MaDDworlDs' Buy Skills!

MaDDworlDs' Buy Skills!

Have extra cash? Buy some new class and generic talent trees!

The staff shop in Angolwen now offers most class/generic skill trees for sale! prices range from 100 gold to 5,000 gold!

Shout out to AkaviriBlade for all the leg work!

Thank you for downloading, hope you enjoy!

(Note: you'll need to start a new save, AND this mod does not include skills/spells for the DLCs!)

(any mod that overwrites this staff shop will, ofc, not work together!)

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MaDDworlDs' Buy Skills! 1.7.4 2021-09-16 13:47

Buy Skills! has a small bug

Super good mods. Everyone should have both. Necrotic Minions is bugged tho. Can buy it but it doesn't show (overpriced imo). Also be nice to see Master of Bones and Master of Flesh since they're actual necro skills (way better tbf).


Let me know if any thing is busted! I'm glad to fix it!