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TSAA the Cornac Cursed

TSAA led an eventful life, after bearing the misfortunes of his curse he sought to find adventure in the world. his life was uneventful; slaying the odd boss; until his pasage into the desert. he encountered a vicious beast there that tried to munch him but failed. TSAA relishd in this glorious kill goin from LVL 20 to 30. on his departed from the desert he heard a maiden cries and sought to help her.

he failed.

Obit: Damzel the level 24 Thalore Archer

Alas, poor Damzel, we hardly knew ye! Felled in her prime by the wicked Blood Elves who reside deep beneath the earth, have infravision and do wicked amounts of damage. One you could handle, two in a pinch, three... dicey, but possible, but ten? And then as you descended, another ten more?

The gods did ask too much. Perhaps you should have not been so eager to rush down trap doors...

Mindslayer - My favorite Rogue

First I played a Shadowblade because I like dualwielding.
When I unlocked the Reaver I was delighted to see the dual wielding of any 2 one handed weapons.
This was again surpassed by the Mindslayer, who can dual wield 2 large weapons or tripple wield one weapon of each size.

After I found a flaming voratun greatsword with ~lvl 15 in the maze I switched to tripple wield, putting a dagger with ice damage and light damage on hit in one hand to freeze my enemies, a dagger with slime damage to slow everyone who opposes me in the other hand, and wielding the voratun greatsword with my mind.
This build is supported by conduit, which adds flat damage to each of my 3 attacks as well as weapon reshaping.

Im level 22 at the moment with no bigger problems thanks to my powerful shields that allow me to adapt to my enemies on the fly, the large damage output with my normal attacks and the debuffing potential of my daggers.
The only real downside is the focus on melee combat that I try to compensate with the Augmented Mobility tree at the moment. And that the chat gets pretty much flooded with damage messages.

Most adventurous character so far.

The second character to reach Far East, and the first to do it while playing with online profiles (the other one, plays on a net-disconnected computer). The big unlocked for this profile (unlocked ghoul, antrohil, geomancy, sun paladin, doomed).

Dwarf fighters in general feel like its too easy. In the beggining couple of levels there were literally no challenges.

Did not do the home fortress due to no stairs in the walkable range, and no waterbreath equipment. Other than that, in mainstream dungeons there was nothing that even posed any threath (granted - i did not do the elven ruins / crypt / mark of spellblaze).

First moment of truth came with a greater vault within Master's domain. 3 deaths in row, and all due to... having many lives available and general easy feeling of the game. "Aww c'mon, i can do it, by just rushing, if I loose a life or two, nothing would happen."

Lesson 1: if you have extra lifes, use them wisely.

Master himself went down like a sack of bananas.

Also nothing worth noting about Iron Throne passage.

After such an easy-going start, Far East came as a surprise. Especially orc patrols. The same patrols that my other character (archmage) uses as handy snack for exp, obliterated this dwarf warrior. 2 or 3 deaths to the first one.

Lesson 2: it IS important to put more than 1 point into rush
Lesson 3: if you want for Aura of Silence to save your butt, do put more than 1 point in it. Otherwise you will get ranged to death from just outside of its radius.

Then went some unlocking spree.

Dark crypt - 1 death due to unlucky trap while being flanked by wall-passing blood mages.

Lesson 4: if you're surrounded by blood mages, try to remember all your tactical options (e.g. sand breath would have saved the day here)

The Shade itself was an incredibly dense and immensely funny fight. Went for a long time, and I think I made it only because Shade wasted a turn from time to time trying to turn on Burrow.

The Spider Cave - felt like a pillow fight, only i was using lightsaber. Did not even notice the end boss. I was just casually walking among spiders, one of them darkens the surrounding, i kill it, and then whoops, i raise a level and some stairs appear.

Since the other character already knew Vor, i decided to try some other Pride as first one now. Say the one in the north-west. Two rooms before it - orc patrol. This time mages went down like ripe plums, and then I went down like another ripe plum 3 times in row.

Lesson 5: orc berserkers, including elite ones, are the same colour as your run-of-the-mill popcorn orcs.

Finally got into the G-something pride. First room - a surprise. Double so. First the graphics - I love the feel of that pride. Second - the welcoming party. The room was FILLED with orcs of all kinds, including several wyrmics, cryomacers, and elite zerkers. And I was exactly in the middle of it.
Phase shift, enter the narrow tunnel, kill them one by one, ROAR a victory cry, oh there's that one last orc who just came around the corner. Oops it rushes at as and slows us down a bit, allowing for some double hits to get in. Lets regen for a bit to be on the safe side...
And then a final death by 2HP.

Conclusion - orc zerkers and elite zerkers SHOULD be differentiated visually.

Dekar died - he was my best and favorite Dekar :(

Dekar was a very cool Wyrmic, but now he is dead. That makes me quite sad as he went further than anyone before him. He got killed because I thought I had the situation under control until he got stunned. :[

At least I can finally make a new char with the new options he unlocked.

Something new

Tags say it all. I've recently been hooked in the game and I'm going to try this experiment.

My first online character.

I finally read that I needed to created an online profile at the site instead of in the game module. Unfortunately, it didn't upload Snik 4, my best still-living offline character so far, so I'm starting a new one.

Meet Snik 5, halfling rogue. She, like the previous four Sniks was inspired by Burb Lulls' Eden, but not going for the no-stores challenge just yet.

Interesting Resurrection Bug

Fighting the Worm boss at the bottom of the sand pit on an alchemist.
Golem disinterested in joining in, so had to manually request it did something.
5 turns later it hits the boss, or so i assume, as I was blinded by this stage.

I set the room on fire, but ultimately die.
Choose to resurrect, and come back to life on -28/250 life.
A sandworm then hits me for 34 and I have a final death.

Personally, the idea of resurrecting at a negative life would be great if it meant I'd managed to become a Lich Alchemist and my Golem but the first of a horde of minions to do my beck and call.

Hopefully this time the Mighty Girdle doesn't appear the first time I go to town when I'm on very low $$. Very handy item.

Outside of this above mishap, had a very successful run.
First troll boss (Bill) killed at lvl 3 without dying.
Dark Crypt was then comfortably run straight after before I could get back to town to offload loot.
4 escorts all successful.

This time I'd taken the sand pit too casually, as I'd last run it quickly and easily without dying.
Now I understand how perilous it can be with collapsing tunnels and how often one can be blinded without the resists I had last time.
Time to give it all another go.

Atrophy, with golem Petrify.
Attempt 1: lvl 23, died to a monster zerg instant spawn.
Attempt 2: lvl 14, died to negative life resurrect bug on sandworm boss.

A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...

Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Elven Blood Mages, Cultists, and Corrupters everywhere!

I guess now I know why there is so much Dwarven Steel equipment laying around here in scattered piles... Please just let me make it out of here alive. It is no kind of place for a Dwarven Fighter to be.

who carries whom?

sometimes i try to imagine what my character looks like. which involves amusing things.

so what the monsters see is a huge tree trunk with a midge of the non-swarming kind attached to it. the midge being gwydion the halfling arcane blade...

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