B19 whet your appetite!

For those of you who do not hang around in the IRC room (Server: , Chatroom: #tome), there are some screenshots for you from Beta 19.

Beta 19 will feature a 64x64 mode play, so because of this it may be a while before B19 is released, for there is a lot of graphics, and that all needs to be generated.

Also consider these screenshots are saved in the TMP folder here on, so they may dissappear any time, some others are saved on slashware, so even less of a clue when they'll be gone.







Imperfect: Win Report *Spoilers alert!!!! Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled!*

Well after several weeks I managed a win with a mere 2 deaths both in the final fight. I came close to death so many times during the game that if I had died it would have been just a matter of a few points difference. Many defensive abilities + some luck and occasionally good tactics (or at least not stupid as heck tactics) helped.

The final fight was insane. Earlier, I read something on the forums or here, about doing the orbs at the 4 corners but I didn't quite understand how to work it (There is no real reference in game that I could find and the journal notes were not helpful) so I just went with as defensive a posture as I could muster (Barrier, Providence, Circle of Warding and Sanctity + various heal spells. Totality was very helpful here.) Slowly, I weakened the sorcerers with AoE spells and DOT effects. An enemy DOT finished off one of the bosses for me. (Thanks mr fire U guy.)

Sadly the Sun Paladin died fairly quickly but she accounted for a good amount of damage off one of them. The other was fairly hard to kill and the monsters summoned from the portals were painful but no where near as much as the two bosses. 7500 hps! ouch. The most annoying thing was the mimicry effect, where I cast something and had it cast right back at me.

I think this particular character took me 4 days? to play from beginning to end. I know there is much more to do (spellblaze, elven ruins, one of the eastern quests I didn't complete (Important News?).

This is the first win in any TOME for me so perhaps it isn't quite as hard as it used to be, but for me that is a good thing. I know there are plenty of purists who deem multilife wins to be worthless but it was a challenge for me. I expect my next character to die miserably a lot before I learn how to use it's abilities.

Successful compile from svn

After a few false starts, like trying to compile with the MinGW/SDL1.3 setup which I already had installed, I got a clean compile and successful create of a new character with the sources from svn.

I started fresh with a clean MinGW install and followed the instructions in the wiki.
What a concept!

How to get source from svn.
How to build dev environment and compile sources.

Chronomancy: Paradox Mage to do list (beta 20)

- Add particles to everything (coded just not added)
- Sound check
- Clean up the Matter and Gravity trees (add more physical damage to matter, ditch crushing weight and add a cone nuke, add a graviton shield spell that deals knockback when hit, nerf gravity spikes aoe a bit, make quantuum spike the top of the matter tree and make it an instakill, do calcify)
- Lower the cooldown on Echoes from the Past (it's to high now to work as designed which is to give Paradox Mages an interesting nuke)
- Figure out how I want to do Gather the Threads (maybe a stacking buff that breaks on cast like lightning speed or stealth)
- Finish up the Energy tree (Recharge, Energy Redirection, and Entropy)
- Finish up the Paradox tree (possibly add a barrage spell to this tree, figure out how I want to clone the player, possibly combine paradox mastery and paradox shield to make room for barrage, add Redux)
- Add some damage to Entropic Shield and rename it Entropic Field

And I think that's it. Not as much to do as I thought. Energy is half done and Paradox has a few easier effects so it shouldn't be to bad.

Guess I forgot..
- Give them a test run or two ;)

Mindslayer preview

Mindslayers are the first subclass of the Psionic class. They don't control minds or read thoughts or cloud vision or sow confusion. They don't sense danger or see the future or will changes to reality. In fact, they can barely even manage to apply any forces outside of their immediate reach.

Hey! What kind of psionic is this, anyway?

They're the kind that uses their thoughts to pick up a twenty pound greatmaul without even touching it. And then, without moving a muscle, they use it to murder anybody who looks at them funny.

But what if they want to murder somebody else at the same time, you ask? Well, that's why they have hands! With a little assistance from judiciously applied mental forces, mindslayers can quite easily heft whatever weapons they want and do their blood-letting the old fashioned way, too.

That's stuff you get for free. It's not even in a talent tree. So what else can they do? I'll talk more about it later, but here are some highlights:

-Set people on fire with their brains
-Electrocute people with their brains
-Reshape weapons and armor
-Run and jump like a Yoda-trained olympian
-Erect mental shields to absorb damage and energy
-Project energy through melee-range auras
-Leech energy from surroundings and foes
-Enhance all of the above using gemstones as psionic foci

Hopefully we'll see them in beta 19!

lvl 30 and against all odds in one fell swoop

Title pretty much says it all. Saw that orc boss with his 3000+ hp and went holy crap! Lightning speed to get between a couple archers (archers im finding hurt alot and get double hits >.<) and then death dance to take them out, sand and then flame breath to soften them all up. Then wail on the boss with Death blow/ Ice claw. Seriously one of the hardest fights Flameborn has been in.

Dekar died - he was my best and favorite Dekar :(

Dekar was a very cool Wyrmic, but now he is dead. That makes me quite sad as he went further than anyone before him. He got killed because I thought I had the situation under control until he got stunned. :[

At least I can finally make a new char with the new options he unlocked.

Chronomancy: Time Terrors and Tiles

First of all, I want to thank Shockbolt for painting up a couple of temporal instability tiles. They look great and I can't wait to see them in game when something gets Time Skipped.

Second of all, I didn't get much done today but did just finish the summon time elemental anomaly.

This anomaly will summon paradox/200 Telugoroths or Time Terrors (Temporal Elementals). The anomaly randomly picks targets and sets the faction of the elementals to the faction of the target. Which will often result in bad news for the player if they manage to pop this anomaly but hey, they're not meant to be something encouraged.

I made Time Elementals fast (as they should be)and gave them a few of the heavily time themed chronomancy powers. Should make for fun enemies.

i made cornac berserker and its dead now

my cornac berserker i made today i named him rokhan is now dead

when i was doing a run through the maze cold drake appeared with some hatchling guys and killed him with cold


I have been trying to make anthorils for a few days now and keep dying ...I decided the maze would be a mistake to try at first and went with the more orthodox trollmire start but I consistently keep dying to out of depth monsters there. I have noticed that the regular monsters aren't much of a challenge but the ood monsters are usually placed so that I get to a low health and teleport towards them instead of escaping as planned. I am not taking advantage of the normal extra lives since everyone seems to think this is cheating and I wouldn't want to put anyone off their feed.

It could be that I am sick with a cold and that is why I can't seem to play this game correctly at the moment. (My last character died as soon as I started showing symptoms. which is exacerbated by my nature fumble fingeredness.) But I am starting to think this class is seriously under powered. No melee combat ability at all and the spells don't match up to archmage nor do the hymns seem all that effective. (They seemed more effective as random gifts from escorts.)

Speaking of escorts I have noticed they don't seem to show up in the Trollmire at all anymore. (The last 5 characters had none any way.)

Anyway just wondering if anyone has put together play tips for this class yet and or has ideas on how the class could be improved.

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