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Addons are optional user created content for TOME. They either add new content or functionality, or change it in some way. This page is non-comprehensive list of addons generated by the TOME community that are confirmed to be fully functional for the current version (1.7.4). (This page is currently a work in progress.)

The main addon listing is here. [link]

If you are adding to the list, please include the name of the mod, the contributor, a brief description, and a link to the te4 addon page (optionally Steam workshop as well). Full descriptions can be added on a separate linked page.

Official Addons

There exist some official addons. Some official addons are automatically installed along with the base game (at least on the Steam version? Needs verification). Some official addons can only be used by donators. (Buying the Steam version counts as a donation.)


Main article: DLC

DLCs are special official addons that expand the game. Unlike the base game of Tales of Maj'Eyal, which is free and open-source, DLCs cost money to purchase. ToME currently has 3 DLCs released, with a fourth DLC under active development.

In non-Steam versions of ToME, DLCs go in the game/addons folder like other addons. In the Steam version, DLCs go in the game/dlcs folder (and Steam will install them there automatically).


Addons that add a new campaign, with its own zones and quests.

  • The Hammer of Urh'rok by Recaiden [link] - A short campaign following the invasion of Maj'Eyal by demons and their thralls. 9 main zones, 3 side zones, and a superboss.
  • Light From Below by Erenion [link] - A short campaign following a mysterious subterranean artifact. 10 main zones, a post-game challenge, and unique item crafting.


Some addons are broad enough that they add content in multiple categories. They may contain multiple races, classes, and/or zones.

  • Faetouched Collection v1.2.0 by Mr Frog - [link] - In the realm of Titania, the Midsummer Queen, there live the Faeries, mystical beings as graceful as they are fickle. Drama and mayhem spring forth wherever they walk, and those whose lives they touch are forever changed, their fates intertwined with that of the mysterious Faesong. Luminously-beautiful and deadly, those who learn to ride its mercurial ebbs and flows shall wield power far beyond mortal magic. Includes a new starting scenario with original classes, art, music, and dialogue.
  • Odyssey of The Summoner by Nekarcos and updated by Kamani_They-Them [link] - An extensive package that takes the summonable creatures from the Summoner class and turns them into fully-talented, highly-comprehensive classes with their story and unique events. It features the ranged summons: Hydra, Fire Drake, Flamespitter Ritch, War Hound, and Minotaur.


This is a list of some current addons that add individual and groups of Classes:

  • Class: Fallen by Recaiden [link] - The original, non-prodigy version.
  • Class: Harrier by astralinferno [link]
  • Class: Quantum Slider by Tradewind_Rider [link]
  • Class: Spellweaver by Kamani_They-Them [link]
  • Class Pack: Bladebender, Harbinger, Cooler Anorithil, and Zephyr by minqmay [link] includes Lich and Dreamelf races.
  • Class Pack: Hekantonkheire by Recaiden [link] - 4 horror-inspired classes with a new unique resource.
  • White Monk, Steam Shaper, High Guard, Grove Keeper, Mindslinger, Frost Invoker, and Incantor of Flame by nsrr [link]
  • Class evolutions for Berserker(1), Bulwark(1), Rogue(1), and Skirmisher(8) by nsrr [link]


This is a list of current addons that add or change Escorts:

  • Morvarc'h's Improved Escorts by Morvarc'h [link] - Escorts provide category points to go with categories, and +2 talent points instead of one. More diversity in escorts and categories, too.
  • Select your Escorts by pseudoku [link] - Allows you to choose your escorts in advance and change your choices

Unlocks and Quality of Life

  • ZOmnibus Addon Pack by zizzo [link] - Combines several smaller utility addons, both for convenience and potentially reduced resource usage on smaller machines.
  • Faster Run/Rest/Explore by johnnyzero [link]
  • Quick Combos by Recaiden [link]
  • Turn Tracker by Recaiden [link] - Adds a UI element that shows the predicted order of upcoming creature turns.
  • Ignore Race/Class Locks by zizzo [link]
  • Ignore Campaign/Difficulty Locks by zizzo [link]
  • ASCII/Modern Graphics Mode by RootOfAllThings [link] - Modifies the "Modern" graphics mode to use ASCII tiles with colored backgrounds for terrain, while using the "Modern" high quality graphics for creatures, items, projectiles.


This is a list of current addons that add or change races:

  • Barachi by Mr.Frog [link]
  • Doomling by Recaiden (Requires Ashes DLC) [link]
  • Gnomes by Werekracken [link]
  • Leprechauns by Werekracken [link]
  • Oozewalker by Kamani_They-Them [link]
  • Undead Racepack by Recaiden [link] - Banshee, Wight, Mummy, and Dread (evolution for other undead).
  • Zilquish by astralInferno [link]
  • Naloren, Sholtar, Vor'tep, and Orcnac races by nsrr [link]