Tales of Maj'Eyal beta40 aka "Undeletable"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta40 ! See

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Important bugfixes inside!


Release highlights:

  • Important bugfixes
  • Small improvments to Archamge Time & Disruption shields

Expanded changelist:

  • Slightly decreased random elite chance
  • Random elites must now respect talent levels (roughtly)
  • Implode is not usable by NPCs
  • Removed Manaflow
  • Disruption Shield is now affected By Aegis/Shielding
  • Disruption Shield changed; only usable when <25% mana; each hit will regen mana. When at full it will explode as before. So either you get it at one point for a new mana regen or you get it to max for a less nice but still nice mana regen and a shield
  • New arcane talent: Arcane Vortex; an arcane DOT that fires random manathrusts
  • Time Shield backfire now leaves a dot on the ground
  • Animal random elites should not be archers
  • Fixed Cyst Burst after Epidemic
  • Dark Surprise second hit is correctly a crit
  • Various fixes
  • Overkill can trigger only once per turn
  • Reduced Brotoq all damage output by 40%
  • Buffed Corpsebow
  • When all resources are full, all talents are up, resting will try to wait for recall
  • Rares should have a special tactical border in ASCII
  • Fixed a bad bug that could make objects disappear
  • Blood Vengeance has a sustain cost

Have fun!

Tales of Maj'Eyal beta39 aka "Unconsumable"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta39 ! See

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A big release, get it while it's hot!


Release highlights:

  • Full rework of wands system; now split in wands, totems and torques; collectively known as charms
  • New weapon kind: mindstars. Akin to staves but for wilders, psionics and afflicted. Designed to be dual-wielded, a new talent tree can even make psionic blade from them
  • Many balance & quality of life tweaks
  • Many antimagic buffs
  • New trees: Corruptions/Torment; Wild Gift/Fungus; Wild Gift/Mindstar Mastery
  • Random elites are now wandering the game, beware!
  • Dommed rework/buff
  • Reavers buff
  • Shields grant a Block talent
  • New "ingredient" system; you start collecting ingredients before needing to take the brotherhood of alchemists quest

Expanded changelist:

