June 6, 2014
By darkgod - June 6, 2014

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.2.1 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Important bugfixes
  • Greatly improved save time. Note that savefiles are compatible from 1.2.0 but improved save times will only show up for new characters.


Expanded changelist:

  • Added a doll tile to the unawakened staff of absorption
  • Fixed High Peak pits to be much more full of .. stuff
  • Nerfed Life Drinker and The Untouchable
  • Fixed oasis worldmap tile
  • Jumpgate sustain shows the current distance to the gate
  • Fixed the shortname of iron mail armour
  • Improved saving time by a nice factor, most noticable on big maps like the worldmap
  • Fixed various small bugs
  • Fix savefiles going weird on some language settings on linux
  • Fixed Quiver of Domination
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fix crash on level 3 of Kor'Pul on some computers

Have fun!

May 30, 2014
By darkgod - May 30, 2014

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.2.0 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage and overwrite it.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Savefiles from 1.1.5 are not compatible, added a message to display this with a link to download 1.1.5
  • New smaller tactical overlay
  • Huge number of graphical improvements
  • Many new/rebalanced egos and artifacts
  • Numerous improvements to many classes: Mindslayer, Brawler, Sun Paladin, Berserker, Alchemist, Archmage, Oozemancer
  • New class: Skirmishers that blend slings and shield
  • Change to ammo, it now automatically replenishes on move
  • Improved Nightmare/Insane scaling & difficulty to be somewhat more fun
  • Many new quality of life improvements for melee starts
  • Ingame installation of new addons/modules
  • Many new quality of life improvements for addon makers
  • New death screen, this is important as people die a lot ;)
  • Friend list to stay in touch with your buddies


Expanded changelist:

