Recognizable Bossess on Minimap

Short Name: 

Colorizing unique+ ranked creatures on minimap

Easy Map (Improved Map Display)

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This addon replaces ToME's map display with one that's more in-line with other games. You can drag the mouse to scroll, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and left-click to set the currently viewed area (instead of accidentally traveling there, which can still be done via right-click menu). It also shows the viewport rectangle on the map, and if your computer is powerful enough, you can even show the actual terrain instead of the confusing color blocks, or make the walls red to easily find paths you have yet to explore. The player and zone exits are also displayed as icons on the map. Additionally, if you travel via the map and stop unexpectedly (i.e., you ran into your golem), a friendly dialog will pop up asking if you'd like to continue to your destination.

Smaller Map

Short Name: 

Makes the map smaller

Eidolon Tweak

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Allows adventuring peeps to return to the world map no matter where they die.

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