September 4, 2011
By darkgod - September 4, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta32 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


This release is *huge*, it features many balances & new things but also change some low level things.

Display code switched to SDL1.3, keybinds had to be reset for it, so make sure you check your bindings.


Release highlights:

  • New classes: Necromancer and Marauder
  • Improved classes: Shadowblade, Summoner, Cursed/Doomed, Chronomancers, Alchemist, Mindslayer, Rogue
  • Talent icons: all talents now have an icon and the hotkeys bar uses them
  • Introduction of real (and easy to make) item sets
  • Local scores
  • Loading/progress bars along with a nice painted background
  • Many new painted lore
  • All stores and all artifacts now have a tile
  • New zones: Slazish Fens, Last Hope Graveyard, special non-random exploratory farportal zone
  • Sunpaladins and Anorithil have their own starting quest; starting in the far east and explaining why they get to Maj'Eyal
  • Trollmire now has a road going through it, making navigation easier
  • Game loading speed should be much improved (only when using the official releases which package the code in a special way)
  • "Exploration" mode for Donators: infinite lives
  • Multiple new or improved artifacts, some of which are sets
  • New tilesets: Cave, Rift

Expanded changelist:

  • Invisibility screen effect made a bit less annoying
  • New achievement: Bad Driver
  • Character Sheet will display the current active party member
  • Alchemists talents that pop an inventory screen now wait until the inventory is closed (and action is done) to consume turn/ressource/cooldowns
  • Added tile for Zemekkys and Meranas
  • Display talent icons in use/gain talent screens
  • Fixed a bug which made activate egos recharge too fast
  • Fool of a Took achievement correctly triggers
  • Fix red crystal resistance
  • Fix Poison Gas Trap when saving/reloading
  • Object that can be activated for a talent have a better description
  • Cursed Touch starts with about 30% chance to curse an item.
  • Extra points in Cursed Touch increase the chance up to 90%. Invest in this to make cursed items easier to find if you want to invest in curses.
  • Cursed can wield both axes or cursed items with their talents.
  • Replaced Grim Craft with an activated talent: Cursed Sentry. Animate a cursed weapon and toss it to a spot. It will fight for you for a while before turning to dust. This has no hate cost but does consume the weapon.
  • Cursed items get 1 bad curse effect and either 1 beneficial Dark Gift effect or 1 Vengeful Blessing effect
  • Curses are either minor or major; The chance of major curses improves with points invested.
  • Like egos: curses, gifts and blessings have names. They are displayed in the item description. For example: "curse of clumbsiness, blessing of whispers"
  • Paradox Mages now start with Dimensional Step and Time Skip
  • Chronomancy tree reordered
  • Energy tree reordered and revised
  • Gravity tree reordered and revised
  • Matter tree revised
  • Speed Control tree revised
  • Timetravel tree reordered
  • Reduced cooldowns and sustain costs on many chronomancy talents
  • Most Gravity spells now deal bonus damage to pinned actors
  • Body Reversion no longer removes 'other' timed effects
  • Probability Weaving and Paradox Mastery are now passive
  • Probability Weaving now improves luck and spellpower
  • Static History moved to Chronomancy tree
  • Deja Vu, Entropy, and Temporal Reprieve removed
  • New Talent Energy Absorption
  • Energy Decomposition is now a 'magical armor' sustain
  • Redux is now an effect that allows you to 'double cast' your next activated spell
  • Repulsion Shield renamed Repulsion Field and works as a knock back aura
  • Calcify replaced with a new talent Destabilize
  • Quantum Spike damage improved; also does bonus damage to Destabilized actors
  • Two new Spacetime Weaving Talents; Banish and Spacetime Mastery
  • Stop now deals temporal damage in addition to the stun effect
  • Haste now gives a slight casting speed bonues as well as its old global speed boost
  • Time Skip now Time Prisons the target rather then removing the actor
  • Temporal Wake damage improved and a small stun effect added
  • Fixed chronomancy cone particles
  • Fixed Slime tileset farportals
  • *IMPORTANT* Updated SDL to 1.3, you need to get it for your platform if you build from source
