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  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    the Shade at the bottom of Kor'Pul usually drops an artifact stave.

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Gathered up some magical staves to complete the apprentice mage quest since I didn't get an artifact staff from any of the bosses. The first couple of levels of Old Forest and Kor'Pul yielded enough staves to do the job. He'll also take rings or amulets but not wands.

    Checked out Angolwen's shops.

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Practically everything in the Maze fell to stealthy attacks of Flurries. An orc master assassin gave Snik a bit of trouble, but he fell as well, and the stingy bugger didn't drop anything either.

    Trap detect and disarm helped a lot, but wasn't perfect. Lots of high level traps in the Maze.

    Bad tactics cost Snik another life. The Boss Minotaur used Sunder Armor and Snik should have phased away right then, but instead she tried to get in another Flurry.

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Back in Derth the Gwelgoroth were trouble. The linen robe of lightning resist wasn't enough by itself. Cost another life, but the Ultimate Gwelgoroth went in return. The rest of the pack fell to Flurries.

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    A Lost Warrior on Old Forest (1) died when an Umber Hulk came up behind us while a whole line of snakes and other pests were in front. Oh well. I suppose the Detection wand might have helped a bit with figuring out the route before proceeding.
    An Anorithil on Old Forest (3) died because Snik couldn't tell her to back up two whole lousy steps into a hallway. They were facing a whole s***load of canines without cover. Oh well.
    An Anaconda on Old Forest (4) had Snik in a death grip but she used Phase Door to get out before she suffocated.
    Finally, a lone alchemist on Old Forest (7) died because, well, because it was Old Forest (7) and the level was practically nothing but canines and Wrathroot. Phase Door and instant healing saved the day again. Wrathroot dropped a bunch of enchanted swords and one flaming steel dagger (yum!), plus the

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Went into Kor'Pul. Opened a sealed door vault with four skeleton mages, cost (only) one life. One of them dropped the Feathersteel Amulet.

    Helped a Lost Warrior and took Strength +2.

    Had to detour around a bloated horror to find the down stairs.

    The Shade went down to a one Flurry, one Dual Strike (which stunned it) and a couple of regular hits. Snik had more trouble from those skelly mages.

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    We know that runes/infusions are still rather unbalanced with each other along with spells, activations and wands.

  • Welcome - first thoughts   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Greetings to a fellow ex-DURISer!

  • My first online character.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Located Bill while still level 3. An extended pillar-dance ensued with much regen and a few phase doors while Snik wore poor old Bill down with her daggers. Bill dropped the Mighty Girdle as well as the Rod of Recall, plus some other enchanted heavy armor. Along the way, Snik picked up a shocking dagger and a duelists healing infusion (heal 111, cooldown 10). And of course Elisa gave her the Orb of Scrying.

    Meta-note - check the cooldown rate as well as the power on runes and infusions.

  • And again just wow.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Here is a question: why do you think I can succeed at 25 where I failed at 21? According to your own logic my approach is flawed and should lose no matter what. (By the way I have succeeded at 16 where I failed at 21 so I don't think it is just a level issue.)

    Your experiences with the game are clearly not mine. Now I am not an Adom player at all and while I have played many games (roguelike and other types) over many years I haven't beaten any of the ones you mentioned. Heck I have trouble beating Civ games past the warlord level.(I can win but the scores are always subpar.) I know I lack patience for true skill in these games. I am not a powergamer. I do not enjoy powergaming.

    That said I don't think TOME has to be a powergamer only type of game where only those who play flawlessly get to enjoy it. Flawlessness has a price. What I think is required is patience, which is something I lack. And knowledge which I will acquire.

    And no, not "THAT" easy. Fairly easy. I chose my words with some care. It has some randomness which makes life difficult at first. (Equipment varies a lot, what is in stores, what you face in any given level. Even the Trollmire which is the starting area. The reason I don't do TM first normally (though I did at first) is because it gives terrible exp and is a slow slog for a starting character. It is a bit safer I agree but it is also boring. For me 1 death in normal is a fair trade for a faster more satisfying start.)

    As for Hardcore, the style is not for me as I do not enjoy spending hours on a game only to have to start from scratch because of a momentary lapse of judgement or a twitchy finger as has happened in this very game to me. That's one reason I never tried to beat the bands. Old Tome had some mods where the danger of that was lesser. And some wacky modes like Lost Souls that were very random and potentially interesting (if doomed.)

