September 5, 2010
By darkgod - September 5, 2010


A nasty bug slipped through beta10, if you have online profiles active you cant save the game.

Go to T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta10 ! you can download beta10b to fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

September 5, 2010
By darkgod - September 5, 2010

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta10 !

Release highlights:

  • Winable game! The endgame fight is implemented with three possible outcomes.
  • Smarter AI, most monsters can now pathfind using distance maps
  • New class: Reavers
  • Support for engine self update (disabled for now)
  • Many speed improvments
  • Finished alchemists spells
  • Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • ActorFOV can now compute distance maps if __do_distance_map=true is set for your actors; new AIs can use distance maps to do low-cost pathfinding (ai: simple_dmap, flee_dmap, dmap)
  • Added achievements for most major plot events
  • Added a --force32bits flags to premake to allow compilation using luajit on a 64bit linux
  • Added an example_realtime module that is an exact copy of example module but in realtime (the gameplay sucks it's not adapted)
  • Added function to set the engine into realtime mode, calling tick() at the given frequency
  • Added jellies images
  • Added lore items, as you explore the world you can discover texts, writings and other stories, they automatically add up in a lore book, accessible from the game menu
  • Added Map:checkAllEntitiesNoStop() that will iterate over all entities no matter if a result is found
  • Added minor and major demons, beware some are nasty
  • Added new target types (for project): ballbolt, conebolt, ballbeam, conebeam
  • Added one new world artifact
  • Added potions of free action, they are not cheap but they are useful :)
  • Added snakes tiles
  • Added trails to some spells
  • Allow talent category points to be used on known categories, increasing their mastery by 0.1
  • Allow the Static generator defineTile() function to automatically define spots
  • Changed engine version to 0.9.10 (from 1.0.0), your module will not display anymore in the list until you change your init.lua accordingly
  • Changed lua table.sort() function to accept any index as a second parameter, if not a function it will assume the items to sort are tables and sort them by the given index
  • Chat class constructor can be passed a table as a third parameter to provide data to the chat script
  • Chat requests auto stop resting & running
  • Chats & Stores can only be triggered by a player
  • Chat texts revised by ushumgal
  • Corrected some alchemist talent descriptions
  • DebugConsole update
  • Decaying wont destroy artifacts
  • Dialogs now open with a fast "pop" animation (disable-able if needed by modules)
  • Do not show the golem HP if the golem is dead
  • Each achievement now have three versions, one for each difficulty level
  • Effective talent level (computed using mastery value) will be displayed in talent description
  • Factorized module instanciation/savefile loading into Module:instanciate()
  • Fire Alchemy third talent is now "Fire Storm", which finaly makes the tree complete
  • Fix character sheet for controlled summmons
  • Fix description of Stone Wall spell
  • Fixed Bathe in Light
  • Fixed Earth's Eyes
  • Fixed picking up all items with '*'
  • Fixed some zones that were mistakenly non-persistant: Angolwen, Vor/Gorbat/Grushnak/Rak'Shor Prides
  • Fixed typos
  • Fix fire bolt for the Imp summon
  • Fix (maybe ..) Quake talent
  • Fix Nature's Touch and Earth's Eyes
  • Fix online profile dialog size
  • Fix profiles data "leaking" into globals (this fixed the Blood of Life)
  • Fix saving while controlling a creature
  • Fix tooltip on grids hit by the Darkness spell
  • Game engines can also come in archived form in a .teae zip file
  • Greatly improved performance when moving around the map. Map:checkAllEntities() is now much faster, FOV code is also faster
  • Harno, the Herald of Minath Tirith will initiate a dialog if it is already speaking
  • Improved character sheet (displays some more resistances and betetr char dump)
  • Improved the integrated lua profiler (only works when luajit is disabled)
  • Improve handling of activable items
  • Improve savefile save performance
  • Invulnerability prevents drowning
  • It is possible to drop objets on the world map to destroy them
  • Jewelers can now craft special rings on demand
  • Main screen load savefile menu will correctly work for all modules with the keyboard
  • Most ToME NPCs now use distance map to pursue the player
  • New class: Reavers (Corrupter)
  • New :cloneFull() method on all objects, this makes a perfect clone of the given object and any subjects recursively without creting duplicates of subobjects. This is nearly instantaneous and thus could be used to create time travel spells and other neat things.
  • New engine.NameGenerator class
  • New quest: Lost Knowledge
  • New random quests: Escorts, you will find them randomly in some zones
  • New random quest: sometimes you will meet a lost adventurer (of a random class), you can help him by escorting him to a portal, but beware he dies easily. He might reward you for you kindness.
  • New zone: Ithilthum, Valley of the Moon
  • New zone: the High Peak where the final end game battle will take place!
  • New zone: the Slime Tunnels
  • NPCs will "transfer" their targets to their friends in sight if they do not have a target themselves
  • Password will not be displayed onscreen anymore
  • Phase Door & Teleport are now correctly restricted to their own ranges
  • Piercing arrow whot hit twice the same target
  • Probability Travel does not work over no-teleport zones and in the wilderness
  • Progressive teleporation resistance affects NPCs being teleported against their will
  • Projectiles can now leave a trail of particles
  • Resistances in ToME now go from -100 to 100 instead of 0 to 100
  • Right click on a hotkey will delete it
  • Summoned creatures give flying texts when doing damage
  • Talents can be auto cast by melee weapon hit
  • Talents can now require talents to not be known
  • TE4 can now handle multiple versions of the same engine (or even different ones). Engines are located in game/engines and the default one in game/engines/default
  • TE4 main menu will display a "news of the day"
  • Teleport: Angolwen will take you back to the correct worldmap
  • T-Engine can now auto-update itself (as long as it is not an update to the exe) (this is disabled for now, will be activated later)
  • The game is now winnable with 3 possible endings
  • The Shade of Angmar is immune to blindness
  • Tridents & Whips now use the exotic weapons mastery talent, which is hidden by default, will require a quest to unlock
  • Saves can now be made in the background while continuing to play the game. This obviously speeds ups considerably the gameplay since saves now "feel" instant.
  • *WARNING* Module makers: I had to change how savefiles work, there is a few changes needed in your modules for it to work.
    • * In Game.lua: change the Savefile code in saveGame() to be just a call to savefile_pipe:push(game.save_name, "game", game)
    • * In dialogs.Death too
    • * Take a look at either the example module or ToME to see how it works exactly, it's really easy to convert
    • * the Game:tick() method must check for savefile_pipe.saving and return true if it's true (otherwise the save will not continue in the background). Check the example module tick()
    • * In your PlayerDisplay you can add a line like that:if savefile_pipe.saving then h = h + self.font_h self.surface:drawColorStringBlended(self.font, "#YELLOW#Saving...", 0, h, 255, 255, 255) h = h + self.font_h endTo make a graphical display of the background saving thread.
  • Quitting while a save is going one will obviously still wait until it is finished

