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  • ok all, i need your help   13 years 10 weeks ago
  • I'm not finished with you yet.   13 years 10 weeks ago

    I agree, and I have no complaints. My initial surprise was soon replaced with a grin. In fact, it might be nifty to play a roguelike where nothing is explicitly declared "dead". After each blow, your character evaluates the enemy. It might be safe to turn your back on that "pulped" orc, but loot that "pulped" gelatinous cube with care. Might lead to some interesting battle choices.

  • I'm not finished with you yet.   13 years 10 weeks ago

    If a flurry is six strikes in the time a normal dude would hit once...well then they are pretty awesomely fast strikes. You don't seriously suggest that your character should, after each & every strike, check your foe's vital signs and then evaluate whether or not to attack again?

    Nonono. You focus, and then unleash them in a blink of an eye. You victim will remain upright for the duration, before dropping down, perplexed and quite dead, regardsless.

    "There is no such thing as overkill"
    -unknown halfing rogue on steroids.

  • why are the NPCs in escort quests suicidal?   13 years 11 weeks ago

    NPCs with instinct of self-preservation are too bizzare for roguelike world where all rotates around stupid deaths :) You can often stay on their way and they won't move, though.

  • why are the NPCs in escort quests suicidal?   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Actaully you can do it as many times as you wish but there is a timer between them

  • why are the NPCs in escort quests suicidal?   13 years 11 weeks ago

    They are desperate to get to their destination. You can tell them (once) to stay behind by right clicking on them, and selecting "give order". This is in Beta 19, however they don't stay there too long (10 turns maybe less?), and you can only do it once.

  • going back to a cornac beserker   13 years 11 weeks ago

    entering the Darkair mountains, he decided to end the reign of rungof the warg titan, he then found a rift in time and space and thought that to be a fitting grave for a warrior of his calibre

  • My First Shadowblade   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Started a Dwarf Berserker, and ho boy is he a blast. I've gotten him all the way to the first quests on the far eastern continent (my first time even close to getting this far). Just got into Ardhungol and have been fighting HUNDREDS of undead, its been nothing but a solid wall of attackers for almost a half an hour. thankfully between my awesome sword and infusions i've only gotten below half hp a couple of times throughout the fight. Unfortunately all the loot on the ground and monster effects are really starting to make my poor laptop really start to chug, hopefully it doesnt lag out with too much lost.

  • It would be better if death took you to the world map   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Not exactly sure what will happen there, but you'll get a chance to cooldown your skills, and get ready (to an extent) for where you died.

  • Older than I look the Skeletal Chronomancer   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Having set upon the antimagic quest I have now been set upon by a kidnapped merchant.. in I go. Hmm level 3v10 this may have been a bad idea.
    Whops forgot about the runes, time to start again.

  • Jason the Alchemist, comments on beta19   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Can't delete runes from their skill list. Having a golem popping teleport randomly is a PITA. Probably shouldn't be able to use more than 3 runes either.

  • Dragon Bones the Skeleton Wyrmic   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Nice, first level back was a sun paladin who I was able to save. now I can chant and sing.

    Wow I can hold my breath for a long time.

    Whops,arrogance killed me again. There was nothing in the old forest that could hurt me. Then the horrors under the lake owned my last life.

    RIP Dragon Bones

  • archmage venture 2   13 years 11 weeks ago

    I still don't know what saving throws do to be honest but, yes, i came to realize that +2 to magic is not very important so i'm experimenting .

    Chant of fortitude does not provide a bonus to mental though. I'm wondering whether i should invest massively in willpower or whether there's a different talent that i haven't encountered yet.

  • archmage venture 2   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Chant of Fortitude is actually pretty nice now. The saving throws (at least up until level 20 or so when I got bored with my mage) actually seem to be making a difference.

    Besides, it's not even a question of Hymn of Perseverance vs. Chant of Fortitude, they're given by two different escorts and both can be active at the same time.

    Besides, rather or not it's worth it is irrelevant, you give up nothing for it, except maybe the little bit of magic he'd have given you or a measly +3% physical resist.

