T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta18 aka "V" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta18 ! See

This is a "quick" release to fix some bad stuff in b17 and introduce a few nice things. Notably the first version of player housing!


Release highlights:

  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • Fixes unlocks & achievements update on the server
  • Adds player "house"

Expanded changelist:

  • Unlocks, achievements, .. should correctly update again
  • Bad game version detection will switch to a "development" profile automatically
  • Added the -P"profname" command line switch to switch to a "profname" profile (to prevent uploading bad data)
  • When targetting the map will scroll to follow the target cursor
  • Fix the lost merchant quest
  • Fixed the Blighted Ruins
  • "Normal mode" did not provide all the lifes it should
  • Fix Onslaught
  • Fix War Hound
  • Sandworm Burrowers are not very angry creatures now
  • The Golem can not decide he hates his Alchemist
  • Most level change terrains (stairs, ...) should have a tile now, except the worldmap
  • Smooth movement can now also be used to do a "motion blur", this is used for Rush and Disengage (and Lightning Speed on a smalelr scale)
  • Strength tooltip does correctly state that it also increases to hit chance
  • Going up from the slime tunnels will correctly place the player back in Grushnak Pride
  • Removed the Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Geomancer and Tempest classes; instead unlocking them will grant all new Archmages access to the corresponding trees (which are bumped to level 10 trees)
  • Players can now acquire a "house". More features will be added to it later on
  • The orbs in the ruined dungeon will de-activate once the level is completed
  • The Three Edged Sword now has a correct encumberance value


Have fun and don't forget to help ToME by with donations!

Grunik the Lvl43 Dwarf Berserker

  [Tome 4.00 @ Character Dump]

Sex : Male STR: 80
Race : Dwarf DEX: 44
Class : Berserker MAG: 16
Level : 43 WIL: 29
Exp : 41% CUN: 39
Gold : 1972.77 CON: 67

Attack(Main Hand): 152 Life : 2155/2203Encumbrance : 83/184
Damage(Main Hand): 413 Stamina : 165/270 Difficulty : Normal
APR (Main Hand): 12 Mana : 467/467
Crit (Main Hand): 27%
Speed (Main Hand): 1.00


Fatigue : 35% Spellpower : 21
Armor : 12.82 Spell Crit : 9.7%
Defense : 14.9 Spell Speed : 1
Ranged Defense : 17.9

Physical damage : 26%
Cold damage : 5%

Physical Save : 45.75
Spell Save : 11.25
Mental Save : 17

All Resists: 0%
Fire Resist(cap): 20%( 70%)
Cold Resist(cap): 69%( 70%)
Lightning Resist(cap): 20%( 70%)
Acid Resist(cap): 20%( 70%)
Nature Resist(cap): 40%( 70%)
Blight Resist(cap): 20%( 70%)
Light Resist(cap): 26%( 70%)
Darkness Resist(cap): 12%( 70%)
Confusion Resistance: 30%
Blind Resistance: 100%
Pinning Resistance: 65%
Stun Resistance: 100%

Number of NPC killed: 4882
Most killed NPC: wretchling (264)

  [Talents Chart]

 - Technique / Two-handed weapons     (mastery 1.30)
    Death Dance (class)               5/5
    Berserker (class)                 5/5
    Warshout (class)                  1/5
    Death Blow (class)                3/5
 - Technique / Two-handed weapons     (mastery 1.30)
    Stunning Blow (class)             5/5
    Sunder Armour (class)             0/5
    Sunder Arms (class)               0/5
    Blood Frenzy (class)              0/5
 - Technique / Warcries               (mastery 1.30)
    Shattering Shout (class)          5/5
    Second Wind (class)               5/5
    Battle Shout (class)              1/5
    Battle Cry (class)                0/5
 - Technique / Bloodthirst            (mastery 1.20)
    Bloodbath (class)                 5/5
    Mortal Terror (class)             5/5
    Bloodrage (class)                 5/5
    Unstoppable (class)               5/5
 - Technique / Field control          (mastery 1.00)
    Disengage (generic)               1/5
    Track (generic)                   1/5
    Heave (generic)                   0/5
    Slow Motion (generic)             0/5
 - Technique / Combat techniques      (mastery 1.30)
    Precise Strikes (class)           1/5
    Rush (class)                      4/5
    Perfect Strike (class)            0/5
    Blinding Speed (class)            0/5
 - Technique / Combat techniques      (mastery 1.30)
    Quick Recovery (class)            0/5
    Fast Metabolism (class)           0/5
    Spell Shield (class)              0/5
    Unending Frenzy (class)           0/5
 - Technique / Combat training        (mastery 1.30)
    Heavy Armour Training (generic)   1/5
    Massive Armour Training (generic) 5/5
    Health (generic)                  5/5
    Weapon Combat (generic)           10/10
    Weapons Mastery (generic)         10/10
    Knife Mastery (generic)           0/10
 - Cunning / Survival                 (mastery 1.00)
    Trap Detection (generic)          3/5
    Heightened Senses (generic)       1/5
    Trap Disarm (generic)             1/5
    Evasion (generic)                 0/5