    That isn't to say I will never try hardcore or infinity mode (since I managed to unlock that today) but it is not how I enjoy playing. I never bothered with ironman in D2/LOD...or any of its mods. If I want that kind of challenge I play M:tg or Chess. For other games I prefer a slightly less frustrating approach.

    I am a bit confused on one thing though. If you haven't made a successful mage yet how can you presume to give me advice on the crypt using a mage?

  • And again just wow.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    I would change your note from "never again" to "never unless my level is 25+". Those extra 4 lives should have given you another health +40 boost, and extra class points to up the damage of your spells a tad more. Everything matters in such fights. I know that I will never enter the crypt unless I have finished the Dreadfell - those 3-4 extra levels, escort quests rewards and loot helps.

    I agree that playing hardcore will hone the skills. (Sorry to write so much as a comment to the post, but it seemed to pour out once I started. So this is to anyone who cares to read, not directly to OP)
    The game is supposed to be beatable without losing lives at all. So when death is not an option you play much more safely and smartly. You died 4 times in the starting dungeons, where 0 is the norm for hardcore. This should suggest that you use different tactics than people who regularly beat starting areas flawlessly. Mabye your build was subpar? Mabye you are forgetting to use infusions or racial abilities? Mabye you are using wrong kind of gear? Mabye maze first (after trolls I assume) isn't such a good idea? (I almost always do troll - old forest - keep - maze/sand - daikara.)

    I have little experience in Tome4, just two weeks worth. Did play other roguelikes, so I play hardcore. I got one char to final dungeon, died there before final fight (I think anyway). I survived crypt 3 out of 3 times (sadly the girl died 2 of 3 but not me). Killed the master 3 of 3. What I love about the game and quest system is actually that you might need advance knowledge to successfully complete certain quests (merchant, crypt, Limmir, mount doom), but if you play your char well (and it is safely built) you should survive and still be able to proceed in the game.

    I did die a lot in the early game, but that sure taught _me_ more than trekking on with a doomed-from-the-midgame character would have.

    "The game starts off fairly easy to play once one gets a handle on the changes and the keys etc"

    4 deaths = not THAT easy...all my attempts at making a mage char have failed, so I know I need to learn how to keep one alive first.

  • Profile disabled   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Was running beta 17 when I started and set up profile, then downloaded beta 18 as soon as it came out as my Alchemist got snotted by its golem from accidentally hitting it.

    Not running any custom mods/classes.

    Last character was a Dwarf Cursed - very impressive until lvl 20, where it was summarily killed by a plethora of drakes, hatchlings and storm drake which filled 60% of the zone with mobs. By the time everything was killed and cleared I was down to only blood left for res, had gained 2.3 levels and 500 gold.

  • Ruined Dungeon   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Doing the dungeon again...first orb on the right hand message at all for declining to touch it...

    Nevermind. Having deciphered the meaning of these hints it became clearer enough that I was able to discern the order.

  • And again just wow.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Rereading that I see I was just a bit too snippy there. Just hate condescension even if its only in my head.

  • And again just wow.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Con was nearly maxed...take a look at the character. I managed the crypt in an earlier version (b.16) with an alchemist. From what I've gathered here from other reports the Crypt is about as hard as the Master. So to answer your question I did not know if I could beat the master or not but I assumed so. In retrospect I can see that was folly as was assuming I could do the crypt with a level 21 archmage. I disagree that hardcore will "hone" my "skills". Thanks for the advice though.

    Also some advice of my own: Saying anything followed by 'but' makes it sound less than sincere. Next time leave off the commiserations and get straight to the "you suck" speech.

  • And again just wow.   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Well if you don't think you can beat The Master whatever possessed you to try the Crypt? Also 600 HP sounds too low for that level, you should maybe invest more in the Constitution stat and the Health talents.

    I personally think the extra lives mode encourages bad play. Try hardcore mode and you'll hone your roguelike skills much more.

  • Profile disabled   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Have you tried redownloading it? If you're running any modified files, like custom classes, etc. the profiles won't go online.

  • Ruined Dungeon   13 years 8 weeks ago

    OK if I ever get another chance at it (doubtful as I now seem to be having a run of horrible characters that can't live past level 3) I will give it another shot.