  • Fix Arcane Supremacy set
  • Fix log lines option
  • Fix drag&dropping Prox Halfling Foot in the hotkeys
  • Middle-click on the big map will make it disappear
  • New artifacts
  • Amulets of Mastery now always provide bonus to a tree the player has/can learn
  • Fixed quest description of the apprentice mage
  • Talent errors are more explicit
  • Fixed the "getTarget" bug after a talent bugs
  • New weapon kind: mindstars. They are raw natural gems infused with the power of nature, kind of like staves. They are one-handed and can be dual-wielded. Offhand mindstar is not subject to normal offhand penalty
  • Replaced Body of Stone's physical and knockback resistance with acid and stun resistance.
  • Slightly increased Earthquake's damage.
  • New talent: Earth/Mudslide
  • Doubled the cooldown of Earthen Missiles to make it less abusable. The damage was increased
  • Headless horrors will properly lose elemental resists when the eyes are killed
  • Heart of the sandworm queen no longer tells undead they've learned the harmony tree
  • Rewrote, rebalanced, and added many weapon egos
  • Two-handed wepaons now have a small eqo multiplier
  • Daggers now have a small ego penalty
  • Gaping maw is now anti-magic
  • Withering orbs and allettas diadem now psionic
  • Halfling foot now arcane, hareskin sling now nature
  • Stop talent now properly accounts for paradox level
  • Foresight now properly senses actors
  • Greater weapon egos generally less powerful
  • Lesser weapon egos generally more powerful
  • New anti-magic egos
  • Resolve equilebrium and stamina regen more in line with other forms of regen for these resource types
  • Added costs to ranged egos
  • Set many artifact material levels to be more in line with their level range (should improve drops)
  • Buffed many artifacts
  • Reduced infravision given by many items
  • Infravision and heightened senses no longer stack
  • Fixed cease to exist double paradox cost
  • Resist penetration no longer affects targets with negative resists
  • Reloading will auto-trigger when auto-explore is activated
  • Spacetime tuning and gather the threads will now only break on spell cast
  • Blood lich rarity is now more in line with other liches
  • Fixed anti-magic tree description
  • Fixed quivers & pouches rarity
  • Fixed killing NPCs with special death scripts on the fearscape
  • Combat:attackTargetWith hook passes a dam parameter to know how much damage was dealt
  • Typos
  • Using an artifact digger should work again
  • The Room of Death should not be empty even for low level chars
  • Waitbars should look better on windows
  • Time Prison mana cost reduced by 20
  • Time Shield is now instant cast, the dot duration increases with talent level and while active all newly applied status effects are reduced by a %
  • Error repor window has a close all buton, can be closed with Esc and tells if the error is new
  • Rewrote, added, and rebalanced many staff egos
  • Fade From Time now reduces all status effect durations (good or bad)
  • Voice of Telos has new effects (check it out!)
  • Increased Quiver of the Sun capacity to 12
  • Wards (activatable staff ego that protects against damage)
  • Staff's now give a bonus to elemental damage equal to their combat damage
  • Most staves now allow the wearer to switch elemental properties using the command staff talent
  • Base staff spellpower increased
  • Increased base archery projectile speed
  • Travel speed in general is now additive (making it in line with the tooltip)
  • Travel speed on bows now works
  • Fixed ranged project on bows
  • Added ranged project to Withering Orbs
  • Epoch's level is now in line with the rest of Daikara
  • Epoch's Curve is now a guaranteed drop
  • Epoch's clones can no longer multiply
  • Epoch's cooldown on Multiply increased, making the second clone come much later in the fight then the first
  • Changed how Teluvorta's handle teleport; should make getting stuck in the Temporal Rift less likely
  • Weapon of Light, Shield of Light, and Hymn of Moonlight no longer deactivate when they don't have enough energy to trigger
  • Fix Poison Gas Trap
  • Fix flickering black screen bug
  • Summoning (Advanced) correctly learnable at level 10
  • Weaponset2: Quiver will not provide worn benefits
  • If enough lumberjacks are saved they also provide a digger as a reward
  • Reloading after saving on the eidolon plane will work correctly when returning to the previous level
  • Right click on the resources move handle lets you configure resources visibility
  • Plot & Quest items are also auto-pickedup now
  • Reverted Quantum Feed and Strength of Purpose to b37 values
  • Damage Smearing no longer takes a turn to activate
  • Invigorate reworked; stamina regen reduced but it causes talents to refresh faster while active
  • When appropriate, the target of the reward of a quest is selectable (like for escort rewards)
  • The Alchemist Golem can not learn Harmony
  • Quests that add a location to the map now reveal the location on the map
  • Crit chance is bound to 0-100% range
  • Flamespit description fixed
  • Failing to wear an item will not consume a turn
  • Negative health is correctly hidden in the new UI
  • Surge of Undeath correctly adds to accuracy
  • Summon talent now forces a max 2 level OOD
  • New option in the main menu: reset interface positions
  • The Grand Corruptor will speak to the main player
  • Randbosses talent scaling should not get out of hands anymore
  • On spell, on melee and on ranged talent procs can only happen once per turn
  • Doomed cunning at birth now matches the description
  • Mindslayers have one more cunning at birth (bringing total bonuses in line with other classes)
  • Mindslayer knockback abilities can no longer hit twice
  • Fixed many mindslayer talent descriptions (they scale off mindpower)
  • Mindslayer gem bonuses now apply to mindstars as well
  • Greater telekenetic grasp now applies it's level five bonus at talent levels beyond 5 (only matters in the Infinite Dungeon)
  • Mindslayer auras now scale better at higher levels, deal less spike damage at low levels, have a cooldown of 10, and cost less psi to spike