  [Inscriptions (3/3)]

Infusion: Wild
Infusion: Regeneration
Rune: Controlled Phase Door

  [Current Effects]

- Hymn of Perseverance
- Berserker
- Bloodrage
- Battle Shout
- Bloodbath

  [Completed Quests]

 -- Strange new world

You arrived through the farportal in a cave, probably in the Far East.
Upon arrival you met an Elf and an orc fighting.
You decided to side with the Elven lady.
Fillarel told you to go to the south west and meet with High Sun Paladin Aeryn.
 -- Escort: lost anorithil (level 4 of Trollmire)

You failed to protect the lost anorithil from death by great wolf.
 -- Escort: lone alchemist (level 3 of Daikara)

You failed to protect the lone alchemist from death by snow giant boulder thrower.
 -- Escort: lost anorithil (level 3 of Ruins of Kor'Pul)

You failed to protect the lost anorithil from death by giant white rat.
 -- A mysterious staff

Deep in the Dreadfell you fought and destroyed the Master, a powerful vampire.
On your way out of the Dreadfell you were ambushed by a band of orcs.
They asked about the staff.
 -- Escort: lost anorithil (level 6 of Old Forest)

You failed to protect the lost anorithil from death by orc archer.
 -- Storming the city

As you came to Derth you saw a huge dark cloud over the small town.
When you entered you were greeted by an army of air elementals slaughtering the population.
 * You have dispatched the elementals but the cloud lingers still. You must find a powerful ally to remove it. There are rumours of a secret town in the blue mountains, to the southwest.
 * You have learned the real threat comes from a rogue Archmage, a Tempest named Urkis. The mages of Angolwen are ready to teleport you there.
 -- Trapped!

You heard a plea for help and decided to investigate...
Only to find yourself trapped inside an unknown tunnel complex.
 -- Important news

Orcs were spotted with the staff you seek in an arid waste in the southern desert.
You should go investigate what is happening there.
 -- Let's hunt some Orc

The elder in Last Hope sent you to the old Dwarven kingdom of Reknor, deep under the Iron Throne, to investigate the orc presence.
Find out if they are in any way linked to the lost staff.
But be careful -- even the Dwarves have not ventured in these old halls for many years.
 -- Into the darkness

It is time to explore some new places -- dark, forgotten and dangerous ones.
The Old Forest is just south-east of the town of Derth.
The Maze is west of Derth.
The Sandworm Lair is to the far west of Derth, near the sea.
The Daikara is on the eastern borders of the Thaloren forest.
   * You have explored the Old Forest and vanquished the Old Man Willow.   
   * You have explored the Maze and vanquished the Minotaur.   
   * You have explored the Sandworm Lair and vanquished their Queen.   
   * You have explored the Daikara and vanquished the Dragon.   
 -- Escort: repented thief (level 5 of Old Forest)

You failed to protect the repented thief from death by Grunik.
 -- The beast within

You met a half-mad lumberjack fleeing a small village, rambling about untold horrors lurking there, slaughtering people.
1 lumberjacks have died.
 -- Escort: lost warrior (level 7 of Daikara)

You successfully escorted the lost warrior to the recall portal on level 7 of Daikara.
As a reward you improved Strength by +2.
 -- Eight legs of wonder
   You have killed Ungolë in Ardhungol and saved the Sun Paladin.
 -- The wild wild east

There must be a way to go into the far east from the lair of Golbug. Find it and explore the unknown far east, looking for clues.
 -- Of trolls and damp caves

Explore the caves below the ruins of Kor'Pul and the Trollmire in search of treasure and glory!

   * You have explored the ruins of Kor'Pul and vanquished the Shade.   
   * You have explored the Trollmire and vanquished the Bill the Troll.   
 -- Escort: worried loremaster (level 2 of Daikara)

You failed to protect the worried loremaster from death by spitting spider.
 -- Lost Knowledge

You found an ancient tome about gems.
You should bring it to the jeweler in the Gates of Morning.
Limmir told you to look for the Valley of the Moon in the southern mountains.
 -- The Island of Dread

You have heard that near the Charred Scar, to the south, lies a ruined tower known as the Dreadfell.
There are disturbing rumors of greater undead, and nobody who reached it ever returned.
Perhaps you should explore it and find the truth, and the treasures, for yourself!
 -- The Doom of the World!

You were sent to the Charred Scar at the heart of which lies a huge volcano. In the Age of Pyre it destroyed the old Sher'Tul ruins that stood there, absorbing much of their latent magic.
This place is still full of that power and the orcs intend to absorb this power using the Staff of Absorption!
Whatever their plan may be, they must be stopped at all cost.
The volcano is attacked by orcs. A few Sun Paladins made it there with you. They will hold the line at the cost of their lives to buy you some time.
Honor their sacrifice; do not let the orcs finish their work!

You arrived too late. The place has been drained of its power and the sorcerers have left.
Use the portal to go back to the Far East. You *MUST* stop them, no matter the cost.

 -- The Curse of Magic

You met a warrior who invited you join the group called the Ziguranth, dedicated to opposing magic.
   * You must not use spells, runes, or magical devices.   
   * You have gained 32 of 10 levels.   
 -- An apprentice task

You met a novice mage who was tasked to collect many staves or jewelry.
He asked for your help should you collect some that you do not use.
   * 10/10   
 -- Escort: lost anorithil (level 8 of Dreadfell)

You successfully escorted the lost anorithil to the recall portal on level 8 of Dreadfell.
As a reward you improved talent Hymn of Perseverance (+1 level(s)).
 -- Scrying for dummies

You have found an object that seems to be unique. It looks like it has hidden powers within.
Go to the town of Derth, to the south of the Trollmire, and talk to the local scryer. Maybe she can be of help.
 -- Escort: repented thief (level 1 of Ruins of Kor'Pul)

You failed to protect the repented thief from death by orc soldier.
 -- There and back again

Zemekkys in the Gates of Morning can build a portal back to Maj'Eyal for you.
   * You have found a Blood-Runed Athame.   
   * You have found the Resonating Diamond.   

  [Active Quests]

 -- Back and there again

You have created a portal back to Maj'Eyal. You should try to talk to someone in Last Hope about establishing a link back.
 -- The many Prides of the Orcs

Investigate the bastions of the Pride.
   * You have destroyed Rak'shor.   
   * You have destroyed Vor.   
   * Grushnak Pride, near a small mountain range in the north west.   
   * You have destroyed Gorbat.   

  [Character Equipment]

 In main hand

a) voratun greatsword of rage (63-100.8 power, 12 apr)
   Type: weapon / greatsword

63 Power [Range 1.60] (+120% Strength), 11 Attack, 12 Armor Penetration, Crit 5%
Damage type: physical
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 7 Strength,6 Dexterity.
Increases damage type: 19% physical.
Regenerates 3.00 stamina when hit.

 In off hand
 On fingers

b) Vargh Redemption
   Type: jewelry / ring

When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 4 Willpower,3 Constitution.
Increases resistances: 25% cold,10% nature.
Maximum mana 20
Maximum stamina 20
It can be used to summon a tidal wave, costing 60 power out of 60/60.
c) steel ring of cold resistance (+24%)
   Type: jewelry / ring

When wielded/worn:
Increases resistances: 24% cold.

