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[7DRL] Equal in Death

If you don't know what a 7DRL is, let me explain. Sleep deprivation, shunning all social interaction, and a lot of dishes. And coding. Lots of coding. A 7DRL is an annual contest to create a Roguelike game (similar to ToME) in just a week. I've worked a lot on the tactical AI for bosses and uniques in ToME and wanted to take base an entire game on intelligent, 1v1 fights. The result is "Equal in Death", my 7DRL using the T-Engine and outright stealing the beautiful UI from ToME b38.

Here is the module file (drop it in "game/modules" folder):

Here are some pre-packaged downloads to help get you guys going.



I would love any feedback (and the eventual bug reports) on the Forums, over here:


7drl entry 2012 Bone Builder

Well after 6 or so days I have gotten my 7drl finished (there could be hidden stuff). The premise is you are a necromancer and you can build customizable undead. So you can select what arms and other body parts you can use. The game is short and is a coffee break rougelike so it would be nice if you could test it out.


here is the link to the forum thread where the module is available and you can post feedback. I have about 17 hours left from the time of posting so I can fix bugs and add tweaks

here is the module
and here is the standalone

OldRPG Tileset - updated for beta 38!

OldRPG tileset for ToME beta 38
tome-oldrpg-beta38.teaa 19.6 MB

Download at the above link.

Simply drop the .teaa file into your t-engine\game\addons\ folder.
Choose OldRPG from the graphic mode menu after you load a character.

Have fun!

New things:
-lots and lots

Please post your comments / see previews at the addon forums!

Also, check out the complimentary Darkwood UI in the addon section here on the site. It was deigned with oldrpg in mind!

OldRPG Tileset/UI - updated for b37!

OldRPG tileset for ToME beta 37

tome-oldrpg-beta37-nomusic.teaa - 19 MB

Download at the above link.
Simply drop the .teaa file into your t-engine\game\addons\ folder.
Choose OldRPG from the graphic mode menu after you load a character.

Have fun!

New things:
-all missing tiles should have a shockbolt placeholder, for real this time!
-some armor alignment fixes on the player dolls, many more to go still
-weaver spiders
-another new Bill tile (dude has bigger stick)
-added ice shelf terrain
-some new dwarves and liches

Please post your comments / see previews at the development forums!

Addon to add skill reward to allying with the Assassin Lord

I created a little addon to give a reward to allying with the Assassin Lord, more information in this thread:

Over 3000 of donations!

In about eleven months of the donation system existence today we passed the mark of the 3000€ of donations!
There is also now a handful of recurring donators.

I just wanted to tell you how important this is to me, it shows to me that people think the game is good and they wish to see it go further. And it *will*!

Also, some of the money was donated back to Shockbolt who did (and is still doing) an amazing job with the tiles & graphics.

So to all the donators, a big thank you!
And to all the other players, also thank you for your kind words, ideas, code, ... this is also extremely important.

Soon 2011 will end and I can tell you, 2012 will see the first non-beta release!

Improving the Wiki

Let's get more articles!

OldRPG Beta4 pre-release (tileset)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Here's a tileset:

it's 8.7 MB

i'll post more details later, but for now you can download it and install to your base t-engine folder. then go to graphic mode and pick OldRPG as the tileset. Tell me what you think!

MoRE 0.0.2 released

MoRE 0.0.2 is now out. This removes some test code accidentally left in the Charlatan, as well as fixing a few spelling errors, and changes the Goblin start text slightly.

If you already have 0.0.1 installed, use the updatemore batch file if you system can do patch files. Use the moreinstall batch file if you have not downloaded 0.0.1. If your computer can't use batch files, copy and rename the tome module folder to more of you don't have a more folder, then dump the contents of the moreinstaller folder into the more one.


MoRE 0.0.1 is out!

I am very please to announce that MoRE 0.0.1 has been released for Beta 31. This is very much a beta and probably has a ton of balancing and other issues, but should be playable. You will have to start over again with unlocks, I am afraid, but categories containing new things have now been unlocked by default. The new content is unlocked for now, but will probably have it's own unlock in a later release.

To install, unzip in the main beta 31 T-engine directory, then use the installer batch file included. When it asks you for permission to over-ride files, hit the 'A' key.

And with no further ado, here's the link.

Now for the official "stufflog" as Nagyhal called on the irc channel.

New Races by Goblinz
  • Goblin
  • Lich
New Classes
  • Charlatan by catwhowalksbyhimself
  • Ranger by Goblinz
New Talent Trees
  • Transmutation for Alchemists by Goblinz
  • Arcane Power by Archmages by Goblinz
  • Throwing Daggers for Rogues, by catwhowalksbyhimself

Please inform me of any bugs or issues you might here.

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