January 15, 2014
By darkgod - January 15, 2014

Rejoice my minions, Tales of Maj'Eyal is included in a new indie bundle, this time the good people of:

Go check out all those tasty games!
  • nom nom nom nom*
January 13, 2014
By darkgod - January 13, 2014

My minions,

Over the last days I've worked very hard to upgrade to handle donations better and to allow many new things.


Balance Tab

First thing, you may have noticed a new "Balance" tab in your user profile which list all donations, DLC purchases, game purchases (like on Steam, Desura, ...) and so on.

Check that yours seems ok, if not please report it on ToME's forums.


Voratun Coins

Voratun coins are awarded for each donation you make, for each purchase on Steam, ... for 10 coins per euros.

Voratun Coins are used to acquire DLCs and to unlock donator features.

*Every* donators get the donator features unlocked, even if they donated less than the "default" cost (60 coins), to keep in-line with the way things worked and just because I like being nice.

This means if you donated 5€ your balance will show -10 coins remaining, this is not a bug.



For people who go above the minimal donation there is now the possibility to acquire DLCs. Yes I've said the D-word!

But DarkGod I thought you were a nice guy!

Well I hope I am yes (a nice dark god of pain and withering obviously!) but this does not prevent me from thanking people that go out of their way to support the game, does it ? :)

But DarkGod, does this means you will never give anything for free anymore?

Not at all my good friend! Updates to Tales of Maj'Eyal have always happened and will keep on doing so, for it is something I like doing. New DLCs will come yes, but free will always be free as I hope I have proven more than enough :)

You can find all the available DLCs there:


Steamtech UI DLC

This is the first, and currently only, available DLC which can be found there:

This is the very same you can get on Steam (for the same price too obviously), as many people have requested to be able to grab it even though they do not have Steam. Now they can!

I wanted to have this available sooner but it required all the other stuff to be working first.


Now my minions, go donate, go grab DLCs, and most importantly, go enjoy the game (and die many deaths to fuel my Throne of Tears!)

January 10, 2014
By darkgod - January 10, 2014

Yeah this made me laugh, thanks rexo! :)


My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.1.5 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all (on Windows).

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


This update already hit the servers some hours ago but I had to get out and then sleep so I couldn't post until now :/


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Some fixes


Expanded changelist:

  • Fixed unarmed display of combat speed on gloves/gauntlets
  • Fix Temporal Form prodigy
  • When the game refuses to load a savefile due to the stone warden addons being offline, it will let you force it to load -- at your own risk
  • Made the portal in the Slazish Fens more visible in ASCII mode
  • Fixed Bill's Tree Trunk
  • Changed the way the Steam builds are done, this may help reduce the download size on new patches (not thsi one thougth)
  • I've had enough trying to justify the breeding pits. Or seeing un-intended, by me - the maker of the game, references to real world terrible events. It's gone now.

Have fun!

January 9, 2014
By darkgod - January 9, 2014

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.1.4 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all (on Windows).

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many important fixes
  • Tons of new artifacts


Expanded changelist:

  • Altered the orc breeding pits encounter to make it a little less unconfortable and more obvious into what you're getting into
  • If the stone wardens addon can not be enabled due to failed login, savefile loading will abord instead of damaging it.
  • Buffed the rune of reflection to match the description
  • Fixed Bloodspring log message
  • Fixed Lichform doesnt preventing removing points from necrosis talents
  • Fixed weird graphical bugs on windows
  • Fixed insidious poison infusion description
  • Fix push kick
  • Name highlighting in chat works even for people with weird names
  • Store dialog should fit better on small screens
  • Melinda wont re-die randomly on the beach
  • Improved Flameshock description
  • Added BSD support
  • Vor always gets his manasurge rune
  • Fixed usable artifact gems
  • When the server receives a donation, notify & thank the player that did it
  • Tons of new artifacts to find & enjoy!
  • Madness mode now features an HP multiplier on NPCs, scaling with level and rank.
  • Insane and Madness difficulties now give random classes to fixed bosses
  • In Madness difficulty the Hunted! debuff lasts much longer
  • Added image for the No Way! achievement
  • Unified speed displays in the character sheet
  • Game will not warn you if you try to load an already tainted savefile in developer mode
  • Speedup server connection on boot by ignoring empty commands
  • Speedup hash validation

Have fun!

January 8, 2014
By darkgod - January 8, 2014

Finally found what was the problem, and fixed it!

You may now post comments again on :)

January 2, 2014
By darkgod - January 2, 2014

For this first year of the module contest we have 6 winners (because they all succeeded at making a game). However as was announced at the start the 3 top ones will get a reward. The order was determined by a weighted sum of the individual grades, with 'fun' being worth twice more. As such the lucky three are:

  • Qi Daozei from Castler, earning him the 500€ reward and top position!
  • Mosaic from Darren Grey, earning him the 150€ reward and second position!
  • The Veins of the Earth from Zireael, earning her the 50€ reward and third position!


Each vote cast by each player is bound to her/his account and required the player to actually have played the game (as tracked by the server) so we can be relatively sure no funky vote-cheating was done.

I, DarkGod, would like to personally congratulate each and every participants. You have created great fun games, for many of you without any prior knowledge. Even if you were not in the lucky three, I want to tell you just a few things: continue, code, create fun and make people know about your games!


See the full details there:

December 31, 2013
By darkgod - December 31, 2013

The last day of voting on the modules contest is at hand!

Those of you that didn't participate yet, take a look; those games are fun, well made and for most very roguelikish !

The top 3 will get monetary rewards, and you want them to, it encourages the developers to go on!

Take a look:

December 28, 2013
By darkgod - December 28, 2013

My minions,

I am happy to announce that ToME 1.1.3 is now available on the download page for OSX.

A huge thanks to doctornull who provided the environment to do it.

Hopefully there should now not be much delay in new versions :)

I will be away for the weekend but when I come back you can expect the Steam version to feature OSX too!

December 28, 2013
By darkgod - December 28, 2013

I, Nicolas "DarkGod" Casalini, hereby gives permission to ANY third party to use images and sounds from Tales of Maj'Eyal in “Let’s Play” videos, reviews, or any equivalent content on YouTube (

If you do choose to use images or sounds from Tales of Maj'Eyal on a video, I hereby request that you include the following copyright notice somewhere (no need to embed it in a video):

“Copyright © 2013 Nicolas Casalini”

This authorization is given if the video is monetized or contains advertisements or other commercial goals.

Furthermore, if you are affected by administrator removal of content which you have made due to the inclusion of Tales of Maj'Eyal content in a video, please contact me at so I can work with YouTube on your behalf.


Now my minions, go forth, spread the word of ToME upon the world and get us all filthy rich in the process! :)

December 28, 2013
By darkgod - December 28, 2013

Good news my minions!

The title says it all mostly, so here goes the link :)


Thanks to you my minions, and here's to hoping it brings me even MORE minions!


PS: You can celebrate byvoting for ToME on the Roguelike of the Year poll ;)