Adds the Gemblade class, a (mostly) melee psionic who focuses their energies through a gem wielded in their offhand.
A gemblade typically uses a material focus to model the properties of their blade after, and each chooses their own path.
They may delve into arcane arts, or pursue antimagic training, but most gemblades find a balance between arcane forces and their natural mental capacities.

Gemblade forum discussion thread
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Bugs and Bling 1.6.7 2020-08-02 00:41
New Tree 1.6.7 2020-06-01 18:08
Resource Tests 1.6.7 2020-04-23 12:06
Goodbye 250% Mag modifier 1.6.7 2020-04-22 15:42
Hopefully with less bugs 1.6.7 2020-04-22 13:21
Fastest Bug in the West 1.6.7 2020-04-22 12:16
Durability, Functionality and Looks 1.6.7 2020-04-22 11:54
The one with the numbers 1.6.7 2020-04-22 00:46
First Release (probably unbalanced) 1.6.7 2020-04-21 19:05

Breaks Attune Mindstar

This breaks Attune Mindstar for me; when activated, it throws up an error and doesn't go on cooldown or swap mindstar damage types

Edit: I found and deleted the "little hack so Attune Mindstar stops screaming" at superload/mod/class/interface/Combat.lua, and everything seems to work fine on Gemblade and with Attune Mindstar. I don't know jack about LUA so it probably breaks something somewhere, but I dunno it's whatever

hanging etc.

First off, why did you remove psi points? Planning to use an original power source? But psi is OK... Second off, the mod has a very persistent bug: at some point, the ToME hangs and the screen starts blinking. This was present from the first version of the mod and still remains. I don't see any rime or reason: it activated in the middle of combat as well as during the character rest. The only common theme is that it generally happens at about level 10 and I usually take Storm, Void and Sun treees. Also, you seem to remove sound from the mod in this iteration. Again, why? Also, while new shielding is nice, I think that Psi mobility was more needed as the class has some closers, but no way to escape combat. Otherwise, not bad. And thanks for adding graphics for an active gemblade in this patch.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!
I've given it some thought and decided to use psi as a resource for now.
Please tell me how it plays - can you keep up in combat, does the class need more ways to regain psi?
Augmented Mobility is also back (and unlocked) since the class needed more mobility, but I didn't want to drop any of the class talents.

Thanks. But hanged again

Thanks. But hanged again today - this time in the middle of combat. ;)) Otherwise worked well - but these are low levels on Insane, so info is limited. At low levels at least there's enough Psi as my girl just killed anything in her way faster than Psi would become a problem. At higher levels this may not be the case -soo I'd probably add that MS tree where you can consume gems for Psi gain. Maybe even as locked as it isn't much needed at lower levels anyway. Also, I'd say that you don't need - at lower levels, again - to unlock as many trees as possible as this class. Getting a couple of solid attacks leveled up works well. And also - I didn't take Lethality at all and didn't feel the need to. Forgot to ask last time - what are the reason for it's inclusion?

I'm probably not going to

I'm probably not going to give the class access to Finer Energy Manipulation, since it comes with (if I recall correctly) access to Beyond the Flash (the mindslayer tk skill.)
Lethality is in here in case you want to use daggers as your mainland weapon but not go into strength.

About the hangups, when do you get them? I've not gotten anything like that.
If anyone else has been getting these, please tell me.

As I said, they occur at some

As I said, they occur at some randoom times. Last time it was in the middle of combat, but one of the previous ones it was while resting. I have some other mods installed, but they don't produce this in other configurations... As for Finer Energy - I seem to remember that the Slayer's TK goes with one of the class trees, while this is a generic tree. At least it looked so as I ran some 3-sword Adventurer some time ago...

Good idea

I love this class concept, very excited to try it when it's balanced and patched up.