  • Shadowstep must have an actual target
  • Removed Aim rooting effect
  • Fixed Dismissal on crit
  • Zigur is no longer hostile by default towards the Keepers of Reality (mostly because they never heard of them)
  • Disruption Shield now displays the current absorbed value
  • Bathe in the Light now works on undeads too
  • Improve shaders performance in some cases
  • Myssil learnt how to breath underwater
  • Replaced Frozen Spear rune with Biting Gale rune
  • New social feature: Friends! Simply right click on somebody's name to friend/unfriend her/him. You will then be notified of their coming & going and have them listed in the talk to list even if they are not in the same channels(or even game) as you. This is a very simple feature for now and will probably be enhanced later.
  • New super-awesome fireflash effect
  • If the rod of recall somehow drops in an unreachable spot it gets added to the player's inventory directly
  • Overhauled Mindslayers
  • Moved graphical mode selection to the game options
  • Added a new UI option to alter the tactical borders into little flagpoles
  • Added a Tiles.sharp_scaling parameter; if set to true the entities textures will not be interpoled by OpenGL
  • Command Staff does not change the melee damage element of the staff anymore
  • Added a free rank of armor training and iron mail to Cursed start
  • Fixed the UI sometimes being affected by invisibility shader or suchlike
  • Infinite Dungeon should load much faster
  • Infinite Dungeon can now spawn shivgoroth and undead rats (including everybody's favorite Rat Lich)
  • Object properties special_on_hit special_on_crit and special_on_kill can now be merged by egos
  • Spacetime Tuning now lets the user set a prefered paradox level and when resting it will rest towards it
  • Buffed Toxic Death
  • New birth custom tiles
  • Added base weapon talents to some melee classes to make starting less annoying
  • Nerfed the damage of low level rogues and crystals
  • Healing Infusion now heals for a bit less but is instant
  • New particles blending modes: SHINY(rename from the existing ADDITIVE), ADDITIVE and MIXED
  • New awesome gfx effect for starfall
  • Increased number of arrows in quivers
  • Buffed iron & steel weapons to make melee/archery start more fun
  • Big movement speed effects like lightning speed, movement infusion, .. now display a fractional effect to see how close to end they are
  • Made on_wear and on_takeoff be passed the slot the item is in
  • Set definitions set_list, on_set_complete, and on_set_broken can now be tables of several different actions to take for different set ids
  • Made set_list able to be a function
  • Sets can now check against a specific inventory slot
  • New awesome gfx effect for Bone Shield
  • Shock will reduce stun resistance if the target resists the daze
  • Changed the Water and Ice trees to apply/interract with the new Wet effect
  • If Freeze is used against a friendly target the cooldown is halved
  • Deep Mindslayer rework
  • Savefiles from 1.1.5 are not compatible, added a message to display this with a link to download 1.1.5
  • Leaves Tide correctly respect bleed immunity
  • Fixed addons loading to load hooks last, thus avoiding seemingly random addons imcompatibilities
  • Orbs of Command can not be re-used on pedestrals to summons bosses duplicates
  • Fixed talking to Tannen after defeating him
  • New UI option to select tactical overlay mode (same as shift+t)
  • On OSX the log is now sent to te4_log.txt just like on windows
  • Added new UI options to control the fullscreen stun & confusion notifications
  • Many new artifacts
  • Improved Unarmed Discipline
  • Random artifacts now have a 25% to pick a non-physical damtype of one of their themes
  • Improved actor tooltip
  • Improved/changed many egos
  • New player-doll special display for some artifacts
  • New earthen missiles and ice shards graphical effect
  • New graphical effect for curses
  • The Heart of the Sandworm Queen can now be corrupted to gain a new talent category: Vile Life
  • New graphical effects for some corruption spells
  • New visual effect for hexes
  • Unlearning Shivgoroth Form while transformed correctly works
  • Multiple graphic improvments to celestial spells
  • New ground effect to materialize what zone Aether Breach can happen in
  • New class: Skirmishers that combines slings and shields into a powerful symbiose!
  • New map effects for most old boring squarish ones
  • Map effects and particles effects on the map can now be attached to a specific z-layer
  • Fixed ListColumns to be includable in UIContainer
  • Added a method ActorTalents:updateTalentPassives(tid)
  • True Grit banned from NPCs
  • More brawlers and Sun Paladin updates
  • Reduced the critical damage power on egos
  • Buffed many charms
  • Colored temporary effects by type in Actor tooltips
  • Added Actor:checkClassification which checks if an actor is in an arbitrary set of classifications
  • Changed die_at to show actual negative HP
  • Minimalist UI now shows a timer left for summons
  • Gem pouch, shot bag and quivers now show up on the character doll
  • New UI option to display the tactical healthbars on the side or the bottom
  • New smaller tactical borders and healbars that feel less bulky (old display can be switched to with shift+t)
  • Tactical display settings remembered between save & reload
  • DamageType can now define a tdesc which gets passed the dam value and returns a string
  • Power checks on melee/archery egos and some damage types redone: they usualy use the higest of your spell/mind/accuracy power
  • Damage conversion only converts if the source damage is different
  • Improve ego items generation when antimagic filters are on
  • Load Game menu should be somewhat faster
  • Reduced Stun to -60% damage and 3 talents on CD
  • Mana no longer restored on levelup if Disruption Shield is active