  • Introduction to mindslayers   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Earlier I found a bug in b19 which incorrectly deactivates all sustains when energy reaches zero. As some of these sustains are the primary tools for gaining energy, this is obviously very bad. This doesn't account for you losing all your energy, but it does mean that once you reach zero energy, you're in trouble. To get energy back, you could prime the energy pump by using a leech talent to get above zero energy, then switch on a shield. It's already been fixed in SVN.

    Sorry you had a lousy experience. If you try again, let me know what's draining your energy unexpectedly. Any lua errors in stdout.txt would be very helpful, too.

  • Introduction to mindslayers   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Again, I understand the words but not the meaning. It might be me though as English is only my primary language. I kid. But seriously it seems there is a disconnect between your information and what I am experiencing in the game. Not that I have gone back to the class after my abysmal first experiences. When I do I will try and apply what you said though it seems to me my energy drained without EVER touching an aura.

  • archmage venture 2   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Oh also in b19 you can make your escortee stop for a few ticks which can save it from running headlong into a deadly enemy. On the otherhand that only works once (he tells you to go to hell the next time you try to stop his suicidal intentions) so choose wisely when to use it.

  • archmage venture 2   13 years 11 weeks ago

    A few comments.
    1. I feel your pain. You sound like me fumble fingering and falling victim to UI problems.
    2. Resting with the '5' key on the number pad removes the possibility of going more than 1 round.
    3. chant of fortitude gives you a tiny amount of physical resistance. Worth it? Not sure but I doubt it. Hymn of Perservance on the other hand is pretty good, particularly if you get it multiple times.
    4. For archmage I try to get flame to 4 (5.2 actual level gives the beam) manathrust to 3 (again gives beam) and take freeze and flameshock for their stun effects. I also try and get probability travel later (because early on it is useless until you have enough mana that -200 doesn't cripple you) using phase door and teleport in the meantime.

    Hope that helps.

  • Chonomancy: Paradox Mage   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Hey man, I'm just glad I have been any help at all - I can't wait to play them.

  • Introduction to mindslayers   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Shields protect you and turn absorbed damage into energy. This is the primary means of gaining energy. Auras project energy, doing damage to everyone around you. Running around with an aura on is a sure way to empty your energy pool.

    I notice that neither of your two mindslayers in the vault has Beyond the Flesh or Kinetic Shield activated. Neither of these require energy to activate, though the shield does reduce your maximum energy. Turning both of these on will help a great deal. I see that you did at some point use Kinetic Shield on your first mindslayer, but didn't reactivate it when it cooled down. Try to keep it active at all times (cooldown intervals excluded, of course). Beyond the Flesh should stay on almost all the time. It has no cooldown, no cost, and no drawbacks. It is your primary means of doing damage.

  • Introduction to mindslayers   13 years 11 weeks ago

    I read your words and understand them but the meaning seems to escape me. I did not experience any of this. What I experienced was using 1 shield that started out as on and it drained all my energy and I never got it back again. I tried the various things suggested and nothing seemed to work.

  • Chonomancy: Paradox Mage   13 years 11 weeks ago

    I want to thank Yufra for all the help he's given me with this project. I literally new nothing about coding aside from the fact that it was logic based when I started this. I also want to thank Darkgod for giving me the chance to bring these ideas to life. Finally I want to thank everyone in IRC who day after day has either helped me along or encouraged me or just straight put up with me ;)

  • Mindslayer - My favorite Rogue   13 years 11 weeks ago

    I agree with this. It would be nice if multiple damage types on the same turn were set apart from each other a little so they could be read.

  • Mindslayer - My favorite Rogue   13 years 11 weeks ago

    The flexibility in weapon choice was something I really enjoyed in my playtests. Mindslayers can make good use of the majority of weapon types. My next project is a sling/shield mindslayer with a gem in the telekinetic focus slot and a maxed out Focus tree. It should be a killer ranged character.

    As for the flooded combat log, it's definitely a problem. Similarly, the floating combat text is unreadable with all the damage types done in a single turn. Hopefully soon we can get some display options to fix these issues.

  • Frustrating   13 years 11 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tips! Oddly enough, blight was my highest resist at the time (58%) and it still didn't help whatsoever. :P