  • New artifact: Blood-Edge
  • Four new random undead uniques
  • Burning Hex now also increases the talents cooldowns
  • Epidemic is a very potent disease and so is not affected by disease immunity. It also lwoers disease immunity on the targets
  • Meditation can not lower equilibrium bellow the sustain values
  • Static Field now shows how much damage was done
  • Probability Travel now applies a debuff when used to pass a wall that will prevent an other wall passing for X turns (based on distance and talent level)
  • Shady Cornac man going away wont fail the achievement for saving derth inhabitants
  • New generic tree for Reavers & Corruptors: Torment
  • New Wild Gifts/Fungus generic tree. Kind of like a nature based Aegis tree. Available to wyrmics
  • Fix bug with the Eternal Night set
  • Hydra summoning eldritch eyes can no longer spawn more then one hydra at a time
  • Autocasting talents will not trigger when confused/terrified
  • Toggle movement mode bound to shift+b instead of just b
  • Enabling/disabling stealth will activate the visual effect right away
  • Shadowstrike now works as a crit damage bonus
  • Sacrifice at the endgame will really kill the main player, not a copy
  • Fixed arrows speed
  • New achievement: Fear me not!
  • Fixed mouse-over for chat frame
  • Aura of Silence do not apply on the user, to prevent brainlock
  • Shielding talent now only increases shield strength. Shield duration only ever increasaes by max 1 at level 5
  • Aegis/Heal renamed to Aegis/Arcane Reconstruction
  • Fix Repulsion
  • Randarts correctly use the same arcane/antimagic rules as egos
  • Fix Outmaneveured
  • Orc babies & youth in the breeding pits can be female or male
  • Virulent Disease now tries to choose smartly which disease to apply (one that is not on the targe yet and that will reduce a stat that is high. So an
  • archer type target will always ge the dex disease first).
  • Virulentt Disease damage & stat reducion buffed
  • Darkfire cost and cooldown reduced
  • Many corruption spells are now able to crit, including diseases.
  • Corrupter metaclass renamed to Defiler
  • Cyst Burst now spreads all plague tree diseases at once (rotting, decrepitude, weakness and epidemic)
  • Mana Clash and Resolve can now crit (mind)
  • One With Nature is now instant cast
  • Virulent Disease is now instant cast
  • Many wild gift powers can now crit (mind); including breathes
  • Removed animal encounters in the west
  • New "wall" projection type
  • Fixed a display issue with Psi cost and fatigue
  • Rebalanced luminous horrors
  • Dying at the endgame should still let your read the endgame text
  • Thalore will not get escorts on Old Forest 5, since it does not exists anymore
  • Wands have been redesigned into a new cooldown, chargeless system. All wands are now on the same cooldown, when activating one all are on cooldown for X turns
  • Darkness (and other block_sight objects) now prevent projected attacks. (LOS check in Actor.canProject and Actor.on_project)
  • Various tweeks (shortened ranges, lowered hate costs, altered damage, etc)
  • Added a number of secondary buff/debuff effects to talents: Gesture of
  • Malice lowers resistance, Madness increases Mind damage, Darkness allows faster movement, Force of Will increases crit damage, etc.
  • Replaced Unnatural Body's Seeth and Repression with two talents that boost power as you take damage.
  • Fixed criticals, they work and are applied to all affects.
  • Gestures allow use of mindstars and provide some bonuses from them.
  • Shadows scale better with leveling and don't rely on defense/evasion (they have a new fade ability that prevents damage for a turn when they are first hit)
  • All activable egos use the new charm system with a global cooldown. Artifacts keep their own cooldown.
  • Blank wands can be no more
  • New "charms" category of items. Wands are arcane charms, Totems are natural charms and Torques are psionic charms
  • Entity:addTemporaryValue can use "highest" and "lowest" merge algorithms
  • Pausing the level loop for player input correctly pauses & restarts at the right position in the actors list
  • DualWield/Precision is now instant and takes less stamina / cooldown
  • Weapon & shield/Last Stand now takes less stamina / cooldown and the life bonus is increased
  • Pinning Shot limited to 5 turns at most
  • Buff Spell Shield
  • Buffed Shadow Cunning
  • Shadow Ambush also dazes 2 turns
  • Corrosive Vapour changed to Glacial Vapour, mana cost reduced
  • Illuminate blind durations fixed to 3/4, at level 4 it starts dealing damage
  • Phantasmal Shield cost severely reduced
  • Fixed stats inherit between base template and npcs
  • New hook in Actor:actBase called "Actor:actBase:Effects", to hook on stuff like thunderstorm, ..
  • Gestures are now generic points
  • Doomed start with two mindstars equipped
  • Random elites are in! Each level (except the very first one) can contain random elites. Less powerful than random bosses, should spice things up!
  • Reavers now get access to Vim tree. Allowing them to get Vimsense & Leech for vimregen
  • Fungus tree is now offered by Myssil after finishing a quest for her
  • Antimagic escort rewards chagned to many different (and otherwise unlearnable) generic trees
  • New generic talent tree: Wild Gift/Mindstar Mastery. Available from random zigur escorts and summoners start with it locked
  • New "ingredients" system. When you do an action (like killing a monster) you can gain a special ingredient which is automatically added to you ingredients list. Ingredients are now part of the normal inventory and are weightless.
  • The Brotherhood of Alchemists quest has been updated to use ingredients system; this means you will start collecting needed parts before taking the quests, without risk of loosing some.
  • Death in explorer mode will not be reported in chat
  • Shields now possess block value. Wielding a shield grants the Block talent that will block the next attack and allows for a counterstrike.
  • Riposte talent doesnt provide a free attack, instead it boosts counterstikes
  • Little buff to Kryl-Feijan

