New Tales of Maj'Eyal Wiki !

For a few days now the old wiki was set to read only while transitioning content to the new one.

Most important things are now there and thus points to it.

This is a real wiki software (mediawiki) so it should be much more usable than the old one. Have a look and improve it!

Now go my minions, and spread the word!

Chat with your ingame friends from the website

A few days ago I have enabled a new chat client inside to let you talk to the ingame community!

Simply login on your account and go to you will see a link to the live version.
You just need a modernish browser (websocket support) and to have logged ingame at least once.

Have fun!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.4 aka "Cabalistic Gesture"

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.4 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


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Release highlights:

  • Performance improvements
  • Many bugfixes and improvements


Expanded changelist:

  • Zones can now be defined inside an addons /data folder and called upon like that: "addonname+zonename"
  • Preternatural Senses now provide stealth and invisibility vision
  • Corrosive Seeds use mindpower
  • Removed eidolon protection as it was not really working anyway
  • Fixed underwater door tiles
  • New option (on by default) to make the immediate melee targetting mode autoselect when there is only one foe
  • In immediate melee targetting mode '5' will select self
  • Huge Sandworm Tunneler will try very very hard to get to the exit. It truly is relentless !
  • Timed died/lifes left are shown on textual chardump
  • Psibalde mindpower & stats bonus work correctly when first activated
  • Conduit damage from Mindlash respects range
  • Fixed Acid Wave rune description
  • Trap cost is not refunded if the trap was triggered
  • Reload can be used while stealthed
  • The Possessed correctly drops an artifact
  • Entering the Iron Council from the worldmap places the player correctly
  • Adventurers start with a bow, sling and ammo for both
  • Reverted binaries to 1.0.1 ones to fix slugishness
  • Bone Shield does not deactivates when empty, instead bones regenerate slowly
  • Retribution goes on cooldown when it explodes
  • Fixed zero hp creatures sometimes not dying
  • Fixed Morrigor
  • Norgos the Frozen should be a bit more dangerous
  • Fixed Shadow Blindeside tooltip
  • Worn items in the hotkeys toolbar will be outlined as yellow
  • Fixed some randart powers not being applied
  • Clarified that Corrupted Negation requires a spell save check
  • Achievements are now classified in three kinds (important, first time, others) which can be filtered independantly
  • Achievements filtering config reseted to account for the new classification
  • Movement infusions and Lightning Speed can not be used while pinned down
  • Learning Flash Bang Trap from the merchant correctly removes gold
  • Fixed Gravitic Trap after a reload
  • Burning Hex doesnt make you explode on the levelup screen
  • Distortion effects now reduce physical resist
  • Reduced Forge Bellows and Dream Forge damage
  • Reduced Dream Forge radius
  • Solipsism now reduces a percentage of psi damage taken
  • Psinic channeling does not break on item or talent use anymore
  • Time Shield changed to heal you instead of damage you
  • Fixed Abyssal Horror tile
  • Syntax errors in superloaded files will correctly report in the log
  • Resting will wait for Bone Shield to replenish
  • Morrigor is now a one handed weapon
  • Whips have a 80% attack speed; also added whipping sounds for them

Have fun!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.3 aka "A New Dawn"

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.3 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote for ToME on Steam Greenlight!


Release highlights:

  • Rebalancing of many races and classes
  • Addons will stay active if the game's patch version is over the required one. So addons for 1.0.1 will work on 1.0.2 (but would not on 1.1.0)
  • Most tier1/2 zones can now have alternate layout/stories/... brings some fresh air
  • Rak'Shor pride looks more .. necromancy, and is more interresting
  • More direct melee-range talent UI
  • Many bugfixes and improvements


Expanded changelist:

  • Made sure the transmo chest always spawn
  • Creepding Darkness will try harder to disappear
  • Psychic Lobotomy no longer ignores confusion immunity
  • Fixed Conduit when used by a NPC
  • Moss now use mindcrit for duration instead of spellcrit
  • Fix for OpenGL rendering bug on release builds
  • Using a Moss talent will correctly put other Moss talents on cooldown even if they were at 1 or 2 CD already
  • Antimagic indicator debuff doesnt prevent worldmap access anymore
  • Thalore exp penalty back to 35% (from 30%)
  • All Moss talents can not crit their durations anymore (still can crit their damage)
  • Nourishing Moss healing factor reduced a little
  • Reduced Slippery Moss fail chance a little
  • Reduced Slime Roots range
  • Number of bloated oozes limited to the Mitosis talent level
  • Reabsorb damage reduction reduced to 40%
  • Mitosis chance increases with talent level
  • Call of the Ooze max life is dependent on Mitosis level
  • Upgraded to LuaJIT 2.0.1
  • Lowered Shalore exp penalty to 25%
  • Increased Call of the Ooze cooldown
  • Golem's starting equipment comes identified
  • Alchemist potion reward are identified
  • Vor Armoury main room is a no teleport zone
  • Fixed Shadow's Blindside description
  • Buffed Shaloren: Grace of the Eternals scales with dex or mag, Magic of the Eternals also increase crit power, Secrets of the Eternals triggers more easily, Timeless also reduces cooldowns
  • Willful Combat correctly states it affects physical power
  • New Game:idling(focus) method to detect gaining/losing OS focus
  • Ego inscriptions are suffixes, so they all sort by inscription kind
  • Fixed alchemist golem resurect
  • Rogue poisons can be applied with slings too
  • Level 5 Trap Launcher also lets traps be placed without breaking stealth
  • Increased Bear Trap and Nigthshade Trap damage
  • Reduced Lure cooldown
  • Dexterity now also gives a chance to shrug off all kinds of critical damage (just like the oozemancer maleable body talent)
  • Sticky Smoke does not affect the rogue anymore
  • Fixed online charsheet ESP
  • Temporal Form paradox boost reduced to 400
  • Fixed blindness on NPCs
  • Siding with the Assassin Lord also teaches you the Flash Bang Trap, if you know trapping
  • If siding with the merchant you can still get the Flash Bang Trap, only the merchant will sell it .. for a price
  • Fixed psiblades
  • Oozemancer rares are .. rarer
  • Solipsists rare are back !
  • Running and resting are stopped when a dialog pops up
  • Off-balance reduces damage by 15% instead of global speed
  • Fixed Blunt Thrust description
  • Big bad popup after the ambush to direct the player to Last Hope
  • Limmir will not cry too early
  • Lightning daze, acid blind, ice damage now use either spellpower or mindpower for power application
  • Fixed Coral Spray gfx effect when blocking a ranged attack
  • Low level npcs should be a little more interresting
  • Fixed a weird death bug
  • Born into Magic arcane damage bonus replaced with a proc on spell damage to buff the damage type
  • Overseer of Nations increases blindness resist
  • Higher's Bloom duration increased
  • You Shall Be My Weapon! starts cooling down even if it missed or kill the target
  • Ruined dungeon guardians can not be preset uniques
  • Some factions now have symbols, which you can see in store & chats in towns
  • Many new artifacts
  • Fix errors when running/resting with special events that make you switch characters
  • Last Stand won't heal when auto-reactivated by leveling up
  • New option to change the speed of flying texts
  • Randboss/randelites kills are not recorded in the uniques kill list
  • Autouse talents will not trigger sounds
  • Echoes from the Past description correctly displays temporal damage bonus
  • Naga and Fearscape portals will always popup when walked/rushed/teleported/... on
  • Dreamscape can not happen on random bosses
  • Addons will stay active if the game's patch version is over the required one. So addons for 1.0.1 will work on 1.0.2 (but would not on 1.1.0)
  • Maelstrom will not destroy the stairs from killing the assassin lord
  • Breeding pits reduced to entrance + 2 levels
  • Psi-wielding a twohanded weapon does not prevent dual-wielding
  • Damage Affinity is displayed on charsheet
  • The rhaloren camp is sometimes partly overground
  • Walls will not look weird when near trees
  • Doors will not look weird when near trees
  • Sometimes the last level of Nur will be flooded by a failing barrier
  • Sometimes the Old Forest is overrun by crystals
  • The Grand Corruptor leaves the mark of the spellblaze when you go to Zigur
  • Sometimes the Maze will have been destroyed by a quake, leaving holes in the floor leading to deeper maze levels
  • Sometimes the scintillating caves hold too much magic which distort them into weird angles
  • Sometimes Murgol Lair is being attacked by nagas from the Vargh Republic
  • Rungof got his own artifact!
  • Sometimes the trollmire is flooded by the rain, leaving it filled with muddy water and some aquatic life
  • Norgos lair is sometimes invaded by shivgoroth
  • Levitation correctly makes you immune to pinning instead of making you more vulnerable to it
  • Sometimes the ruins of Kor'Pul have been invaded by a group of thieves and bandits
  • Sometimes an old volcano erupts at the center of the Daikara
  • All resource cost for talents can now be functions
  • Sometimes the Heart of the Gloom has been purified from the corruption, only to fall pray to a powerful solipsist
  • Changed Rak'Shor pride tileset to be more .. flavorful
  • Sometimes the sandworm lair has a different layout and a different "guide" .. don't fall of the trail !
  • Melee range talents that require a target will now react to direction keys directly instead of using the classic targetting cursor
  • Slime Roots can not reset passives or ubers
  • Acid Splash radius reduced by 1
  • Indiscernible Anatomy lost confusion resistance
  • Speeds are always limited to 10% (can never go to 0)
  • Game options are now organized by tabs
  • Rak'Shor Pride now has some new layout and new "fun" monsters inside !
  • Dark Portal correctly triggers on teleport effects
  • Electric Eels do not fire lightnings at low level but are buffed