  • Change to ammo! Now moving or waiting a turn will reload ammo automatically (based on items bonuses & talent level)
  • Reload talent is now instant, reloads a bunch of ammo at once but disarms you for 2 turns
  • Combat Accuracy now uses a non linear scaling, like most other talents
  • Reduced Intuitive Shots power
  • Many ego items changes & updates
  • Changed Insane scaling to be closer to Nightmare talent scaling, the same rare scaling as Madness, and a 20% HP bonus.
  • Marked all the forced starting areas that aren't optional as having no rare spawn.
  • After having played tome at least 5 hours, the New Game menu will always display, to make the link to grab other modules visible
  • Huge visual update on trees & forest
  • New cosmetic option: bikinis and mankinis!
  • New achievement: win the game without ever taking off yoru bikini/mankini
  • The New Game menu shows a link to additional games
  • Reshape Weapon can not be used on mindstars anymore
  • Reduced staves accuracy effect bonus to 2.5%
  • Reduced the power of Leaves Tide a bit
  • Added a generic web rendered: a module or addon can render UI, or parts of UI in html5/css3/javascript now.
  • Improved the news section on the main menu, it now will show more info and is fully clickable.
  • Other player character sheets and profiles will display ingame directly.
  • The link to the addons page in the addons menu will now open ingame and allow direct installation of the addons.
  • Added ingame credits
  • Added some new .. things .. to spice up Ardhungol
  • New lore added to Ardhungol
  • Altered the cost and effects of the Superiority tree
  • Berserkers lost 2handed weapon offense and cripple trees, replacing them with two new (similar-ish) trees.
  • Altered Warcries costs and effects to make them more interresting
  • New Sun Paladin tree "Radiance"
  • Damage types internal representation changed so that addons can not mess up savefiles. This however *breaks all savefiles* to save the future ones!
  • Big rework of the Brawler's Grappling tree
  • New two handed weapons tree "Crusader" for Sun Paladins
  • Buffed Sun Paladin mastery of Sun tree to 1.3
  • Existing Celestial/Sun tree renamed to Celestial/Sunlight
  • New Celestial/Sun tree
  • Add color.unpack method
  • Minimalist UI can have level specific "addons"
  • Updated whip & punch sounds
  • Big brawlers update, removing some unfun talents in favor of better ones
  • Trees and some big plants will gently swing in the wind
  • Game will save when a ressurection option is used, to prevent loss in case of crash
  • Much improved Wintertide
  • Undeads now start with a Heat Beam rune instead of phase door
  • Pressing tab when typing a player name as the first word of a sentence will try to autocomplete it
  • New achievement to avoid death many times
  • All fullscreen effects can be enabled at once now (underwater, blur, wobbling, ...)
  • Added a tweening engine
  • Updated base orc doll
  • Zone:checkFilter can now use a "define_as" filter
  • New fullscreen effect for stuns/dazes
  • Revamped Brawler's Finishing Moves tree to make it more appealing
  • Many new artifacts
  • Tiles attachements can now be defined per-addons
  • Entities add_mos can have an "auto_tall" property to autoset display_y and display_h corresponding to the tile geometry
  • Fixed bamboo huts
  • Switch Place correctly consumes turn/cooldown/stamina even if used against a creature in a wall
  • Limmir will be added to the party during the quest
  • Fixed Turtle Grand Arrival with Through the Crowd
  • Body of Fire projectiles do not hurt the caster
  • Reduced damage mod on staves to 80%
  • Channel Staff provides a 20% damage mod bonus to the staff firing
  • Fixed technique talents speed when using gauntlets
  • Fixed quakes
  • New awesome effect on body of ice and stone skin
  • Added social links to the main menu, to the forums, facebook and twitter
  • Auto hit/auto crit attacks now use a better mechanism that is not affected by actualy hit/crit chance
  • Altered many Oozemancer talents to make them a little less overpowered and more fun: Slime Spit, Poisonous Spores,
  • Mitosis, Call of the Ooz, Reabsorb, Oozeroots, Mucus, Indiscernable Anatomy, Natural Acid, Unstoppable Nature,
  • Acidbeam, Corrosive Nature, Corrosive Seeds, Acidic Soil, Moss Talents
  • New talent tree for Oozemancers "Eyal's Fury"
  • Split the artifacts into "generic eyal ones", "maj'eyal ones" and "fareast ones"
  • Fixed vim on kill and equilibrium on vim when usnig a variable vim cost talent
  • Zones can now easily define subclass'ed generators
  • Change zone and Grant quest debug commands now handle correctly zones and quest provided by addons
  • Shoot can be added a cooldown with talent_cd_reduction
  • Death dialog now also has graphical cues of possible ressurection options
  • Dialog titles can use the outline shader now with setTitleShadowShader method
  • New Death dialog art, more .. death-like !
  • Linaniil flees less
  • Overhauled Alchemists, giving them many new trees and interresting options
  • Arcane Power costs less and also adds arcane resistance
  • Sunder Armour now also reduces saves and shatters damage shields
  • New Map:enableFBORenderer to allow map effects to turn into nice overlays instead of plain quads.
  • Retch uses a much cooler map effect gfx
  • Fixed psionic distortion effects
  • Adds a log message when damage is avoided with lightning infusion
  • Tweaked some artifacts
  • Nerfed Ak'Gishil a little
  • More powerful chat text templating available
  • Added a "Birther:donatorTiles" hook
  • Aether Beam now has a chance to not be disarmed
  • Integrate a web brower, allows to install addons much more easily
  • Fixed callbackOnFoo on multi-level passive talents
  • New callbacks "callbackOnWear", "callbackOnTakeoff", "callbackOnHeal", "callbackOnTakeDamage", "callbackOnStatChange" , "callbackOnDealDamage", "callbackOnDeath", "callbackOnKill" and "callbackOnTalentPost"