Have fun!

August 21, 2010
By darkgod - August 21, 2010

Next beta will probably feature an update to ActorFOV that uses the (CPU hungry) FOV calculations to creation distance maps for all actors at a low cost.

A distance map is an in memory map for each actor that stores a value equal to "game.turn + LOS_radius - distance from source".
Since we can compute it with FOV it's nearly free to do so, and we can use it for fun things:

  • Easy pathfinding, just take the value at your coord on your target's distance map, and check all directions for a value higher than yours, if there is, go there. You'll thus "follow the track" of your target, and get lost if it teleports away (which is good)
  • Easy fear: do the same but for lower value and you will naturally flow to unseen areas

This feature is kinda like a follow-by-sent which might not be logical for all monsters though. You could also say it follows tracks left on the ground or something like that.

There will be a new "move_dmap" AI that does just that.

I think I'll use it on most T4 monsters.

Comments, improvements?

August 16, 2010
By darkgod - August 16, 2010

The title says it all ;) Go to or

Have fun!

August 14, 2010
By darkgod - August 14, 2010

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta9 !

Major new feature: online profiles, useful for both the player and the developer, please use them :)

Release highlights:

  • Much balancing and fixes
  • Many new artifacts
  • Online profiles
  • New quest & zones
  • Last of the prides: Gorbat Pride
  • New & nastier monsters

Expanded changelist:

  • Tooltip correctly updates
  • Pyromancer/Cryomancer now have a good class description
  • Archery masteries now have a description of the damage they provide.
  • Fixed targeting if you self-target.
  • Static map generator can now take an entity as {random_filter={...}} to generate a random entity
  • New zone: the Flooded Cave
  • New zone: the Caverns of Osse
  • New random encounter in the far east.
  • Re-adjusted damage of some NPCs
  • Fixed mouse move outside of the map
  • Fixed projectiles outside of the map
  • PlayerProfiles online sync UI is now available! Thanks to shani
  • Various stats for ToME are saved in the profile, artifacts found, uniques killed, characters created and killed
  • Some player profile rpc calls can be asynchronous to not delay gameplay
  • Implemented Body of Fire for alchemy
  • Rewrote ToME archery system, fixing bugs, making it cleaner and more pleasing
  • Improved dialogs drawing code, should be a tad faster
  • No automatic choice at birth even with only one entry
  • Added tridents
  • Display item key when picking up
  • Fixed the EnterName dialog to release keyboard control when cancelled
  • Zone:getGenerator will check the generator exists
  • Greater Multi-Hued Wyrm is more powerful
  • Fixed log display, color will now "bleed" to the next line correctly
  • Increased the penalities of nightmare and insane modes
  • Added a new event at the end of Moria to better link the story
  • Renamed physical/spell/mental resistance to "save"
  • Added silence effects, prevents scroll use, spells and divine talents
  • Added nagas
  • Added disarm effect to some NPCs
  • Increased the rarity of non-native NPCs
  • Divination/Identify now correctly works in a radius
  • Phantasmal Shield now does correct damage
  • Quicken Spell has all ranks useful
  • Tooltip fixed position
  • Fixes giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage
  • Ressource cost in talent display now correctly accounts for fatigue
  • Added a Map.attrs(x, y, k, v) method to store various attributes on the map at x, y in a key 'k'. If 'v' is given it sets it otherwise it gets it. Actor:randomTeleport() wont teleport to places with the no_teleport flag set
  • Fixed the exit of Eruan
  • Orc necromancers have new powers in Rak'Shor Pride
  • Orc blood mages have appeared in Rak'Shor Pride
  • High level NPCs ca have stats over 60
  • Orc corruptors in Rak'Shor Pride
  • Rak'Shor Pride boss is now quite harder
  • New images for the remaining objects!
  • Walls created by Stone Prison are now diggable
  • Added rng.normalFloat() function
  • Fixed equilibrium using NPCs
  • New zone: Gorbat Pride (unfinished but playable)
  • Temporal spell Congeal Time now throws a slow moving bolt that can hit multiple targets
  • Stone Prison walls are diggable
  • Objects can have a "carrier" table field, just like "wielder", that adds properties when carried
  • Added eight new world artifacts
  • The Orbs of Command now grant a stat increase while carried

Have fun!

August 5, 2010
By darkgod - August 5, 2010

No news about the host but everything seems to be fine.

I'll add the * domains too just in case.

August 4, 2010
By darkgod - August 4, 2010


For a few hours now the DNS for does not resolve, making the old ToME2 site, the forum, the wiki and the mailing list unable to be reached.

I have contacted the DNS provider and awaiting an anwser, I will keep you posted.

If this does not resolve (or not fast enough at least) I will setup new subdomains on the domain for the existing services.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it pisses me off to ;)

In the meantime, go play beta8! :>

July 31, 2010
By darkgod - July 31, 2010

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta8 !

Many things got balanced and fixed this release, I will welcome comments! :)

Some internal changes to the engine to make things simpler/easier for module makers, make sure you read the change list.

Release highlights:

  • Much balancing and fixes
  • Images for nearly all objects
  • Many new egos and artifacts
  • Two new "secret" mage subclasses (unlockable)
  • Projectile system
  • New talents for warriors
  • Two new Orc Prides

Expanded changelist:

  • Fix map crash in Angolwen
  • Fix unided ego objects
  • Fix character sheet line feeds
  • Fix Shield Pummel shield attack
  • Fix warriors archery mastery
  • Personal achievements showing up in character dump
  • Tooltips show up over other UI elements
  • Apprentice mage quest does not mistake an Alchemist for an Archmage
  • Talents that have hostile actions will default to hostile targets
  • Generic talents will be displayed as such in the talents screen
  • Fix many alchemist issues
  • Wildfire talent line
  • Ice talent line
  • Golem can be renamed with the Refit Golem talent
  • New physical talent line for warriors: Superiority
  • New physical talent line for warriors: Warcries
  • New Projectile entities, some spells/archery/... use them to make a real projectile that travels the map (very very fast)
  • New ActorProject:projectile() function that works like project() that that creates a projectile
  • Many on hit effects wont trigger if the target is already dead
  • Rebalance and add new powers to Alchemist class
  • Fix game menu mouse/keyboard interaction
  • Add new bow artifact and egos
  • Add new sling egos
  • Add ammo egos
  • New egos: helms
  • New item type: cloth hats (wizard hat)
  • New artifact: Glamdring
  • New egos fors leather caps
  • Allow activable objects to run a talent
  • New egos: charged (prefix), allows to use a random talent, with charges (do not self recharge)
  • Added many new images by Mushroomhermit
  • Resting now gradually improves your life/mana/stamina regen rate, so that it does not affect short restst much but reduces waiting time on long ones
  • New artifact: the Tome of Flames (not available everywhere)
  • Divine/Glyphs are now all projectable to a distance
  • New Entity:getDisplayString() method that returns a string that makes drawColorString* display the entity image inside the text (only works on cards that can do framebuffer objects)
  • Inventory, stores, tooltips, ... now display the image
  • Fixed Sunburst description
  • Most zones can now have all existing NPCs, but non-native ones are rare, to spice things up a little
  • The scribe in Minas Tirith and Gates of Morning and the Staves & Wands store in Angolwen can now recharge charged objects
  • Added multi-hued dragons to the generic set of monsters, beware of the Greater Multi-hued Wyrm .. it is quite nasty
  • Added monster pits to some zones, have .. fun
  • Fix store selling not updating after object identification
  • Moved the cuttle little bunny to be old forest only
  • Can not read scrolls while blinded
  • New zone: Vor Pride
  • The Orc Pride bosses now have the rank of elite boss
  • Most NPCs that have sustainable talents will be created with them active
  • Changed the max life rank adjusting formula, this should result in more life for all actors at high level, specialy for bosses
  • Changed[1] and level.downs[1] to level.default_up and level.default_down. You must update your module, probably in Game:changeLevel().
  • New engine interface PlayerMouse, this handles the default mouse actions, so that modules can easily implent them. You are encouraged to switch to use it.
  • New engine interface GameTargeting, this handles all the complex targeting code for you. You are encouraged to switch to use it.
  • Updated both ToME and example module to the new interfaces
  • Example module now uses display strings and shows a tooltip for Grids
  • Example module now comes with both talent & actor seen display enabled
  • Do not compute FOV when blind
  • Stealth now works correctly for monsters
  • Improve faction function descriptions (yufra)
  • Fixed levelup stats to not take into account equipment
  • Redesigned how NPCs in ToME get rarity, this affects most zones
  • Added some more orcs
  • New zone: Grushnak Pride (THIS IS A TEST, the zone is not completly done)