Have fun!

T-Engine4 modules contest reminder

People of Maj'Eyal, my minions!


Here is a little reminder that you can still take part in the modules contest and to all those that are working on it already, remember that you need to post the announcement of your game by the 1st of august!


Have fun!


PS: and for those that missed it, the announcement of the contest:

With the release of Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0 I can now start to create new content again, branch into new campaigns, ... and this shall be great fun.

But there is one side of the game that is not as developed as it could and I wish to change that. It is however not something I can do myself: Modules!
So, in the spirit of promoting the creation of new, quality, games based on TE4 I would like to create a new contest!

During this year 2013 up until the 1st december your task will be to create new, amazing and fun games using TE4. Anyone can, and is welcome to, participate (except me obviously) !
When the contest closes there will be a big vote when ToME players can elect the "best" game.
Players will be asked to rate each game on fun, polish and innovation, the winner being determined by the best average of those factors.

In addition of fame and pleasure of having created a fun game the 1st place will also grant a 500€ reward, the second a 150€ reward and the third a 50€ reward (by paypal).

The rules to participate are as follow:

  • Game must be announced on by the 1st of august (but you are encouraged to announce, and start dev much earlier)
  • Game must not use a modified TE4 engine (so taking the .team file should work on any ToME installation)
  • Game must not be a "variant" of ToME itself, it must be its own thing. Code from ToME can be used, but only in small parts (i.e: taking inspiration of the party code is fine, ripping half the class files is not)
  • Game must be comply with TE4 license (but it inherently does anyway)
  • Game graphics (if you choose to have) can not use the shockbolt tileset (which is licensed only to ToME)
  • Game graphics, musics, ... that are not code can be under a different license (and with the authorization of the authors obviously)
  • Game must be released by the 1st december (you can, and are encouraged to continue dev on it afterwards obviously)
  • Games are encouraged (but not required) to release often during the year. Remember for players to like your game they must be able to play it!
  • Games can be adaption of other games/roguelikes, as long as you respect copyrights, licenses and the wish of the authors
  • Game must be published at least on as a game module

You are very welcome to join #tome on where nice people can sometimes help you and post about your game/progress/questions in the modules section of the forums!

Now open your code editors and start coding!


Discuss on the forum there:

Multiple addon versions validating

I have changed the way the server handles addon md5 versions, now if you upload a new version of your addon for the same ToME version it wont invalidate the savefiles of people using a previous version.

Have fun in Eyal!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 available on OSX

My dear OSX minions,

You too can now enjoy 1.0.1 on your favorite OS !
Go download it:

Have fun!

New awesome, timed, ingame event!

My fellow minions,

Today I have decided to add a new, *awesome*, event online!
Be sure to play while logged in, you might get a new quest from a certain Anne Buryset.
But beware you will only have 40 *real time* minutes to finish it!

Trust me, the rewards are well worth the effort!

Enjoy, my minions, for your DarkGod never fails to provide!

Tales of Maj'Eyal is available on Shiny Loot!

Hi my fellow minions!

I am happy to announce that Tales of Maj'Eyal is now available on Shiny Loot:

Have fun deaths in Eyal, my minions!

Evil deed: I wasted 200 years of mankind's time!

From the stats at
Total play time: 200 years 237 day(s) 3 hour(s) 4 minute(s)

Yes, ToME made mankind lose 200 years, and it keeps counting!
I am so pround, my evil plan of world domination is coming along just fine!

Carry on my minions, carry on!

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