  • Mouse pointer is now hardware rendered, removing cursor lag even at low FPS
  • Keybinds are updated to use scancodes which are layout independant, existing key bind settings will be wiped; please redo them as needed
  • Hotkeys are now displayed as icons on the bottom of the screen
  • Drag'n'Drop support in the mouse engine code
  • Hotkey icons can now be dragged along the bar for easy reassignment
  • Talents can be dragged from the use talents window into the hotkeys
  • Items can be dragged from the inventory window into the hotkeys
  • New awesome shadow simulacrum gfx effect
  • Gamma correction is handled by a fullscreen shader if the GFX card can do shaders
  • Updated boot menu with new tiles
  • Replaced Warper summon with the Rimebark, an immovable treant-like summon that is permanently surrounded by a furious ice storm
  • Replaced Suppress Summoning by Frantic Summoning allowing much faster summoning at a cost
  • Fixed crystal focus
  • Talents that do a main and off hand attack correctly handle offhand penalty
  • Low levels of the Infinite Dungeon do not all have random bosses
  • Fix mold vault
  • Equilibrium regenerates correctly from hats of absorption when hit by archery
  • New backup guardian in the Deep Bellow, also concluding rolf & weisman story arc
  • New framework for item sets, check out set_list, on_set_complete and on_set_broken properties on Moon & Star
  • New backup guardian in the scintillating caves
  • Fix ice to cold resistance on some arena boss
  • Fixed skeleton rat and arena gates tiles
  • Restricted Daikara escorts to prevent problems with temporal wardens quest
  • Shadow Combat now scales with spellpower
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes refusing to appear
  • Added an option to set scroll distance. Set it high enough and you get always centered scrolling
  • Autotargetting will try to not default to a friendly target for attack talents
  • Fixed unlock dialog popup, it will appear again (it was only a display bug, unlocks were saved)
  • Fixed donations popup
  • Savefiles now include a screenshot of the current situation that is displyed in savefiles list
  • Savefiles are now ordered by last play time
  • PrintScreen key now takes a screenshot (for modules: game:saveScreenshot() and keybind SCREENSHOT)
  • Swallow now works on bosses that have 5% or less life left, making the Huge Appettite achievement possible (but hard)
  • The thieves in the lost merchant quest will not attack the merchant anymore
  • Savefiles are marked as dead as soon as death happens
  • Linking creatures links them with the correct name color
  • Adjusted the balance on the Energy Absorption
  • Crooked Club does not require Cunning anymore
  • New world boss: Kra'Tor the Gluttonous and his trusty axe: The Gaping Maw
  • New world artifact: Threads of Fate
  • New world artifact: Pick of the Dwarven Emperors
  • Added local scoring, with a list of all your chars and their scores/cause of death/... Arena is merged into that system.
  • New uber dangerous greater vault
  • Static maps can use specialList("terrain", {...filelist..}) to use terrains they want
  • All talents now have a tile
  • Improved Dwarves Stoneskin talent
  • The Pheonix unique has its rarity reduced
  • New world artifact: Ureslak's Femur
  • New world artifacts: Sword of the Potential Futures & Dagger of the Past
  • Fixed Zigur huge rocks
  • Two new antimagic world artifacts: Witch-bane and Guidance
  • Buffed Garkul's Teeth
  • Atamathon is much more dangerous
  • Alchemist golems start with a shielding rune
  • Channel Staff correctly works with physical damage staves
  • Staves of ruination give nature damage instead of poison damage boost
  • Some bits of lore will always popup even when already known
  • Added two new Paradox talents; Fade From Time and Cease To Exist
  • Removed Damage Shunt and Flawed Design
  • Precognition and revision will now correctly clear their chronoworlds
  • Reduced effeciency of Energy Decomposition
  • Redux is now instant cast with the repeated spell now consuming the action
  • Revision will now put Door to the Past on cooldown when cast
  • Chronolith's in the Temporal Rift buffed slightly
  • Fix grappling hold
  • Replaced the main menu background (when not using the animated background) with a much nicer one
  • Fix light damage death verb
  • Storming the City quest can not be continued when it is already finished by going from angolwen to zigur
  • Dragons are now less immune to stuns but gained some immunity to blindness
  • Firstrun dialog now asks for registration/login/cancel
  • Golem Power and Golem Resilience effects more than doubled
  • Adventurers parties should not get sometimes stuck on the worldmap anymore
  • Golem's Reflective Skin is now a sustain
  • Increased Golem's Eye Beam damage
  • Golem Resilience now also improves healing factor by 50% at level 5
  • Arcane Eye now has a tile when active
  • Sunwall faction will not all turn hostile if one member is hurt
  • If High Sun-Paladin Aeryn becomes hostile, killing her will trigger the orc pride quest, allowing the game to continue
  • If Aeryn is killed before the endgame she will not be there to help
  • Two new high level talent trees: Psi-archery and Grip.
  • The Psi resource now regenerates naturally like mana and stamina
  • Mindslayers start knowing the Shoot talent
  • Conduit applies to shots fired from telekinetically-wielded bows
  • Conduit applies to Mindlash when telekinetically wielding a gem
  • Matter is Energy benefits more from increased talent levels
  • Buffed Focused Channeling
  • Loading screens with a waitbar!
  • Screen FPS will not go bonkers for a second after a long load/compute time
  • Fixed random black screen bug
  • Achievement added for killing the blood master
  • Dying while recalling will cancel the recall
  • All stores now have a tile
  • Suppression talent actually does something now
  • Quest log correctly defaults to the selected quest when it appears
  • Creatures killed by traps correctly drop alchemist ingredients
  • Fixed floor on Temple of Creation(2)
  • Brawlers will now have field control at birth
  • Made it much more obvious that brawlers can not use weapons, shields or massive armour with many of their talents
  • Made it more obvious that stealth can not be used in mail or plate armor
  • Fixed a random white texture bug
  • Loading bar while loading the game/savefile will indicate progress
  • Permadeath setting is remembered
  • Undead faction now opposes Fearscape faction
  • Added missing trap tiles
  • New lore: "Dust to Dust, an undead hunter's guide"
  • Troll stew!
  • Healing now produces a flying text
  • Secret of the Eternals takes no time to use
  • Random bosses can now use the unlockable trees (poisons, wildfire, ...)
  • Arcane Blades can access Stone spells when unlocked. Earthen Missiles can be cast by Arcane Combat
  • New class: Necromancers
  • New zone: Last Hope graveyard
  • New quest: From Death, Life (for necromancers only)
  • New lore available in Last Hope Library
  • New option to use either the new icons hotkey toolbar or the old textual one
  • Tombstone lore UI
  • Glass walls tiles
  • New vault
  • Constitution does not grant damage reduction anymore
  • Health talent replaced with Thick Skin talent, granting damage reduction
  • Glove egos are more interresting for brawlers
  • Fix a rare bug when corona could permanently reduce max positive/negative
  • Trollmire now has a road, for easier navigation
  • New zone: the Slazish fens, starting zone for human and elven Sun Paladins and Anorithils (it is located in the far east and explains how the player ends up in maj'eyal)
  • New achievement: Lost in translation
  • Limited the power of Doomed knockback spells
  • Roads, water and molten lava show up on the minimap
  • Reduced ranges on teleportation anomalies
  • Reduced the speed bonus of Elemental Harmony
  • Added experimental support for MoonScript (a CoffeeScript like language for lua)
  • Fixed the prides levers to not reset when save/reloading
  • Shadow Combat cost fixed
  • Shadowstep cost reduced, added a darkness damage component
  • Shatur now have awesome tree-stores
  • Added many new "@" custom player tiles
  • Using the exploratory farportal can now sometimes lead to special zones
  • Increased game loading speed tenfolds (for people with slow loading) by packaging the engine, boot module and tome module into a single file format
  • Maze zones now have the boss usualy looking for the player
  • New advanced Shadowblade tree: Ambush
  • Fixed birth screen to indicate race/class combo that do not make much sense
  • When encountering the new special farportal zone, you will learn a new painted lore, it is awesome!
  • Sher'Tul fortress command orb got a correct tile now
  • Sher'Tul control orb text correctly translates when you speak Sher'Tul