Have fun!

July 14, 2010
By darkgod - July 14, 2010

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta7 !

Maybe a bit less stuff in this release because the rebalancing of class/generic talents and the Alchemist class took much much time, but it's all for the best!

I am going for a week and I did not want my fellow players/testers to miss the alchemists!

Release highlights:

  • Much balancing and fixes
  • Screen UI change
  • New Class: Alchemists (base, no unlock needed), infuse mana in gems to throw them like bombs, control your golem and harness the true power of your staff!

Expanded changelist:

  • Check encumberance upon strength change
  • Changed left side panel, shows less useless info, shows current effects, displays minimap
  • Fixed a bug with negative weapon power
  • Begin turning easy mode into a tutorial, not done yet, disabled
  • Fixed stores
  • Fixed Get Quantity prompt
  • Weapon training talents now tell what effect they have
  • Fixed anaconda rank (no it's not an elite boss!)
  • Left mouse drag does not move the player
  • Renamed talents to "class talents" and skills to "generic talents"
  • Restored 3 stats points, 2 class talent points and 1 generic talent point at birth
  • Tweaked a lot of talents to switch between class/generic
  • Tweaked a lot of classes have a better balance of class/generic talents
  • Replaced 2handed weapon talent "Crush" with "Blood Frenzy"
  • Fixed ranged defense stat to affect ranged attacks instead of melee ones
  • Remove out of focus sleeping mode to prevent the dreaded black screen bug
  • Increased exp curve
  • Health talent requires more CON
  • NPCs get some random resists as they levelup
  • Reduced Feather Wind defense bonus
  • PlayerRest interface can now be used to rest for various events
  • Fix Sun Flare damage
  • Resizing the window does not make mouse movement bug
  • Fyrk got more life
  • Staves do elemental damage
  • resolvers.rngtable{} added
  • If actors die from a DOT they wont act upon their death
  • Zone:makeEntity() now can accept a fifth parameter, if true it will filter by generating a probability table with the filter, this way there is no possibility of not getting an item that is possible to get
  • Rings of invisibility and amulets of telepathy now have a cost to using them
  • Sanity checks to level generators, thanks shoob
  • New class: ActorsSeenDisplay, it displays a list of currently seen actors
  • Tab will now switch between hotkey & actors seen display
  • Resting in water will fail if the player has no water breathing
  • Many character dump improvments by shani
  • New class: Alchemists, mage subclass, available from start
  • Note in the UseTalent dialog which talents are currently sustained
  • Fixed kinetic (now phase), of deflection, .. type of egos to not erase the previous stat of the object but add to it
  • All bosses are immmune to instant kill abilities
  • Bad shaders should not crash the engine, just not work

Have fun!

July 10, 2010
By darkgod - July 10, 2010

Coming next beta, the Alchemist class.

They can infuse raw mana inside gems and throw them like bombs, have a permanent golem companion, can use their staff better than anybody else (and at range!)

Here is a small example of an alchemist throwing out a lightning bomb: