and fitting tactics where its needed. So don't expect drowining and stuff haha. My focus on this game is by making a really strong build that can deal with the problems you face while you have a nice time leveling up. I'm still not sure what I'm going to play, but I'll try to give constant tips and show my thinking so you guys can hopefully find your way throught this game.

Ill stream and probably record it so people can watch it anytime. but the live thing will probably be next weekend hmm like 2pm Pacific Time. Will update this as we get closer to the weekend.

It was a good day to die..

...said no one ever in this game. Fcking 2 shot from a chest monster. RIP.

5 winners and still incapable of playing Thalore

As the title indicates I am faced with extreme frustration because I can't seem to get some of the last unlocks. The only guaranteed way to get sludgenest is to play Thalore. And I can't do it. My Thalore characters just die. Even on normal I can't get a Thalore to survive to 30 without dying. Doesn't seem like it matters what class I chose either.

Wyrmic was especially bad. And by bad I mean a totally disaster. Got one to around 21 or so but it was a terrible build and after dying to an Eternal Bone Giant in Celia's crypt (pre encountering her) after a 400 turn or so battle I decided that character wasn't viable and deleted it. In general, it feels horrible to play Wyrmic because its abilities do not work well together and it really is just unfun. And if you go AM you get really hosed because you have low escape chances (aside from the lightning speed talent which seems mediocre.)

Also tried a few Hero hybrid style characters and a hero (using the adventurer plus addon because straight adventurers are more of a challenge class than a fun class as is) AM and basically got nowhere. I deleted a bunch of nonstarters today.

In sum feeling very frustrated by the imbalances in the game keeping me from experiencing one of the purportedly most enjoyable unlocks (Oozemancer.) Also haven't been able to manage Demonologist but honestly I am not that anxious to bother since my experience with the demon based content has not been fun nor exciting so far.

Maj'Eyal Revisited - Sun Paladin Winner (Normal Roguelike)

I first discovered ToME more than 3 years ago and somehow managed a victory with a Dwarf Fighter; It's been quite a while since then, and Maj'Eyal sure has changed (for the better)!

Since that win however, I've been dying to try my luck with Roguelike Permadeath. After picking up the 'Ashes' DLC (and a copy of the base game, because why not?), I managed to have a rather successful run!

Highlights for My Skeleton Sun Paladin

-Several Unlocks: Brawler, Necromancer, Skirmisher, Red Hair(?), Bikini(?!)
-First time:
...defeating the Orc Ambush
...clearing the 'Room of Death' (level 43)
...defeating Atamathon (level 46)
-Saved all Escorts.
-Saved Melinda

Near Deaths

Only one. The weirdling beast was extremely challenging - perhaps it was the weapon - Bill's Trunk - which I was still using when I fought him, but I found it difficult to get through his heals. This was the only time when I had to "stair hop" in order to survive. Later on though, good two-handed weapons began dropping in abundance (see inventory) - the first notable pick up was the Golden Three-Edged Sword 'The Truth', after which it was smooth sailing.


On the whole, I found this Race/Class Combination very hardy. The skeleton's 'Reassemble' and 'Bone Armour' saved the day countless times. Actually, the barrier skill seemed quite lackluster by comparison, so I mostly relied on a Shielding Rune (for the instant shield).

Second Life popped twice in this playthrough (both times I was pushing my luck/being too aggressive), while Reassemble remained unused (it was good for pea ce of mind).

Running the Chant of Fortitude, the greatest danger came from Mental Effects - I kept a Biting Gale Rune handy to clear it up - to make sure that I could always use my Teleport Rune. Providence was another option, but it is better used near the beginning of an engagement to stay (generally) free of debilitating effects.


For a Sun Paladin specializing in two-handed weapons, Mark of Light was (surprisingly) the star of the show.

Using the fight against Atamathon as an example,

1) Mark of Light
2) Absorption Strike (lowering light resistance, damage)
3) Shielding/Reflection Rune + Execution (it's an automatic crit, which triggers Righteous Strength)
4) Flash of the Blade (deals both physical and light damage and provides invulnerability for one turn)
5) Death Dance (deals physical damage).
6) Teleport (and wait for the above skills to refresh)

Rinse & Repeat: 3 cycles for Atamathon.

What wasn't obvious at first (at least not to me), was how crucial crit chance actually is - with Righteous Strength, every crit increases both physical & light damage dealt - this effect stacks up to 3 times. Dealing high damage will result in terrific healing (more with healing modifiers), and so long as you are dealing enough damage, it will allow you to stay in the fight for 5 turns. By that time, most things should be mostly dead - if the situation still looks dangerous, you can teleport (or use "Path of the Sun" to get away).


Although I did pick up "Controlled Phase Door" with my final category point, it was unnecessary. Path of the Sun was enough - with 2 points, you could move 8 spaces without travel time.

For opponents still out of range, three Ranks of Sun Ray results in an Area of Effect Blind (highly effective on pesky archers), while mages can be killed outright with Wave of Power.

Once in melee range, opponents who try to flee can be pursued (tile by tile) with Fearless Cleave (which applies damage in a 3-wide arc while on the move).

Category, Class, Generic Points
-Generics felt a bit strapped (as was expected, playing a Skeleton).
-Class talents felt just right - there seemed to be really great synergy, with the exception of Weapon of Wrath:

It's actually a bit of a trap - it seems interesting on paper - but the fire damage didn't synergize well with my abilities OR equipment (which boosted light & physical damage). The damage is also 'capped', which provides very little incentive to stay at a lower health (it's hard to maintain just enough 'lost' health otherwise). By late-game, with most notable enemies having resist all, the damage from this became really pitiful. The Martyrdom effect is mostly insignificant (you wouldn't want to take hits 'big enough' to make the Martyrdom damage appreciable).

For me, it was something I bumped from 2 to 5 in one go, and was fortunately able to scale back after realizing how terrible it was. I see the appeal of having a different damage type, and if this is the intent, then the cap needs to be increased or otherwise adjusted. Otherwise, the element can be changed to (light) to provide better synergy.

-Category Points were in abundance; I had two 'extra' - one I spent upgrading the Crusader Tree, the other I spent on an extra inscription slot (Controlled Phase Door). However, if I could spend both upgrading the Crusader Tree, I would!


Sun Paladin was extremely fun to play - it was great storming High Peak, going toe to toe with the bosses, and summarily dispatching both of them in a handful of turns. The defensive skill-set allows for mistakes here or there and definitely made for a smooth introduction to the Permadeath: Roguelike" Setting.

Next Game?

I can't wait to check out some of the new unlocks (or try the other classes, which seem to have been reworked since I last saw them). With 1.3 on the horizon, this seems like a very exciting time for Maj'Eyal!

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