December 20, 2011
By darkgod - December 20, 2011

One year ago I put up the donation feature on to get a little "return on investment" as managers would say :)
Well it turns out this worked quite well, as for the first birthday I can proudly say there was over 3500 euros of donations to ToME4!

Over the time the feature evolved a bit, being integrated into the game and having a few special features to thank donators.

Some of this money was donated back to Shockbolt for the amazing work he does on the graphics and some is for paying the server.

To sum it up, what a wild ride this last few days: currently running strong in the roguelike of the year contest, reaching 10000 days of playtime and now 3500euros of donations!

I want to thank all the players for their support, all the people that contributed ideas, bug reports, code, sounds and overhaul much fun!

PS: I am in the process of buying a house, so yes, any money I can get will get me closer to that goal join the "buy-darkgod-a-house" campaign ! :)

December 19, 2011
By darkgod - December 19, 2011

As of this post the cumulated playtime of ToME4 as recorded by online profiles is of 10014 days 11 hours 24 minutes!

That represents about 27 years and a half of ToME4 play!
The playtime counter started around one yaer and a half and has been accelerating ever since.

I wish to thank all the players around the world that dare find this game fun enough to continuously play it and even donate money to it.

It is now just a bit over two years since I wrote the first line of code for TE4, I am always amazed at the number of people that gathered around this new game in such a small time.

Again thank you all, have fun and happy new year/merry christmas/whatever floats your boat :)

December 13, 2011
By darkgod - December 13, 2011

It's this time of the year again, the grand roguelike poll to elect the roguelike of the year is now open!

If you like ToME4, please take a few seconds to vote for it at

Thanks, and have fun playing & dying in Eyal!

December 7, 2011
By darkgod - December 7, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta36 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many important bugfixes
  • Easier transmogrification
  • Saves can negate an effect completly again

Expanded changelist:

  • Fix knife&exotic masteries
  • New achievement for saving Derth without a single derht inhabitant dying
  • Fixed Waters of Life
  • Fixed Relentless Pursuit
  • Fixed psionic Focus tree
  • Fixed Shatter
  • Infusion/Rune saturation doesnt prevent resting
  • Moddable tiles boots appear behind the robe, not over it
  • Fixes psionic randbosses
  • Fixes Arena bosses
  • Fixed mind damage cross tier effects
  • Cursed Touch unlearn TL 5 now works
  • Curse of Madness correctly reduces confusion
  • Fix Fearscape
  • Fix Beckoned
  • Trying to rest with foes in sight will not spend a turn
  • Learning the lost knowledge in Yillkgur library is still slow, but there is a progressbar! :)
  • Correctly compute encumbrance
  • Saves can again shrug off an effect completly, in addition to the duration reduction
  • Nerfed Brotoq, his version of Skullcleaver can not proc greater weapon focus
  • Nerfed Half Finished Bone Giant
  • Once the transmogrification chest has been found once, all new characters will start with it from birth
  • Leaving the level to regen while the other levels are "frozen" should work much less well (also known as stairscumming)
  • Fixed giving the staff of absorption in last hope even when it is cursed
  • Gem Portal cooldown is now reduced by talent level. Also it wont enter cooldown if not moved
  • Icy Skin now scales with Willpower
  • Bone Nova correctly refunds Vim on kill
  • Addons are now validated just as the main module
  • Disruption Shield changed. Now takes no turn to cast, costs less sustain mana, the explosion is now an arcane storm for 10 turns dealing 10% damage each turn. While in the arcane storm the caster gets an arcance resistance buff
  • Addons show up in the online charsheets
  • Blinding Spores duration is now kept in check
  • Fix Void Echoes
  • Negative price items should not appear in stores
  • Healing talents are disabled while frozen (this does not change anything it will just make how frozen works more obvious)
  • Maybe finally fixed disappearing zones; please keep your eyes open
  • Fixed tutorials
  • While frozen teleport spells are unusable (they were before but player could lose turn trying to use them)
  • Fixed dual wield trick abuse
  • Ctrl-compate works again
  • See invisible & See stealth now works the the old "checkHit", because stealth & invis are not 100-scaled
  • Attacking stealthed/invisible creatures now uses a normal hit check and then adds a random 33% chance to hit
  • Mummified Egg-sac of Ungole summons are now working with Summoner's talents, summon control can affect them, they gain passives from the user and such
  • Unlearning Vile Poisons will unsustain lost poisons
  • Avoid avoidable ambush immediately after new target is attained when autoexploring
  • Explore more efficiently by inferring likely wall tiles when autoexploring
  • If autoexplore is stopped on the way to an exit (such as by a trap), then it will still go that target when AE is initiated again
  • When autoexploring don't go to items that the player dropped
  • Terrors from Curse of Nightmare do not spam "levelup" when appearing
  • Fixed removing talents while knowing later talents

Have fun!

November 22, 2011
By darkgod - November 22, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta35 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Big overhaul of the saves system
  • Many improvements to Cursed, Doomed, Summoner, Wyrmic, Paradox Mage, Temporal Warden and Brawler classes
  • New inventory UI; transmogrification chest merges with it once acquired
  • Many new sounds & effects
  • Autoexplore !
  • Yeeks finally get to se Irkkk
  • More rows of talent icons are available in the options
  • Addons support (example addon here: )

Expanded changelist:

  • Changed the blue of recurring donators to an other blue
  • All timed effects are now grouped in one of four categories: physical, mental, magical or other, making it more obvious which save works with each. "Other" timed effects can never be reduced/removed/altered
  • Psi, paradox, and unarmed combat should show up in the vault now
  • Reduced scaling on Fade from Time and Haste
  • All timed effects now have a subtype
  • Moved many timed effects into more logical types (many rage effects are now mental for instance, burning is physical, etc.), players should double check timed effects to learn the new system
  • Body Reversion now only removes physical effects
  • Timeless and Providence no longer remove saturation effects (since these were moved to other)
  • Fixed Darkest Light no damage bug
  • Starting characters will now have a wild infusion that clears all physical effects rather then just poison (poison is now a physical effect with a poison subtype)
  • Bows & Slings are only equipable for people with the Shoot talent
  • Fixed various loopholes in the laws of spacetime
  • Timed effect subtypes now use a table and can have more then one subtype
  • Crushing hold and strangle hold will no longer deal damage if the source is dead
  • Smooth fov shadows now work even with framebuffers disabled
  • Fixed golem eye beam and arcane combat causing a game freeze when actor is frozen
  • Fixed a few rush-like talents when activated adjacent to the target
  • Big overhaul of the Cursed/Doomed classes
  • Rewrote the generic tree Conditioning
  • Rethread now can stun instead of daze
  • Reduced Quantum Spike talent level on Ultimate Teluvorta
  • Revision will now transport the player to the past immediately instead of at the end of the turn
  • Grapples will now break when the attackers stamina gets to low to pay the stamina cost
  • Spacetime Tuning is now a beneficial effect (so it can be used correctly by skeletons and other actors with detremintal effect duration reduction)
  • Water wall digs into water floor
  • Entering the last level of the dark crypt has a painted lore
  • Fix hands going through the shield in the moddable tiles
  • Setting leash anchor for party members will not prompt a "are you sure" dialog when self targetting
  • Brawlers have given up their quiet ways and will now make the same combat sounds everyone else does
  • Healing flyers are only shown when seen
  • Berserkers are the first class in the warrior's list, instead of fighters
  • Logfile should correctly flush when using --flush-stdout on windows
  • Fateful Aura tree does not grant a hate bar
  • Talents learnt from external sources (like cursed touch, resolve, escort rewards, ...) are not respec-able
  • Iron Mail fo Bloodletting now gives a healing mod bonus
  • Spiderweb now has a tile
  • Updated some gfx tiles
  • Can not teleport out of the south derth arena
  • Typos
  • Removed all egos with negative life regen
  • High level trees are not learnable until they can be usefull to the player
  • Activable items do not say they use 0 turns even if the talent they use does. Activated items always use a turn
  • Last Hope mausoleum is now denoted with a quest
  • Renamed Fighter to Bulwark, to make it very clear to new players that the fighter is not the "classic" dumb "bump until it dies" class (which really does not exist in ToME)
  • Ring of the War Master provides a bonus to Thuggery
  • Use item in the inventory screen will notify that it is impossible to use items without wearing them (when appropriate)
  • Clicking on columns in inventory window should work
  • When frozen effect is broken by damage it is removed only on turn end, meaning the player can never hit himself trying to destroy the iceblock
  • Anomaly damage now has a damage cap
  • Removed the anomalies that reduce and increase paradox
  • Static History will now only prevent failures (and not backfires or anomalies)
  • Flameshock is now a stun effect; damage over time increased
  • Rebalanced some effect immunity egos
  • Garkul Helm and Garkul Teeth are now a set
  • Life leech on negative HP creatures will not work
  • Reworked some immunity artifacts
  • New temporal damage death messages
  • Athamaton is now considered an Elite Boss
  • Celerity is now passive
  • Many chronomancy sustain costs adjusted
  • Darkest Light will no longer give energy at higher talent levels
  • Frenzy should be less rediculous at extreme talent levels
  • Rewrote the 'Chronomancy' tree
  • Paradox Mastery will no longer give a bonus to Static History paradox reduction
  • Static History is now a class talent in the timetravel tree
  • Borrowed Time and Door to the Past have been removed
  • New Timetravel talent, Temporal Reprieve (buffed version of the old version)
  • Spacetime Weaving now requires willpower so it should be more accessable to Temporal Wardens
  • Haste no longer gives casting speed but has an interesting on move effect
  • Gather the Threads now boosts spellpower instead of damage (note that it will break before a sustain is cast to prevent abuse)
  • Ritch Tunnels shouldnt spawn high level ritches
  • Big saves overhaul:
    • Display change: Combat stats(Accuracy, Spellpower, Mindpower, Physical power) and Saves (Defense, Spell save, Mental save, Physical save) are now computed on a O to 100 scale, split in 5 tiers. In each tier it takes more points to upgrade. So if you have 22 spellpower and wear a new item granting +2 spellpower you only get up to 23 spellpower. *This does NOT change the damage you are doing since a similar scale was applied to damage done in previous betas*
    • Saves now reduce the duration of timed effects
    • When a creature is hit by a special effect from a creature whose combat stat is in a tier over the target's save tier it triggers a "cross tier effect"
    • Cross tier effects are dependant on the nature of the effet. A powerful knockback will set a target offbalance, a terrible mind attack will brainlock the target, a overpowering spell will spellshock the target
    • Tooltips show both combat stats & saves for all creature
  • Added 25 more rooms
  • Reduced Rush cost
  • Spell Shaping becomes Spellcraft, a sustain that keeps the old effects and adds a chance to cause spellshock on spell damage
  • New temporal spiderkin
  • Wild Growth infusion now does damage based on Mindpower
  • Necrotic Minions will decay if their Necromancer is dead
  • New temporal spiderkin
  • Overhaul of the equip/inventory screen, with visual equipment doll, drag&drop, inventory tabs
  • The few non-unlearnable talents can not be unlearnt event at birth
  • Vim correctly refunds when killing foes with a Vim using talent in all cases
  • Bloodbath will not increase the stamina loss of Blood Frenzy
  • Brawler grappling and discipline talents will now use Physical Power instead of strength for damage calculations
  • Unarmed Mastery now improves damage on grapples and kicks too
  • Double Strike no longer has a stamina cost
  • Double Strike will now autocast on 'bump' if it's off cooldown and the character is in Striking Stance
  • Relentless Strikes stamina increase reduced
  • Rebalanced Rethread (increased cooldown, reduced paradox cost, reduced paradox gain)
  • Terrain tooltip's improved to provide various useful info (diggable, breathable, teleport, blocks sight/move)
  • Titanic shield now also improves armour hardiness
  • Binding/Crown of the Eternal Night will not let people stay undead after removing them
  • NPCs will not use Body of Stone because they are too dumb to use it well
  • Perhaps fixed items usable without wearing them
  • Curse of the Meek rabits stay for two more turns and have 70% chance to grant a soul but killing them yourself never grants a soul
  • Rigor Mortis lasts a bit less
  • Frantic Summoning now is a timed effect that allows fail-less summons with faster casts. It also resets a random summon cooldown on activation
  • Using a hotkeyed item will first try to activate it and if not possible wear it
  • Clarified damage on hit/when hit in tooltips
  • Give gorbat orc summoners a shoot talent to go along their sling
  • More fun damage type death messages
  • Removed debug prints from tactical AI
  • Marauders start with armour training(1) and an iron helm
  • Atamathon will always drop some plain voratun rings/amulets
  • Temporal rift portal provides a warning
  • New lore: The Tale of the Moonsisters
  • Allied kingdoms calendar adjusted to include the Time of Balance and the Time of Equilibrium, located between the Summertide and the Wintertide, when both moons can be faintly seen on the opposing horizons
  • Store buy/sell is logged
  • Fix disappearing mark of the spellblaze & a few others
  • Fix crash when leaving the endgame zone
  • Only new talent start on cooldown when learnt, not existing ones
  • Status effects are now shown as icons, just like talents
  • Zigur can not be seen by undeads
  • It is possible to recall from the thieves tunnels
  • Gates of Morning rune shop now stocks .. runes
  • Undeads can now take on the celestial classes
  • Many new & redone sounds
  • Updated some NPCs tiles
  • Added ambient sounds to the trollmire and the old forest
  • Trolls, bears, treants got their own sounds
  • Swarms/bees, wolves/foxes, jellies/oozes, ants got sounds
  • game:playSound() can now take a second parameter to speficy the 3D position of the sound
  • Sounds made by talents, creatures, ... are now placed in space, the further they are the quieter they are and they are played in 2D (not just stereo)
  • Fixed character sheet and Relentless Pursuit text to reflect duration reduction changes
  • Made resource leeching weapon-only
  • Updated some talent descriptions with the new physical power
  • Nerfed Subject Z a tad and buffer Yeek Wayist a tad
  • Creatures should try to use sun infusion more smartly (smart ones at least)
  • Talent propjectile speed is always correctly used
  • New option to not learn talents at birth
  • New aggressive/passive mode, toggle with the icon or with key 'b'. Ctrl+direction allows for attack in passive more (all keybindable obviously)
  • Summons now use the faction/personnal reaction of their summoner
  • Harmony should have the correct mastery even for people that had worn an amulet of harmony
  • Reworked Fateful Aura talent tree into Cursed Aura.
  • Added inc_damage_actor_type to increase damage against a specific type of actor (undead, etc).
  • Added resists_actor_type and resists_cap_actor_type to resist damage from a specific type of actor (undead, etc).
  • Added player.money_value_multiplier that multiplies the money value of gold piles.
  • Pity talent breaks like stealth (combat/activated talent).
  • Feed Strengths has no effect on 'all' resists.
  • Fixed Surge talent to use the right stat requirement.
  • Reduced Knockback of Willful Strike and Blast.
  • Fixed Displace targeting bug.
  • Reduced Slash healing factor reduction.
  • Changed Cursed talent descriptions to display level differences better.
  • Changed Dominate talent description to mention that you attack the target after activating.
  • Change Gloom and Madness stunning affect to act like stun instead of paralyze.
  • New gfx effect for Inferno
  • A few artifacts (golden sword, robe of the archmage, mummy wrappings) got special player doll tiles
  • New engine.ui.EquipDoll class
  • Rod of Recall and Transmogrification Chest can not be dropped
  • Overhauled transmogrification chest:
    • A new inventory tabs appears for the chest
    • All items are automatically pickedup and put in the chest
    • Items in the chest are weightless
    • You can still transmogrify from the inventory menu
    • When you leave the current level all items in the chest are transmogrified automatically
    • In the inventory chest tab you can move an item out of the chest, it will then act as any other item, with an encumberance and be useable (and will not be transmogrified)
  • Step Up gives movement speed instead of global speed
  • Fix Worm Rot
  • LOS/FOV code fixes & speed updates
  • Talents bound to "left- and middle-click on target" no longer work on unseen (i.e., invisible) actors.
  • Location of unseen (i.e., invisible) actors may not be inferred from targeting highlights.
  • Targeting highlights now show how a targeting path is blocked when blocked by a corner of an adjacent obstructed tile.
  • Split inventory handling into engine.ui.Inventory
  • Movement Infusion and Lightning Speed now increase movement speed
  • Time Prison now completly removes the target from the timeflow, no turns will pass for it (no cooldowns, regen, ... will happen)
  • Fix the 4th hotkey page
  • Tidal Wave knockback is correctly centered on the effect, not the caster
  • Getting a detrimental status effect stops resting/running
  • Create Minion is now directed, so you can always try to stay behind those skeleton mages
  • Slime Roots can not reset talent cooldowns
  • Buffed Rage
  • Summoner's Detonate now works on all summons
  • Grand Corruptor will not offer the Zigur attack quest in the ID
  • Auto Explore! Press z (or rebind it) and your character will try to explore all unseen space in the level. For now this is a ToME feature but it'll be backported to the engine
  • Hotkeys settings are now correctly saved, both globaly and per race/class
  • Movement mode (attack or not) is now per-actor
  • New better statues, palm trees and burnt trees tiles
  • Naga Portals got a super awesome particles animation
  • Better statues in the Iron Council
  • Less monotonous ground in the Mark of the Spellblaze
  • The Yeek Wayist town Irkkk is now visitable (not much to see yet though)
  • Ctrl+V is supported in the debug console
  • Irkkk got stores!
  • The Island of Rel now looks more junglish
  • New Summoning Advanced tree for summoners
  • Doomed class updated to be a fully mind based class, using mindpower to power its talents.
  • Doomed lost the Primal Magic tree and gained the Gestures tree
  • The Master will not drop the staff of absorption in the ID
  • You can only switch places if the destination tile of both creatures is passable for them
  • Creatures lifebar is color coded
  • Two new game options to control the number of rows in the icons toolbar and the size of those icons. Yes you can now see all your hotkeys at once if you wish!
  • Added a fifth hotkey bar. 60 keybinds should be enough for everybody! :)
  • Fix items granting mastery levels
  • Character Sheet right map click option renamed to Inspect Creature, it now works any any target
  • Yeek Mindslayers summoned by the Wayist talent now have a custom tile
  • Blood Sacrifice changed into Bloodcasting
  • When a necrotic minion dies from being outside your necrotic aura, it can sometimes do an emote
  • All talents now have tactiacl infos about the damage type they do so that the tactical AI can choose accordingly to target's resistances
  • New tactical AI info: CURE, so it can know when to try to remove bad effects
  • Hooks system added so that addons do their addon things
  • Tutorial is now a special button in the birth UI, and both the basic and the stats tutorial are availavble
  • Inspect Creature will also show talents
  • Wild Infusions now always cure "cross-tier" effects
  • Yeeks now start in their hometown
  • Wyrmics now start with both two handed and weapon&shield offensive trees; with increased masteries
  • Ice Claw does ice damage at level 4
  • All talents in the cold/storm/fire drake trees increase their respective resistance by 1%, passively.
  • All talents in the sand drake tree increase physical resistance by 0.5%, passively.
  • New lightning breath particle effect
  • Increased the damage of Tornado
  • Static Field now works even on elites and bosses, but at a somewhat reduced effect
  • Ice Wall now makes a line of ice walls, tangent to the projection line
  • Custom physfs "archiver" to bind mounted trees into other mounted trees
  • Support for compressed addons in .teaa files

Have fun!

November 21, 2011
By darkgod - November 21, 2011

In about eleven months of the donation system existence today we passed the mark of the 3000€ of donations!
There is also now a handful of recurring donators.

I just wanted to tell you how important this is to me, it shows to me that people think the game is good and they wish to see it go further. And it *will*!

Also, some of the money was donated back to Shockbolt who did (and is still doing) an amazing job with the tiles & graphics.

So to all the donators, a big thank you!
And to all the other players, also thank you for your kind words, ideas, code, ... this is also extremely important.

Soon 2011 will end and I can tell you, 2012 will see the first non-beta release!

September 17, 2011
By darkgod - September 17, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta34 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


This is a bugfix/balance release.


Release highlights:

  • Fixes the dreaded wilderness/map change crash bug
  • Fixes the smooth shadow "jittering" when moving fast
  • Fixes keyboard handling
  • Many smaller fixes
  • Talents respec! Kinda!

Expanded changelist:

  • Unfocused dialogs will not darken anymore, it was just annoying
  • Ghouls correctly get their speed penality
  • Added a fourth page of hotkeys bringing the total to 48
  • Arcane Eye correctly requires level 4 to track
  • Updated keyboard handling, should not double trigger anymore
  • Textbox/Numberbox should correctly work with movement keys
  • Donators names now appear in green or blue (for recurring donators) in the ingame chat
  • Winning as an alchemist by self sacrifice will correctly record the win
  • Perhaps fix wilderness map going bonkers
  • Assassin Lord should not pop on level 1 and always on level 2
  • Limited talents respeccing available: The last 4 class and 3 generic talent points you spent are always reassignable (unless they are on a special talent like imbue item to prevent abuse). Birth talents are also respeccable on birth this way.
  • First half of the big LOS/FOV update:
    • FoV no longer improperly peeks around blocked corners
    • LoS is now equivalent to FoV
    • "Smart" LoS: if you can see it, you can target and project to it
    • FoV has a permissiveness setting that can be set for each level
    • Distance metrics are now consistent for FoV, AoE, and talent ranges (defaults to rounded circle)
    • fov_beam_any_angle function now uses "dx", "dy" as input instead of "angle"
  • Fix weird health bars
  • Extract Gem now works on high end stuff even in low level zones
  • Buffed the Void Star
  • Fixed cursed items
  • Fix Arena start under some circumstances
  • Adjusted anomaly damage scaling
  • Chronomancy 'teleport' spells now behave similarly to other teleport spells
  • Anomaly swap should no longer be able to swap players into vaults
  • Spacetime mastery hit bonus fixed
  • Adjusted static history scaling
  • Fixed Forgery of Haze
  • Fix Ambush
  • Going East will keep our friends with you
  • Fix attack runes cooldowns
  • Fix Epoch fight
  • Alchemist Gems can not become cursed
  • Learning combat training on the golem from an escort wont lower his (hidden) mastery
  • Golem Pound does not affect the alchemist
  • Locked doors have a padlock on them
  • Ruined dungeon and Arena unlock locked doors have tiles
  • Fix text lines on very large screens
  • Fix bug when doing "New Game" after doing "Load Game"
  • ObjectActivable:useObject changed to return a table, objects implementation using use_simple or use_power must thus return a table too
  • Fixed using object turn-usage. Turn will be spend when the target is selected only
  • Reduced the duration of Blinding Spores
  • Wintertide Phial now has an activation
  • Buffed the Murderblade damage and added an Frenzy proc
  • Skullcleaver drains life
  • Fearscape and Flame of Urh'Rok correctly interact
  • Fearscape icon fixed
  • Lure time increases with talent level
  • Summoners can make their minotaur drop their weapon
  • Fix projectiles in flight from actors that died using Cease to Exist
  • Elementals are now stun/blind/confusion/knockback immune
  • Crown/Bindings of the Eternal Night correctly work after a save/reload
  • Fix Celia being brought to the Fearscape
  • Fix Volcano when save/reloading
  • Reavers's Ruin talent now also heals them for each hit they do
  • FOV/LOS shape can now be altered by modules using a simple: core.fov.set_vision_shape("circle") . The parameter can be one of "circle", "circle_floor", "circle_ceil", "circle_plus1", "diamond", "octagon", "square"
  • The Rod of Recall can be used again to stop recalling
  • Vampiric Gift provides a bit less healing
  • Black Robe procs reduced
  • Chat filter options are now correctly saved when changed
  • Chat log dialog will not scroll on new messages if not at the bottom
  • Inventory window encumberance title changes color the closer you get to overburned
  • Learning a talent triggers its cooldown (except on birth)
  • Fixed the shadows "jittering" when quickly moving around with smooth shadows
  • Negative fatigue is not possible for psi
  • Screenshots works in dialogs & targetting mode too
  • Reseted keybinds, this should be the last time, hopefully
  • Reaver's Ruin talent damage is computed on the fly so that Bloodlust can affect it
  • When the There and back again quest is done Zemekys home closes (since he gets out)
  • Fixed random crash on changing levels
  • Paradox Mage in the "The Way We Weren't" quest can not self resurrect even if the player could
  • Vox correctly states it increases vim
  • Inventory title bar (in Metal UI) fills up with a special color to represent encumberance
  • Fixed psi tooltip
  • Augmentation, Beyond the Flesh, and Quicker than Thought are now instant cast
  • Projection Mastery and Absorption Mastery now have whole-number cooldowns
  • Psi Archery talents now properly disallow sling use.
  • Mindhook inflicts a 1-turn daze
  • Reshape Armor buffed and description fixed
  • Clarified Shattering Charge description
  • Quicker than Thought now properly grants 20% movement speed per talent level
  • Eldritch Blow and Eldritch Fury no longer produce errors when used without a shield
  • Eldritch Fury can now properly daze
  • Golem Crush now correctly checks the target's susceptibility to pin instead of stun
  • Invisibility and Darkest Light reduce your damage output while invisible
  • Invisibility drains less mana
  • Invisibility Runes do not have charges anymore but prevent healing while active and reduce damage output
  • Removed speed runes
  • Made horror talent descriptions clearer
  • Anomalies now reduce paradox when they occur depending on the cost of the talent that triggered them (the anomaly that does damage to spacetime still exists however)
  • Anomalies are now called before failure checks so the player can't hit a point where it's impossible to trigger an anomaly
  • Rethread and Gather the Threads now have mechanics to reduce paradox
  • Energy Decompositoin description clarified
  • Brawler birth description clarified
  • On birth all talents are respecable
  • Rebalanced Epoch
  • Various chronomancy fixes

Have fun!

September 16, 2011
By darkgod - September 16, 2011

The screenshots page has been updated with much more recent screenshots!

Do not hesitate to submit yours on the forum.


PS: Reminder to players, you can screenshot ingame now! (check the keybind)

September 8, 2011
By darkgod - September 8, 2011

The OSX build is now available at !

Have fun fellow OSX people

September 7, 2011
By darkgod - September 7, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta33 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


This is a quick bugfix release, please upgrade it as some vital fixes.


Release highlights:

  • Fixes a bug which prevented Dreadfell from loading
  • New "metal" UI
  • Multiple smaller fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • New default UI: "Metal"
  • Fix Vampiric Gift mana cost
  • Load Savefile dialgo is easier to use to delete
  • Celia's mausoleum cracks more
  • Shift/Control do not switch icon toolbar anymore (still do with the text one as it makes more sense)
  • Stores in ASCII mode are more clearly visible
  • Running tries to avoid water
  • Paradox fail, anomaly, and backfire calculations now take into the account the cost of the talent being used
  • Fatigue penalties for paradox spells doubled
  • See the Threads is now instant cast and costs less paradox
  • Precognition duration extended
  • Mutually exclusive paradox talents now say they can't be used at the same time
  • Targeted chronomancy teleportation effects can now backfire (leaving the caster standing one tile away)
  • Fixed the stealth equip bug
  • Fixed the border on Temporal Clone and made it a 'hit' talent
  • Ambuscade can not be used to duplicate items
  • Fixed quick entering/leaving a town for the first time borking the stores
  • Fixed a profile bug that prevented some people from joining in
  • Typos
  • Emote graphics updated to not suck
  • Fix Worm that walks bug
  • Fix Ambuscade bug
  • Updated tooltip graphics
  • Boss of the shadow crypt now can drop a related new artifact: Life Drinker
  • Fix Golem Pound
  • Update physfs to 2.0.2, fixing the "missing" dreadfell bug
  • Lost merchant quest works more like normal zones (code changes)
  • Fix a bug with View Highscore
  • Picking up when no objects are on the floor does not loose a turn

Have fun!