My love-lazyness relationship with ToME and the 5th reset (probably)

Feelings are weird.. I am.. sitting and resetting my Account for the 5th or maybe even 6th time,
you know..THIS TIME it'll be different.
But will it really?
I always reset, start anew, play for a couple days and then I just..stop
And I don't really know why.
Am I truly just lazy? Am I not motivated enough? Don't I have any discipline?
Is it really necessary to even think that deep into it?
no, of course not and yet those questions still linger within my mind
seeking an answer that'll satisfy my ever thinking brain..

But for real man, I really need to get into this damn game. this time for real (I hope)
like dude it's a friggin good game godamn and I'm to busy being weird about it
I don't even know why I always feel the need to reset everything after I haven't played for months,
but hey, maybe some of you can relate to that, it would really help me feel less stupid.

Anyways, I thank you for reading my post and have a nice day!
Maybe we'll see each other on Maj'Eyal (or rather the general chat)


I have absolutely no clue why but you seem to be on my friendlist in ToME and I get notified every time ya log on or off :D

What a weird thing

Huh... that's weird haha
Maybe we've talked in the ingame chat before, and added each other but I've changed my name since then?
Me resetting everytime this game slightly annoys me surely does not help tho xD

Don't worry about it. I've

Don't worry about it. I've started many dozens of characters, gotten bored/frustrated/whatever with them before reaching Dreadfell, and started different characters. Just do whatever feels like fun that day.

Multiple characters?

If it's just a matter of getting bored with a single character, you could do what I do (and what it sounds like SmallTownGuy does) and run multiple characters. I have [checks notes] somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 active characters going at the moment, which I cycle through semi-randomly, playing a few levels or a zone or two with each. Sure, sometimes some of them will get stuck for a while just before a likely stressful spot, like the last level of Dreadfell or one of the Orc prides; when that happens, I just switch to other characters for a while, and come back to the stuck ones when I'm in the right mood to handle them.

Multiple dead characters, more like..

I'm your complete opposite it seems..

Instead of keeping 50 or so active, live characters, I tend to.. kill off.. characters I'm bored with, stuck with, or simply deemed not viable for continued playing.. simply so that I could re-use the names.. ;)

I still have about a dozen or so alive-and-active characters though..


Been playing for years and I still suck, keep coming back. Very good game