Have fun!

May 30, 2014
By darkgod - May 30, 2014

My dear minions,

There was bug in the old launcher that prevents it from updating itself on some setups.
If your launcher stubbornly refuses to update please simply do as follow:

Sorry for the annoyance and have fun!

April 28, 2014
By darkgod - April 28, 2014

Fellow developers,

I have now fixed the edit page of addons. If you still can not edit, simply upload a new version of your addon and you will be able to.

Enjoy! (and write good descriptions! :) )

April 18, 2014
By darkgod - April 18, 2014

Denizens of Eyal, a grave threat is upon you all!


It is *that time* of the year again. The time when the zombie bunnies rise up to eat the living and the dead alike!

In a blood-red forest mad druids are at work, corrupting innocent bunnies into mad death machines.

Will you stop them? Will you prevent the unthinkable?

Hop in and play while logged and for sure the bunnies will find you, be ready, be scared.


Prepare for the haremaggedon, the Pikataclysm is upon thee!



February 18, 2014
By darkgod - February 18, 2014

My dear minions,

I am happy to say that achievements should now be fully working on Steam.
Your client should automatically update the game and next time you gain an achievement it, and all the ones already stored in your client, should correctly appear in your profile on the server!

Enjoy, and go grab all those thousand of achievements ! :=)

February 10, 2014
By darkgod - February 10, 2014

My minions,


The work on the orc campaign is going quite well and now is time for a little teaser of the planned zones!


  • Yeti Caves: The name is quite explicit, a cave, filled with yetis .. white, covered in fur, kind of like giant yeeks!
  • Vaporous Emporium: A trading place for the steam giants in the mountains. Beware of the guards!
  • Sunwall Outpost: This outpost blocks the way to the mainland.. what shall orcs do with it?
  • Internment Camp: This is were the remnants of the Prides are kept, mentally subdued
  • Dominion's Port: The Troll Dominion of the Kar'Haïb is trying to setup a permanent presence on Var'Eyal!
  • Sunwall Observatory: High in the mountains anorithils are looking at the sky
  • Ritch Hive: You love ritches! Get more!
  • Ureslak's Host: Your favorite unique dragon, now back in undead form!
  • Steam Quarry: Steam giants geothermal powerplant, a key structure in their dominion, it must be destroyed!
  • The Palade of Fumes: Hiding place of the ruling council of steam giants, your final destination! or is it ..
  • The Slumbering Caves: Deep bellow the palade of fumes, something is being disturbed..
  • Amakthel's Prison: The body of the dead god is being ressurected by one of the last loyalist Sher'Tul, the world is about to shatter!

Feeling teased yet?! :)

February 3, 2014
By darkgod - February 3, 2014

My minions,

Tales of Maj'Eyal has been nominated for Project of the Month by Linux Game Awards.

Please take a few seconds to vote:

(it requires registration but it is fast and ensures no stupid cheezing :) )

February 3, 2014
By darkgod - February 3, 2014

Random lore insight!

"Eyal's universe is probably filled with planets full of graves of civilizations whose races took the economically sound decision to not put a planetary shield up, which are studied and remembered by those that did, like the Sher'tul."

January 29, 2014
By darkgod - January 29, 2014

People of Maj'Eyal, my minions!

2013 has seen the modules contest, which brought out many new interesting games that I hope will continue to be developed into even better version of themselves by their authors.

So this year, while they work on that, I will turn my focus towards a new goal: addons.

There are already a whole lot of addons that exist and this is great, be they classes, races, UI stuff, ... but one category is still sorely lacking: quests!

So, in the spirit of promoting the creation of new, quality addon based quests for Tales of Maj'Eyal I would like to create a new contest!

During this year 2014 up until the 1st December your task will be to create new, amazing and fun quests for Tales of Maj'Eyal. Anyone can, and is welcome to, participate (except me obviously) !
When the contest closes there will be a big vote where ToME players can elect the "best" addons.
Players will be asked to rate each addon on fun, polish and integration in the game, the winner being determined by the best average of those factors.

In addition to fame and pleasure of having created a fun addon the 1st place will also grant a 300€ reward, the second a 200€ reward and the third a 100€ reward (by paypal). Additionaly if you want and if I agree your quest may be addon to the main game someday.

The rules to participate are as follows:

  • Addons must be released by the 1st December (you can, and are encouraged to continue dev on it afterwards obviously)
  • Addons are encouraged (but not required) to release often during the year. Remember for players to like your addon they must be able to play it!
  • Addons must be published on with a tag "contest2014"
  • The prime focus of each addon must be a new quest (or quests)
  • Quest/zone/.. must be at home in the existing game's lore, this is the "integration in the game" part. If in doubt ask on the forums and I'll gladly answer all your lore questions.
  • A quest will probably not require a whole year to create, the idea is that you should try to produce many of them to have more chances of ranking one in the top 3 position. Try to make one addon per quest or quest "group"
  • Eyal is a wide world, be wild, be fun, be amazing! (yes this is a rule!)

You are very welcome to join #tome on where nice people can sometimes help you and post about your addon/progress/questions in the addons section of the forums!

Now open your code editors and start coding!