    Thanks both for the info. It is always fun to be defeated soundly by the UI (I don't recall seeing any messages when saying no.)

  • Ruined Dungeon   13 years 8 weeks ago

    After exploring everything accessible I found 3 poem lines. If there was more it was hidden in some way inaccessible to me. I can't go back and check now of course because my Archmage Dwarf 21 died horribly at the hands of the Crypt felons.

  • Ruined Dungeon   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Are you sure you found all poem lines?

    The first time I entered the Ruined Dungeon, I found only four poem lines, which once reordered gave a clear order for touching the orbs... and it didn't work. Once I found the fifth poem, which is not obvious to find, the right order appeared and the portal opened.

  • Ruined Dungeon   13 years 8 weeks ago

    You need to examine the orbs more closely by walking into them and answeing no.
    You get different descriptions, e.g. "Flames burst out of the orb", i.e., the orb is associated to fire.

    After clearing the level, you can touch the orbs in the order given by the lore (press escape, Show known lore: the clues are already ordered correctly).

    If the order is correct, then the orbs glow and at the end the portal is opened. If you made a mistake, monsters are summoned and you must restart with the first orb.

  • Roguetypes - heavy armor or not?   13 years 8 weeks ago

    A shadowblade needs nearly all stats, but the point allocation depends on your playing style: Str/Dex for the attack chance, Dex/Cun for dagger damage and most rogue talents, Con for hit points, Mag for spells, Wil for stamina and mana.

    If you want to use stealth and to heavily rely on the magic spells, then don't use the heavy armours. Just put a point in Heavy Armour Training for a full choice of helmets and boots but keep an eye on your fatigue.

    If you use a melee approach, put a point in Heavy Armour Training and use the best light or heavy armour available. In the end game plate armours are probably too expensive in term of invested strength points.

    Good starting armours of any type are Grounding / of Stability for the stun resistance, later all blue ego armours.

    Good artifact light armours are Behemoth hide, Skin of Many, Rogue Plight and Chromatic Harness.

  • Archmage   13 years 8 weeks ago

    You are right, the archmage's shield talents are quite poor in beta18. There are already a few changes in the SVN repository, so we will have to wait and see how that improves the situation.

    The entire concept of extra lives is still relatively new to ToME4, so don't take this experience as an expectation that you just need to improve. The current implementation of extra lives really fails when you resurrect close to your site of death (and whatever killed you), which I first saw in the Sandworm Lair and what I am assuming you struggled with versus the house boss. Maybe the house boss level should have the entrance/resurrect location be out of sight from the boss encounter?

    Oh, and I wouldn't claim to "walk over" that boss... it was a treacherous battle my first time around (playing an Anorithil) and various other characters I have taken down there on Normal difficulty also lost a few lives. Hang in there. :-D

  • Archmage   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Even found the blood but that didn't keep me alive. Lost quite a few lives vs the house boss. I see what people were complaining about. He's not hard if you have a good tank fighter but otherwise he isn't beatable without at least 1-2 deaths. Ended up again stripped of lives and unable to continue playing without dying so I chose to try and get the tempest unlocked. Forget that... will never happen. Impossible for someone of my meager skills.

    Archmage is a tough class to play though having the versatility of lots of different spells is interesting it ultimately fails due to not being powerful enough ironically. I say ironically because it seems to me that the caster monsters in the game are the hardest most vicious unfair mobs. Where as it seems the melee monsters tend to be beatable though some are quite difficult like the (X) and (P) throwers.

    Again frustration sets in. Makes me want to punch someone that I spent so much time leveling the character to only have it die all at once on one thing. So, enraging and aggravating. What is the point of the extra lives if they don't help? *shrugs* This is what I hate about roguelikes in general.

    Everyone does not play at the same level. (Obviously.) Those who are expert tend to expect everyone else to be. And so the games get ever harder and more frustrating for those who aren't. Even after years I am still clearly a novice with these games. Shamefully dying to things everyone else just walks over.

    Bitterness sets in.

  • Roguetypes - heavy armor or not?   13 years 8 weeks ago

    Fatigue hits mana users twice as hard as it hits everyone else. So even if you're not planning to use stealth you'll probably want to keep a close eye on your fatigue if you plan to make heavy use of your spells.