The Burning Coals

The Burning Coals

This addon is yet another OP human subrace, it features strong fire and light based racial talents, extra quests, dungeons, and items that give more character building points.

Credits: there are two lore images in the addon that I got from Deviant-Art, the author URL is this:

All other new art was based on existing Shockbolt's art, or made by myself using GIMP and Krita.

The addon is "complete", but I want to add more quests and some other stuff later.

changelog 1.1.0

The objective of this version is fix gameplay, there was several problems that weren't found during test with DevMode tools, and also due to blind good luck during testing.

  • Your character now start with +2 of HP regen, this make the game slightly easier, but the reason for this is to fix an annoyance regarding auto-explore, that doesn't work with negative regeneration.
  • Fixed excessive amount of stat bonus potions on later laters.
  • Stat bonus potions give stats more frequently, but are also more dangerous.
  • Fixed certain plot object disappearing and breaking progression.
  • Balance Changes on a boss reward potion item.
  • Fixed final boss giving excessive XP and bumping player up by several levels.
  • Balance fix on a certain boss+group battle that spawned groups too big that would instantly overwhelm melee characters.
  • Minor scenary changes
  • Maze is now slightly smaller
  • Changed graphics of "glowing chest" to show they are different from vanilla ones.
  • Caves are shorter now, to be less boring, they have a boss now (to compensate loss of XP needed later), that boss drops a useful item (to allow a certain area to be visited a bit earlier)
  • Changed music of some places.
  • Fixed some issues in init.lua that conflicted with the game paid DLC

changelog 1.1.1

Just a hotfix, to fix two bugs.

  • Fixed lua error on ending.
  • Fixed one staircase going to wrong place. Thanks nsrr for the report!

changelog 1.1.2

Hotfix again!

  • Another attempt of fixing the DLC conflict bug, this time following suggestion from AstralInferno.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
hotfix again 1.4.9 2016-11-21 05:31
hotfix! 1.4.9 2016-11-21 04:55
Lots of fixes 1.4.9 2016-11-21 02:00
First Release - Expect Bugs! More Quests to come! 1.0.0 2016-11-20 06:57

Possible fixes

I enjoy this addon, but could I suggest a nerf to the bone giant boss you fight in the starting dungeon/area? 590+ recovery is a tad ridiculous. Also, in the EoC-Wizard's House/Fortress, the Opressive God Aura has a typo in it. It should be Oppressive, not what it is. EDIT 2019/2/13 12:02 PM Whenever I try to go to the basement where you fight the alchemist via the staircase, I end up getting a perpetual "loading the next area" bar. This happens on every new BC character I've rolled (which is two: female spiritmancer/male phoenix knight). I have the latest version of the addon, and this is the first time I'm having this issue. This doesn't seem to happen on any previous BC characters I've rolled.

2 things:

1: if you're playing a steam class, all 3 inscription slots begin filled (2 medical injectors, 1 steam generator), so you don't get the shield rune. I'm not sure how you'd solve this, but I just wanted to inform you.
2: Could you make a forum post for this class? It makes discussion on bugs and the like more likely to happen.

Good start

Looks like it has potential, but I got a couple of LUA errors upon taking the portal at the end of the maze.

Taking a quick look, I'm betting this happened because the weight of your addon is lower than the weight of the Ashes DLC (105). I'd recommend setting it to at least 200, to ensure official content is loaded first.

Also, the "version" in the init is the game version, and is generally set to at least the version the addon was originally created in (in this case 1.4.9). You will want to add a line for your addon version, "addon_version = {1,0,0}".

You might want to consider creating a thread in the addons forum, as well. The forum is better formatted for getting feedback, suggestions, and the like. Cheers.

Help with the first quest

I cant complete the burning coals of creation no matter what i do... After i found the blood stained dagger i can't find anything else relevant for the quest, then i kill the wall of bones golem and then i exit the dungeon and the quest is FAILED.
Can you help me understand what i do wrong?

Ok, everything solved