   Dropped by bandit
 Around neck

d) Choker of Dread
   Type: jewelry / amulet

When wielded/worn:
Attack 0, Armor Penetration 0, Physical Crit 0%, Physical power 5
Increases blindness immunity: 100%.
Spellpower 5, Spell Crit 0%
See invisible: 10
It can be used to summon an elder vampire to your side, costing 60 power out of 60/60.
   Dropped by The Master
 Light source

e) Burning Star
   Type: lite / lite

When wielded/worn:
Light radius 5
It can be used to map surroundings, costing 100 power out of 95/150.
 Main armor

f) Scale Mail of Kroltar (10 def, 14 armor)
   Type: armor / heavy

When wielded/worn:
Armor 14, Defense 10, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 16%
Increases stats: 5 Strength,3 Dexterity,4 Constitution.
Increases resistances: 20% fire,20% lightning,20% acid,20% nature,20% blight.
Maximum life 120
It can be used to activate talent: Inferno (level 3), costing 50 power out of 80/80.
   Dropped by armoured skeleton warrior

g) Mardoregoleg (2 def, 0 armor)
   Type: armor / cloak

When wielded/worn:
Armor 0, Defense 2, Ranged Defense 0
Increases stats: 2 Magic.
Increases resistances: 15% light.
Increases physical save: 9.
Increases stun immunity: 15%.
Regenerates 0.60 stamina each turn.
See invisible: 21

   Dropped by ghoulking
 On head

h) prismatic iron helm of rage (0 def, 3 armor)
   Type: armor / head

When wielded/worn:
Armor 3, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 5%
Increases resistances: 11% light,12% darkness.
Regenerates 0.80 stamina when hit.

   Dropped by skeleton mage
 Around waist

i) blurring rough leather belt of life
   Type: armor / belt

When wielded/worn:
Armor 0, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 3
Increases stealth bonus: 6.
Regenerates 0.30 hitpoints each turn.

 On hands

j) powerful hardened leather gloves of damage (0 def, 2 armor)
   Type: armor / hands

When wielded/worn:
Attack 0, Armor Penetration 0, Physical Crit 0%, Physical power 12
Armor 2, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0
Increases damage type: 7% physical.

 On feet

k) Frost Treads (1 def, 2 armor)
   Type: armor / feet

When wielded/worn:
Armor 2, Defense 1, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 14%
Increases stats: 4 Strength,4 Dexterity,4 Cunning.
Increases resistances: 20% cold,10% nature.
Increases damage type: 5% cold.
Light radius 1

   Dropped by Rantha the Worm

l) voratun pickaxe of the badger (dig speed 11 turns)
   Type: tool / digger

It can be used to dig a wall, cut a tree, ..., costing 1 power out of 1/1.

  [Player Achievements]

'A dangerous secret' was achieved for Found the mysterious staff and told Last Hope about it. At 2010-12-22 19:53:34
'Arachnophobia' was achieved for Destroyed the spydric menace. At 2010-12-23 17:43:31
'Brave new world' was achieved for Gone to the Far East and took side in the war. At 2010-12-23 10:31:28
'Clone War' was achieved for Destroyed your own Shade. At 2010-12-24 14:29:45
'Curse Lifter' was achieved for Killed Ben Cruthdar the Cursed. At 2010-12-18 10:02:31
'Destroyer's bane' was achieved for Killed Golbug the Destroyer. At 2010-12-23 09:57:33
'Earth Master' was achieved for Killed Harkor'Zun and unlocked the Geomancer class At 2010-12-22 20:10:35
'Exterminator' was achieved for Killed 1000 creatures At 2010-12-18 10:25:42
'Eye of the storm' was achieved for Freed Derth from the onslaught of the mad Tempest, Urkis. At 2010-12-22 18:18:14
'Level 10' was achieved for Got a character to level 10. At 2010-12-17 07:47:30
'Level 20' was achieved for Got a character to level 20. At 2010-12-18 20:53:11
'Level 30' was achieved for Got a character to level 30. At 2010-12-23 10:02:01
'Level 40' was achieved for Got a character to level 40. At 2010-12-24 17:11:57
'Rescuer of the lost' was achieved for Rescued the merchant from the assassin lord. At 2010-12-17 17:37:20
'Size matters' was achieved for Do over 600 damage in one attack At 2010-12-18 17:47:41
'Sliders' was achieved for Activated a portal using the Orb of Many Ways. At 2010-12-23 10:01:00
'That was close' was achieved for Kill your target while having only 1 life left. At 2010-12-24 16:44:43
'The secret city' was achieved for Discovered the truth about mages. At 2010-12-18 16:41:10
'There and back again' was achieved for Opened a portal to Maj'Eyal from the Far East. At 2010-12-23 20:57:05
'Treasure Hunter' was achieved for Amass 1000 gold pieces. At 2010-12-23 10:32:13
'Vampire crusher' was achieved for Destroyed the Master in its lair of the Dreadfell. At 2010-12-22 19:43:00

  [Character Inventory]

a) regeneration infusion [heal 340 over 5 turns]
   Type: scroll / infusion

When inscribed on your body:
Effective talent level: 0.0
Use mode: Activated
Range: melee/personal
Cooldown: 16
Travel Speed: instantaneous
Usage Speed: 1 turn
Description: Activate the infusion to heal yourself for 340 life over 5 turns.

