Bonuses at Level 10

Bonuses at Level 10

Characters are given +2 Class Talents, +2 Generic Talents, +10 Stat Points, and +1 Prodigy Points upon reaching level 10.
(you'll still have to be level 30 and meet all other requirements to use Prodigies, of course)

This is meant to compensate for the removal of Alchemist Quests, Escorts, Yeek Wayist's Buff, and Wyrm Bile's Stat Changes which are tedious but provide very nice rewards. The idea is to restore some of the power which is lost by removing these rewards without changing the overall strength of the character. Getting the Light Category via escort, for instance, is easily as good as most Prodigies.

You can download the mod that removes these things here, made by Regalion:

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Bonuses at Level 10 1.5.10 2018-07-19 13:14

Yeeeeah, I just got +19 stat

Yeeeeah, I just got +19 stat wyrm bile on my Berserker, I will pass :)

Still a cool idea, might be interesting to use as a little boost if you want to play higher difficulties but struggle.

Your reply doesn't make much

Your reply doesn't make much sense since the primary reason this mod was created was to compensate for another mod that removed the things that this is compensating for. Your post infers you are not using that mod, so of course this mod would be overpowered in your situation (extra bonuses for no reason, in that case).

Anyway, I think the two mod combo (remove escorts, etc. + level 10 bonues) is actually a great combo because the primary point of the removal mod was not actually to make things harder, but to remove rng from build plans. It also makes the game harder, and I would argue this fix here doesn't help much in that regard, but does make that other mod feel more balanced (take away and give something back instead of just removing something).