  • Escort portal does not disappear when digging nearby
  • Temple of Creation quest now uses the new underwater portal tiles
  • Removed the Archer metaclass.
  • Archers and Slingers merged into Archer, under the Warrior metaclass
  • Archers now get both a bow and a sling at birth, along with both one point in bow and sling mastery
  • Permadeath mode: Exploration Mode with infinite lives. Donators feature
  • New painted lore for using the Farportal in Reknor
  • Painted lore for master death
  • New painted lore for game win
  • Yeek Wayist talent summons have tiles
  • Waters of Life becomes instant cast
  • Void and Nightmare Horrors now have some unique new talents
  • Displace Damage will now credit reflected damage to the actor with the sustain active
  • Bindings of the Eternal Night buffed and made into a set with a new artifact (found in the same zone): Crown of the Eternal Night
  • Fixed tactical AI infos on some AOE talents
  • Tannen level has correct tiles
  • Permanent particle effects like farportal vortexes correctly scroll
  • Many typos
  • Corrupted Negation is subject to spell resists
  • Razorblade, the Cursed Waraxe can not correctly be generated
  • Fix Shadow Mages description
  • Time Prisoning yourself can not fail
  • More traps are avoided by Feather Wind (and the new Light of Foot talent)
  • New class: Marauder, a more thug-like rogue focusing on damage and movement
  • Lethality now also increases critical damage modifier
  • Deadly Strikes increases APR somewhat more
  • Deadly Strikes and Willful combat are now instant talents
  • Improved the thieves/bandits/... NPCs with the neweset roguish talents
  • Added a Shadowblade NPC
  • The assassin lord just got quite beefier
  • The Master just got nastier
  • Orc necromancers improved with the new necromancer talents
  • Vampires made beefier
  • Resting regens faster
  • Buffed Cripple
  • Garkul's Helm has a special bonus to Skullcracker talent
  • New random name generator(engine.NameGenerator2) based on (it uses the same language files)
  • Temporal Devourers renamed Devourer and subtype changed to eldritch
  • Temporal Dredge renmed Dredge (subtype still temporal)
  • Worm that Walks and Devourers now have unique talents
  • Devourer hit points and damage improved (beware the land sharks!!)
  • Carrion Worms multiply less but have better resists
  • Epidemic now checks for disease immunity when spreading diseases
  • Dredge Frenzy improved a bit
  • Disabled loading C module in Lua, for safety
  • Random name generation on birth will use a special generator per race/sex (right click on the name box to make up a new random one)
  • Skeletons NPCs are now poison immune
  • Base accuracy raised to 4 (from 0)
  • Buffed Yeek's Wayist talent
  • Dread, Dreadmaster, Banshee, Ruin Banshee now have permanent *stealth*. This means you can see them without see invisible but it's not perfect you can loose them sometimes
  • The Eidolon Plane is now a zero gravity zone, so encumberance is near meaningless (x20)
  • The Temporal Rift is a zero gravity zone
  • After coming back from the east, the lost merchant in Last Hope can make you a unique item of your choice, for a .. unique price
  • Doulbed the effects of willpower for Paradox failure, backfire, and anomaly checks
  • Changed how global speed stacks
  • When a level 5 Lure is killed it will trigger all explosion, poison gaz and future AOE traps
  • Cleaner game exit (codewise)
  • Newly picked up items are shown in bold (and marked as such in the tooltip) in the inventory window
  • When dead (on the death screen) it is now possible to review message log, see current chat and talk to people
  • Drop dialog (and others such) will remember sorting order when dropping multiple items
  • "Lament for Lands now Lost" poem now correctly available in Shatur
  • New "cave" tileset
  • Fixed Melinda moving in
  • Limited max projectile speed reduction on talents providing it
  • Derth post-attack chat now accounts for being an antimagic char
  • All artifacts now have their unique tiles!
  • Added more particle effects for chronomancy spells
  • Rewrote grappling so it's easier to understand (code-wise)
  • Sustains can now be disabled while disarmed
  • Switching equipment will now disable sustains you no longer meet the requirements for
  • Updated the Temporal Rift bosses talents to better reflect current chronomancy spells
  • New rift tileset
  • Buffed Chromatic Harness