It can be used to inscribe your skin with the infusion..
b) Sealed Scroll of Last Hope

   Type: scroll / scroll

It can be used to open the seal and read the message.
c) Spellblaze Echos
   Type: jewelry / amulet

When wielded/worn:
Armor 4, Defense 6, Ranged Defense 0
It can be used to destructive wail, costing 300 power out of 300/300.
d) voratun amulet
   Type: jewelry / amulet

   Dropped by armoured skeleton warrior

e) Dragon Orb (Orb of Command)
   Type: jewelry / orb

When carried:
Increases stats: 6 Cunning.
It can be used to use the orb, costing 1 power out of 1/1.
   Dropped by Gorbat, Supreme Wyrmic of the Pride

f) Elemental Orb (Orb of Command)
   Type: jewelry / orb

When carried:
Increases stats: 6 Magic.
It can be used to use the orb, costing 1 power out of 1/1.
   Dropped by Vor, Grand Geomancer of the Pride

g) Orb of Many Ways
   Type: jewelry / orb

It can be used to activate a portal, costing 10 power out of 30/30.
   Dropped by Golbug the Destroyer

h) Orb of Scrying
   Type: jewelry / orb

When carried:
It can be used to use the orb, costing 1 power out of 1/1.
i) Orb of Undeath (Orb of Command)
   Type: jewelry / orb

When carried:
Increases stats: 6 Dexterity.
It can be used to use the orb, costing 1 power out of 1/1.
   Dropped by Rak'shor, Grand Necromancer of the Pride

j) stralite ring
   Type: jewelry / ring

k) voratun ring of strength (+8)
   Type: jewelry / ring

When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 8 Strength.

   Dropped by orc berserker

l) Dragon-helm of Kroltar (5 def, 9 armor)
   Type: armor / head

When wielded/worn:
Armor 9, Defense 5, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 10%
Increases stats: 5 Strength,5 Constitution,-4 Luck.
It can be used to activate talent: Warshout (level 2), costing 45 power out of 45/45.
m) shaloran voratun helm of telepathic range (0 def, 5 armor)
   Type: armor / head

When wielded/worn:
Armor 5, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 5%
Increases stats: 3 Willpower.
Grants telepathy: increase range by 10.
Increases stun immunity: 20%.

n) searing drakeskin leather armour of the sky (5 def, 8 armor)

   Type: armor / light

When wielded/worn:
Armor 8, Defense 5, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 8%
Increases stats: 7 Dexterity.
Damage on hit(melee): 12 fire,10 acid.
Increases resistances: 11% lightning,9% acid,11% cold,13% fire.

   Dropped by vampire

o) radiant steel plate armour of the dragon (4 def, 9 armor)
   Type: armor / massive

When wielded/worn:
Armor 9, Defense 4, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 22%
Increases stats: 3 Strength,3 Constitution,2 Willpower,3 Luck.
Damage on hit(melee): 5 light.
Increases resistances: 8% acid,18% blight,5% fire,7% physical,9% cold,7% lightning,12% darkness.
Reduces talent cooldowns: Rush (10).
Increases disarm immunity: 30%.
Increases stun immunity: 30%.
Increases knockback immunity: 30%.

   Dropped by Krogar

p) brass lantern of the sun
   Type: lite / lite

When wielded/worn:
Increases spell save: 15.
Increases blindness immunity: 50%.
Light radius 3

q) fire opal

   Type: gem / red

When used to imbue an object:
Increases damage type: 10% all.

r) Gwai's Burninator

   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to shoot a cone of fire, costing 30 power out of 75/75.
   Dropped by red ooze

s) Rod of Recall (1/1)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to recall the user to the worldmap, costing 1000 power out of 1000/1000.
   Dropped by Bill the Stone Troll

t) Rod of Spydric Poison (3/3)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to shoot a bolt of spyric poison, costing 25 power out of 75/75.
   Dropped by Ungolë

u) ash wand of teleportation (3/5)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to teleport randomly, with 3 charges out of 5.
v) ash wand of teleportation (5/5)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to teleport randomly, with 5 charges out of 5.
   Dropped by blue ooze

w) elven-wood wand of healing (4/4)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to heal, with 4 charges out of 4.
x) solid elven-wood wand of teleportation (7/10)
   Type: wand / wand

It can be used to teleport randomly, with 7 charges out of 10.
y) 3 pearl
   Type: gem / white

When used to imbue an object:
Increases resistances: 10% all.

   Dropped by orc soldier

  [Last Messages]

Rested for 6 turns (stop reason: hostile spotted (orc figther)).
You pickup 0.35 gold pieces.
There is more than one object lying here.
There is an item here: cleansing voratun plate armour of fire resistance (9 def, 16 armor)
Resting starts...
Rested for 2 turns (stop reason: hostile spotted (orc figther)).
Grunik uses Death Dance.
Grunik hits orc figther for 1075.40 physical damage.
Grunik killed orc figther!
Orc figther hits Grunik for 5.60 acid damage.
Grunik uses Battle Shout.
Grunik misses dúathedlen.
Dúathedlen uses Darkness.
Grunik misses dúathedlen.
Dúathedlen casts Blood Grasp.
Dúathedlen hits Grunik for 63.27 blight damage.
Dúathedlen drains life from Grunik!
Grunik uses Stunning Blow.
Grunik hits dúathedlen for 882.66 physical damage.
Grunik killed dúathedlen!
Dúathedlen is stunned!
Talent Death Dance is ready to use.
Talent Stunning Blow is ready to use.
There is an item here: titan's frozen spear rune [415 cold damage]
There is more than one object lying here.
Resting starts...
Talent Battle Shout is ready to use.
Rested for 46 turns (stop reason: all resources and life at maximum).
You must wear this object to use it!
Grunik brandishes the Burning Star which radiates in all directions!
Dolleg uses Slime Spit.
Dolleg hits Grunik for 48.72 nature damage.
Grunik slows down.
Grunik rushes out!
Grunik performs a critical strike!
Grunik hits dolleg for 895.86 physical damage.
Grunik killed dolleg!
Dolleg hits Grunik for 28.00 acid damage.
Grunik speeds up.
Grunik uses Battle Shout.

Last 16 Character

Beta 17 is out, but I have a level 17 halfling slinger still alive and kicking. I am a bit curious. I have accepted the quest "Storming the City", but I can't find the Apprentice Mage. Is there anything special I need to do to make him appear?

David Gervais tiles mod v 1.1 for Tome4 Beta17

Here is a mod to include some tiles from David Gervais into Tome4 main module. The mod is far from complete, but right now most of the objects are done, and some monsters too.

Most of the tiles come from the work of David Gervais, under the Creative Commons licence CC-BY 3.0. I have hacked some of them to follow Tome4 universe; those new tiles are of course licenced under the same CC-BY.

In some few cases, I have added tiles from other sources. In each folder containing tiles, there is a "licence.txt" file describing what belongs to who.

Material decisions

I have made some decisions regarding the colors of the different materials. The idea is to decide at a glance what is the material of the object. I hope my choices follow this!


- iron: rusted red
- steel: base tile
- dwarven steel: darken gray
- stralite: golden
- voratun: blueish from base tile


- rough leather: light brown
- cured leather: brown
- hardened leather: dark brown
- reinforced leather: dark brown
- drakeskin leather: green


- elm: brown
- ash: gray
- yew: dark gray
- elven-wood: green
- dragonbone: dirty white


Here is the progress status:


90% done (some gems missing, some artifacts and maybe whips)


5% (ants, bears and wolves are done)


0% (not started)


0% (not started)


You can download this mod at:


Unzip the file and extract the "data" folder to your "t-engine4-windows-1.0.0beta17\game\modules\tome" folder.

Beware that some regular files will be deleted and replaced. If you want to come back to the previous state of Tome4 beta17, install it again in the same directory.

Started Using GDB on the backend.

Not too complicated to use though in writing the .bat file (its been 20 years or so since I last bothered with .bats) I think I got one of the path's wrong because I got a message to that effect from the command shell though it does not interfere with the running of the program.

The error I am hoping to reproduce seems somewhat random so it might not come up at all. I am trying to get it to crash again on entering the name of a new character. So far it has happened twice now but no indication of why in the stdout.txt file and nothing at all in stderr.txt.

Stuck waiting for a fix...

Blah my dwarf Wyrmic finally hit level 10 and then got into the unknown tunnels quest and is now stuck. Seeing as how I had to lose about 20 previous characters to get one to level 10 in normal mode this is frustrating indeed. Hopefully the saves will be usable in this next version.

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta17 aka "Wintertide" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta17 ! See

This is a "quick" release to fix a bad crash in beta16 and it brings along some fun goodies too!

(No, no Sher'Tul Fortress yet, it will be in next beta)

Release highlights:

  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • "Smooth movement" animations
  • Some quality of life improvments
  • Online charsheets now contain metadata; the website will be updated with search features
  • Change in the way the difficulty levels are named (again ;> )

Expanded changelist:

  • Inverted the list of zones in the first quest, by special request of Zonk !
  • Renamed talent Fire Imp to Ritch Flamespitter, to be more in line with the nature feel of the class
  • Improved War Hound melee damage and speed
  • Archery low ammo reminder does not identify ammo
  • Ammo counter added to the left pane
  • Removed the freeze image, it seems to lead to some .. crashes
  • Friendly NPCs will not take it lightly when attacked - without having to involve their whole faction
  • When talents do not have enough resources to be used they will be greyed out in the hotkeys display
  • Angolwen is now populted with NPCs
  • Fix typo in the Circles talents
  • Dropping items from the inventory dialog will correctly update the title
  • Can not use the stores in Zigur after attacking it
  • Change Old Man Willow to Wrathroot in the quest description
  • Optimized OpenGL code somewhat
  • Halflings are "small"
  • Fixed duplicate artifacts (hopefully, please keep an eye open for them)
  • Level feeling when entering a level lower than your own or higher
  • Improves the speed of Stone Prison crumbling
  • Fix absorption shields to not ignore the last blow
  • Faeros and Gwelgoroths are correctly immune to diseases instead of "deseases" :)
  • Meditation only affects wild gifts
  • Racial stat bonuses do not count toward the max of 60
  • Both base & actual stats are displayed in the leveling screen
  • Silly Aeryn will not talk about Numenor anymore
  • Fix the directions Aeryn provides
  • Renamed Strength & Willpower infusions
  • Shuffled the difficulty modes again. Now "Easy" is the old Discover; "Normal" is a multi-lifes mode; "Hardcore" is one life and the rest did not change
  • Catalepsy will not give too many "resist" messages
  • Eruan and the Charred Scar can scale higher
  • Can not avoid one of the possible outcomes of the endgame
  • The lost merchant can not block people in corridors
  • takes a new first parameter: either nil or a special title to display. *WARNING* modules need to update
  • The game will now display the current number of unlocked birth options and the max during character creation
  • Added Entity:setMoveAnim(oldx, oldy, speed) method to make entities move around the map with smooth movements. This is not used by default, modules can choose to use it or not
  • A new option (in the game options) is available to change/disable the "smooth movement" effect
  • Online charsheets now store some more flags that will later allow the website to be used to search for characters


Have fun and don't forget to help ToME by with donations!

ToME 4 Streaming Guide

I just uploaded a guide to the wiki for streaming ToME 4 on Ustream using freeware tools.

^Check it out here.

who carries whom?

sometimes i try to imagine what my character looks like. which involves amusing things.

so what the monsters see is a huge tree trunk with a midge of the non-swarming kind attached to it. the midge being gwydion the halfling arcane blade...

Donate to keep ToME4 alive

Hi my fellow players!

I have setup a donation page on to let you donate astronomical, or not, amounts of money to ToME and his creator - myself ;)

ToME/TE4 will always be a free open source game, but it would not bother me in the slightest if it could help me feed my family. If there are enough donations this could augment the amount of time I have to spend on ToME/TE4, for your own enjoyment!
Lastly if there is enough donations I also intend to redistribute some of it to the talented people that made the musics and the gfx (even though they did not ask for any, it would be kind IMO; and could maybe speed up the gfx drawing ;> ).

If you can not or do not want to donate but still enjoy the game, remember that a kind word on the forums is always appreciated too, keeps the morale up!

Please visit: if you are interested in helping ToME go forward.

Thank you all

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