dead merchant

Wasn't that pointless?

lost merchant

He looks to be getting along fine with these fine gentlemen, don't know what i'm supposed to do. The stage music is nice, i guess i'll hang out here a bit.

Well that's uncomfortable...

Flameborn swallows its target!
Eternal bone giant rises from the dead!

Well... this is awkward...


[rage]Is waaaaaaay OP! Firstly, since his fragments can move through stone, there is really no way of stopping him from surrounding you. Two, those fragments seem to individually be as hard to kill as the other three bosses of that story "tier!" They hurt a lot, too. So far in this play, my Barbarian's lost one life to the sand worm queen, and six, yes, that's right, SIX (I counted!) lives to this punk.[/rage]

storm city

Who knew sling stones hurt air elementals.

move along

Nope, i just pressed PageDown on my laptop keyboard, silly me.

first bug?

My second thought: where did the talent sreen dissapear to?


My first thought: this game needs DCSS autoexplore.

I call SNAFU...

Skeleton mage hits Evaine for 11.71 fire damage.
Evaine hits skeleton mage for 42.56 physical damage.
Evaine killed skeleton mage!
Skeleton mage hits Evaine for 11.71 fire damage.
Skeleton mage killed Evaine!
You resurrect!

Sure, I resurrected, but what a waste of a life! I'm pretty sure enemies should stop attacking once they're dead!

Most adventurous character so far.

The second character to reach Far East, and the first to do it while playing with online profiles (the other one, plays on a net-disconnected computer). The big unlocked for this profile (unlocked ghoul, antrohil, geomancy, sun paladin, doomed).

Dwarf fighters in general feel like its too easy. In the beggining couple of levels there were literally no challenges.

Did not do the home fortress due to no stairs in the walkable range, and no waterbreath equipment. Other than that, in mainstream dungeons there was nothing that even posed any threath (granted - i did not do the elven ruins / crypt / mark of spellblaze).

First moment of truth came with a greater vault within Master's domain. 3 deaths in row, and all due to... having many lives available and general easy feeling of the game. "Aww c'mon, i can do it, by just rushing, if I loose a life or two, nothing would happen."

Lesson 1: if you have extra lifes, use them wisely.

Master himself went down like a sack of bananas.

Also nothing worth noting about Iron Throne passage.

After such an easy-going start, Far East came as a surprise. Especially orc patrols. The same patrols that my other character (archmage) uses as handy snack for exp, obliterated this dwarf warrior. 2 or 3 deaths to the first one.

Lesson 2: it IS important to put more than 1 point into rush
Lesson 3: if you want for Aura of Silence to save your butt, do put more than 1 point in it. Otherwise you will get ranged to death from just outside of its radius.

Then went some unlocking spree.

Dark crypt - 1 death due to unlucky trap while being flanked by wall-passing blood mages.

Lesson 4: if you're surrounded by blood mages, try to remember all your tactical options (e.g. sand breath would have saved the day here)

The Shade itself was an incredibly dense and immensely funny fight. Went for a long time, and I think I made it only because Shade wasted a turn from time to time trying to turn on Burrow.

The Spider Cave - felt like a pillow fight, only i was using lightsaber. Did not even notice the end boss. I was just casually walking among spiders, one of them darkens the surrounding, i kill it, and then whoops, i raise a level and some stairs appear.

Since the other character already knew Vor, i decided to try some other Pride as first one now. Say the one in the north-west. Two rooms before it - orc patrol. This time mages went down like ripe plums, and then I went down like another ripe plum 3 times in row.

Lesson 5: orc berserkers, including elite ones, are the same colour as your run-of-the-mill popcorn orcs.

Finally got into the G-something pride. First room - a surprise. Double so. First the graphics - I love the feel of that pride. Second - the welcoming party. The room was FILLED with orcs of all kinds, including several wyrmics, cryomacers, and elite zerkers. And I was exactly in the middle of it.
Phase shift, enter the narrow tunnel, kill them one by one, ROAR a victory cry, oh there's that one last orc who just came around the corner. Oops it rushes at as and slows us down a bit, allowing for some double hits to get in. Lets regen for a bit to be on the safe side...
And then a final death by 2HP.

Conclusion - orc zerkers and elite zerkers SHOULD be differentiated visually.

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