Have fun!

July 25, 2011
By darkgod - July 25, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta31 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many many bugfixes
  • Improved sand tileset, new slime tileset

Expanded changelist:

  • Runic/Infusion saturation do not prevent entering the worldmap anymore
  • Fix arena start crash
  • Stair up in Yillkgur has a tile
  • Typos
  • All party members now benefit from resting improved regens
  • Fix huge lag when something is blinded
  • Fixed clicking near the top of the chat log
  • Lore on Z'quikzshl
  • Fix unkillable npcs
  • Fix a bug with Vimsense when saving/reloading
  • Drain vim regain is now affected by the target's rank
  • Sacrifice is now 40% of current life
  • Blood Sacrifice darins 50% life
  • Summons can not be permastuck in the Fearscape
  • Fix saving while controlling a summon/golem
  • Fix a rare bug in the running code
  • Fixed Map:checkAllEntitiesCount
  • Fix the damage achievements
  • Greatly increase the rarity of water breathing egos
  • Summoner's summons now inherit resistance penetration
  • New weapon egos correctly project on strike
  • Orc mothers are correctly flagged as female
  • Force autosave on zone change on, to ensure savefile consistency
  • Damage shields show up as a bar on the left pane
  • Each level of the Infinite Dungeon now has a random boss guard
  • Fix the sometimes missing random worldmap locations
  • Sandworm Lair finally got its own unique music
  • Added some missing tiles
  • New slime tileset
  • Target projection path will display the best possible outcome, showing unknown grids in yellow
  • Increased life timed effect will only stun when it is removed with not enough life left
  • The Room of Death is a no teleport zone, to prevent .. untimely death of the content
  • Sun Infusions are considered attacks/disable for the AI
  • Critical strike messages are in bold
  • Fixed Zigur cultivation fields
  • New possible random zone tileset: slime
  • Improves sandwall tileset
  • Molten lava tileset
  • Most talents that scale of a stat do so more linearily
  • Reduced the power cost of staves of illumination
  • Fix tutorial player tile
  • Fixed Strangle Hold
  • All demons are now part of the Fearscape faction
  • All creatures in the Crypt of Kryl-Feijan are now part of the Fearscape faction
  • Fix Paladin vs. Undead vault when appearing in the Dreadfell
  • Track description fixed
  • Fixed ice to cold resists on crystals
  • Willpower now increases Stamina by 2.5 per point instead of 2
  • Fix show all achievements
  • Dead creatures cannot get healed
  • Alchemist's golem now has a random color tile
  • Tentative fix for the NaN gold
  • Walrog lore
  • Hate is now correctly unaffected by fatigue
  • Melinda can now move in with you in the Fortress
  • Fixed Archmages starting in Angolwen who used custom tiles, they now correctly get the orb of scrying
  • Sun Flare lights up the area in a radius double of the blinding radius

Have fun!

July 16, 2011
By darkgod - July 16, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta30 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Mostly bugfixes
  • CPUs without SSE2 support should work again
  • Split Difficulty setting into Difficulty & Permadeath setting
  • Improved start of Cursed & Doomed

Expanded changelist:

  • Displace no longer works in vaults.
  • Feed no longer feeds on yourself when frozen.
  • Alchemist gems no longer become cursed.
  • Only *body* armor gets the Grim Craft bonus
  • Removed healing factor curses (which didn't work anyway)
  • Fixed the worldmap
  • Birth screen will not have "player" has the default name (unless using cheat mode)
  • Worldmap rivers will not make you drown, and thus should also save poor alchemist & mage
  • Added an option to the graphics mode selection to use a custom tileset by entering a folder name and a few parameters
  • New game option to change the log/chat log fade time
  • Setting log/chat fade time to 0 makes it never fade out
  • Fixed duplicate achievements granting
  • Achievements are correctly displayed in the ingame list
  • Cursed start with a point in Weapon Combat, making thzeir first few levels much nicer
  • New achievement for finishing the Abashed Expanse without taking a single void blast or manaworm hit
  • Doomed start with a point in Call Shadows
  • Split difficulty settings into Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Insane) and Permadeath (Adventure, Roguelike)
  • Improved melee summons damage
  • Archmages which do not start in Angolwen do not get the Teleport: Angolwen spell
  • When inside an exploratory farportal zone you can use the rod of recall to force an emergency recall, doing so however has very high change of permanently breaking the exploratory farportal
  • Laying multiple traps onto one an other will not destroy the last one prematurely
  • Bathe in the Light now deals damage to undeads
  • Shortened the Blighted Ruins to 4 levels
  • Skeleton and Ghoul player races do not have underwear when naked
  • Changed the "Blood" bar on the left panel for Cursed and gave it a correct tooltip
  • Fixed rush range
  • Fixed the tempest peak quest from Zigur side
  • Left pane correctly shows max hate increases
  • If the CPU can not support optimized LuaJIT, the JIT will auto-disable and let the game run normally
  • Fixed Air Bubbles
  • Blinding Ink gfx effect changed
  • Blindness/invisibility/stealth now correctly updates the display
  • Can not dig or teleport outside in the arena unlock zone
  • Improved the visibility of the Heart of the Gloom and Norgos Lair on the worldmap
  • Fixed some egos that granted an incorrect mastery
  • Slightly increased auth wait time to let laggy connections have a chance to auth
  • Rain fo Death vault is now correctyl flagged as no teleport
  • Ben Cruthdar in the temporal rift now has a tile
  • Doomed Shadows now enter the party and will follow between levels
  • Runic/Infusion saturation do not prevent entering the worldmap anymore

Have fun!

July 14, 2011
By darkgod - July 14, 2011

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta29 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !


As soon as this release is out the profile server will change to compute stats using the new config version.

Your data should transfer from b28 to b29 fine, pre-b29 to pre-b29 will still continue to sync but it will not be used for stats on You are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.


Release highlights:

  • Many fixes
  • New and much improved birth screen
  • Most everything should now have a tile, many floor transitions now have proper .. transitions
  • Switch to LuaJIT2: more performances!
  • Improved UI
  • Many new egos (160!)
  • More lore, including graphical lore
  • New server-side profiles handling
  • More achievements
  • Improves artifacts
  • Three new Cursed/Doomed trees

Expanded changelist:

  • Sun Infusion now has a blindness component to it but is not instant cast anymore
  • Mind Power Infusion deleted
  • Heroism Infusion now increases your three highest stats and increases them by more
  • New feature: automatic talents. Any talents can be setup to automatic cast, which means they will be used as soon as off cooldown. THe UI will warn you if the talent requires a turn or a target. Check out the 'm' menu or right click on the hotkeys list to configure
  • New birth UI!
  • All NPCs now have tiles!
  • Anomaly: Summon townsfolk now correctly uses tiles
  • New death option: restart a new character
  • Novice Mage on the worldmap now has a tile
  • Once the player won he can enter the Infinite Dungeon (from the ruined dungeon entrance) to meet a glorious end in the depths of the world
  • Vargh Redemption now provides increased air capacity
  • Power is Money grants the same bonus to all three saves
  • Fix item tooltips on a few artifacts
  • Improved performance of dialogs using ListColumn and TreeList
  • Example modules only show up in the list if cheat mode is enabled
  • If modules list only contains one entry it is auto selected
  • The mummified eggsack can not appear in shops
  • Flying text incoming damage now "sinks" instead of rising up
  • Transmogrification option in the item menu doesnt close the inventory
  • Farportal exits are correctly displayed as & in ascii mode
  • Ruined dungeon orbs cannot be trapped
  • Very high level Explosion Expert will not make NPCs instakill
  • Ben Cruthdar now always drops his battleaxe
  • New artifact for staff-happy alchemists
  • Added tstring:tokenize() and tstring:diffWith()
  • Talents levelup screen will now show value increases in the talent descriptions in a much more concise format
  • Resting will stop if life regen is below 0
  • All actors have a default esp range
  • Shield attack section and Gloves attack section will only show in descriptions if you can use them
  • Character sheet now displays a diff between the previous time it was invoked and the current state for even easier global comparaisons.
  • Total realtime playtime is now registered
  • Improved keyboard running algorithm
  • Players can now whisper one another in the ingame chat system. Either select the user to whisp in the talkbox or just type her/his name followed by :
  • Shift+t now cycles between: tactical border+healthbar, only healthbar, nothing
  • Worldmap patrols now all have tiles
  • Limit gamma setting
  • Add tstring:extractLines()
  • Agrimley and Ritch Hunters now have tiles
  • New trees and grass tiles
  • New artifact gem
  • New lore added to the Deep Bellow
  • Reduced the chance of lore randomly dropping
  • Big UI update, the game log and chat logs are now displayed side by side in transparency over the game map, hotkeys are "flattened" over more width, making room for more map displayed at once
  • Random bosses/elites using Fearscape will be much rarer
  • Added a "run" command that prompts for a run direction, bound to . by default
  • Some eagles (purely cosmetic) will randomly fly over derth
  • Replaced SDL_Mixer with OpenAL for audio system
  • Added support for grouping images into tilesets for faster loading
  • Updated the worldmap with new tiles
  • Fixed mountain tiles graphical glitches
  • Improved lavafloor/walls tiles
  • New underwater tiles
  • Added about 160 new egos
  • Objects can now grant talent use on spell hit
  • Improved many artifacts
  • One can never fail de-activating a sustain
  • Fixed Shadow Simulacrum
  • Renamed "Divine" classes to "Celestial", since they never had any relations with gods (since there are no gods)
  • Player tiles now reflect the currently worn equipment!
  • Pheonix egg got a tile
  • Levers have a tile now
  • Added two new generic terrains: GENERIC_LEVER and GENERIC_LEVER_DOOR
  • Archers and Slingers now start with a rought leather armour
  • As a thanks to donators I have added a feature for them: custom player tiles. Donators (who are logged on) will be able to select a custom tile for their character from a list of over 180, ranging from "classics" to "downright wonky". Have fun, and thanks to you all!
  • Added support for LuaJIT2 (beta8)
  • Fixes some arena bugs and tweak the unlock a bit
  • Players now use 'moddable' tiles: their equipment will show on their char
  • Alchemist golem now use moddable tiles
  • Random elites & bosses based on player races (like adventurer parties) now use moddable tiles
  • All traps now have tiles
  • Updated the music & sounds dialog to be able to disable all sounds and control music & effects volumes independantly
  • The horror level of the lake of nur now has .. ambient sounds
  • The four attack runes now take no turn to activate, but put a 1 turn cooldown on all other attack runes
  • Removed actTurn, instead the engine will call actBase (if it exists) based on its own energy counter, so even if you somehow are frozen, timed effects, regen, cooldowns, ... will tick anyway
  • Added achievements for more damage than 600
  • Fixed Rune of the Right range
  • Display the character tile in charsheet
  • Limited the maximun slow that slowing talents can provide
  • Health bars are a little smaller than a full tile, so they do not "merge" when actors are near
  • Added an option to control the number of log/chat lines to show
  • Right click instead of left click on the chat log to see user infos
  • Lore can now have pictures attached
  • Fix Sun Flare
  • Random elites/bosses can not get Aim and Last Stand
  • Feeding/Grappling will be interrupted by creatures multiplying/cloning/splitting
  • The Fall of Zigur quest correctly boosts Hexes mastery if hexes are known
  • Objects granting esp now correctly say what (like "demon/major" instead of just "major")
  • Fix Paradox mastery effect on failure chances
  • Death messages have been improved and will display in a special color in chat log
  • Chat tooltips now also work in the chat log dialog
  • New option: chat filters, you can select what kind of chat messages you want to see and which to ignore
  • Arrows & Shots projectiles now have a correct tile
  • Fix a rare freeze when particles are on screen
  • Improved online profile code, it should be more efficient and more controlled. Serverside storage changed completly, it will allow for much nicer server features.
  • Due to the online profile storage change localy stored achievements will be lost, if you use an online profile they should come back correctly.
  • When b29 is released the new server code will switch to prod, all previous betas will continue to sync but it will not update data seen by the server anymore and >=b29 versions wont see it. Basically: upgrade
  • The Sher'Tul Fortress new has graphical lore, be sure to check out the paintings on the walls!
  • Wilderness will not generate on birth anymore, thus speeding birth process
  • Melnela is now correctly flagged as a woman
  • Sandworm queen heart now has a tile
  • Summoning circle in undead start now has tiles
  • Wilderness is not kept inside the main save anymore, making saving faster
  • All alchemist quest ingredients and rewards now have tiles
  • The artifact whips, the blood runed athame, the lost merchant and the assasin lord now have tiles
  • Unvisited locations now have a slight "sparkle" effect on the worldmap, their tooltip also says they have never been visited
  • Greater Weapon Focus procs are now logged
  • Many typos fixed
  • Added radius info to many talents that missed it
  • Better description for the ring of the dead
  • LuaJIT2 is now the default premake target
  • Activating caps-lock will put the map in scroll mode, allowing keyboard-only scrolling with the direction keys
  • The custom death messages now account for drowning, suffocating, and other such fun deaths
  • Self-kill messages are now denoted as such
  • New achievement "Fool of a Took!"
  • Added missing tooltips to the charsheet
  • Much boosted the spell Heat
  • Firestorm can not hit the golem anymore
  • Farportal zones will try very very hard to make a portal back, if the boss is not found on the last level every 100 turns the game will try to make a portal back
  • Fixed the appearance of high level npcs in the bottom of the raloren camp last level
  • Using the cloak of deception will make a hood appear on the player's head (as opposed to most other cloak which do not)
  • Artifact daggers correctly use str/dex as other daggers
  • Darkness color name is a bit ligther
  • Pacification hex will now check for saving throw each time it applies the daze (it wont prevent applying the daze this time but if it fails it will remove the remaining hex)
  • Dragonskull Helm requirements changed to willpower
  • Use talents dialog now groups talents by status instead of trees
  • Added a new tile size option: custom, allows you to select any size between 10 and 128
  • Buffed True Grit
  • Changed doomed's Dark Vision to only add damage bonus inside Creeping Darkness
  • Changed hate lost per turn (slower at higher levels of hate, faster at lower levels)
  • Fixed some line of sight issues with doomed's Feed
  • Added cursed Strife talent tree
  • Added doomed Primal Magic talent tree
  • Added cursed/doomed Fateful Aura talent tree
  • Improved a few cursed/doomed particle effects for smaller tiles
  • Balance adjustments in cursed/doomed trees
  • Fixed NPC "The Mouth" to support pinning correctly
  • Removed the cooldown on Extract Gems

Have fun!

July 13, 2011
By darkgod - July 13, 2011

Recently there have been a few spams getting through on
I do not like spam!

So I have now setup the site so that to be able to post blogs/... on you need to be verified.
To be verified is extremely easy: login in the game itself with your account and you will be authorized to post as before (this is obviously fully transparent for people already using an online profile, next time you start the game you will be authorized automagically).

If you can't/don't want to do it, just use the contact form to contact me and I will enable your account.

Have fun!

July 4, 2011
By darkgod - July 4, 2011

Many things to celebrate today!

We finally hit the 5000 played days, this is about 13 years and 8 months of play time!
We also hit the first thousands euros of donations.

This is bringing me much hope for the future, as in those cases, more is always better :)

My fellow players, please, continue to have fun!

June 28, 2011
By darkgod - June 28, 2011

Hi my fellow players


You might have noticed the server had quite a few hipcups in the last days/weeks/months.

I have decided get a new server for hosting.

It will have 16GB of memory (2 in the current one), a quad core intel i5 2.66GHz (dual core 2GHz in current one), 2 TB of hard drive (512GB in current one) ! That's quite the next step!

And it will only cost 20euros more per month (for a total of 50/month).

So if anybody feels generous, do as Canderel did, make a reccuring donation, this way I can sleep well, knowing the server will always be paid :)


It should be available in about a week :)


Until then (and after that!) : have fun!

June 22, 2011
By darkgod - June 22, 2011

When trying to donate some people got a very uniformative paypal login page, this is now fixed and you may all enjoy the act of donating to the game that brings you pleasure and fun! :)


Also, coming next beta, donators will get a little fun reward in game: custom tiles!

All donators, when logged on their online profile, will be able to use a custom tile for their character, chosen from a list of over 180, ranging from special clothing to downright madness, check out the video for some examples:


PS: There are a few donators who didnt donate while logged or from an email known to the system and are thus not credited as donators, when beta29 comes if you are in this case contact me and we will fix the issue swiftly!

June 7, 2011
By darkgod - June 7, 2011

Hi fellow players!


Next beta is going to introduce a new birth screen which should hopefully be much nicer to use.

It also introduces "premades" which are a new way of handling quickbirth, more obvious to people.



Have fun!

June 6, 2011
By darkgod - June 6, 2011

The Darkgod did it! He killed over one hundred thousands adventurers!

Since the inception of the profiles system in mid august last year the system has recorded over 4500 days of playtime, that is over 12 years and 3 months of ToME'ing. Over that same period 100000 poor adventurers lost their lifes in the many dark places of the world (or by blowing themselves up, it happens too!).

The realtime stats are located there:

Have fun my fellow players! And to you that are not yet players, quick go to !