Have fun!

Nearly left ToME dev forever...

Yesterday I was driving (to see a doctor, the irony) when suddently I am not quite sure how I hit the grass on the side, it was raining too, trying to get back on track I got shot to the other side of the road where an other car hit my side (the side I was in) sending me back to the other side wihtout any control left, I passed the road and ended up 4 meters bellow, upside down.

I was hanging from my seat, only suspended by my seatbelt (which probably saved my life) with blood dripping from my head. Not a very fun moment. I managed to untie my belt, fall on the floor and get out and then I waited for help. They got me to the hospital, had me examined and I seem to actually be very lucky, I didnt break anything. Just a not too bad headwound and many many bruises. I can not raise an harm without much pain, or move, but it shall get better (and look, I can still type!).

Sometimes the human mind is weird, I as I was untying my belt, and getting ready to get out I noticed water on the floor and thought something like that: "Oh shit water, I'll wet my shoes!" Yes .. silly given the events .. :)

That's what left of my car now, after it was moved out of the way and put back "on feet". Poor car, she sacrificied her life to save mine.


So basically, I am glad to still be with you in the world of the living and you'll have to bear with ToME for quite a while yet :)

PS: and if you wish to donate to help me get a new car, I'd be very glad; I kinda need a car :/

55 years of ToME!

As of the writing of this post, there has been 20058 days 18 hours 1 minute of recorded ToME4 playtime by registered players!
That is very very nearly 55 years.

I am happy to have given 55 years of happiness to mankind and hope to provide many more centuries ;)

You can view stats there:

Tales of Maj'Eyal beta38 aka "A new beginning"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta38 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


A big release, get it while it's hot!


Release highlights:

  • A whole new UI!
  • Shortened some long zones
  • New artifacts/npcs/lore
  • A slew of bugfixes & improvements to many parts of the game
  • Addons configuration screen
  • Reworked ammo

Expanded changelist:

  • New command: Show map, default binding to "tab"
  • Toggle creatures list default binding set to "ctrl+tab"
  • Wearing an item with charges/cooldown will reset them to 0 to prevent abuse
  • Quick-switch will not reset cooldown of items
  • New achievement
  • New lore: Declaration of the Unification of the Allied Kingdoms
  • Fixing a display bug in T_GOLEM_POWER and a seriously screwy bug in T_GOLEM_RESILIENCE (thanks SomeGirl and tekrunner).
  • Fixed the unavailable preUseTalent check from actually checking equilibrium, etc. (thanks edge2054).
  • Fixed the transmog chest not picking up some items (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Fixed a bug where Volcano would remove the Temporal Rift portals.
  • Fixed Dwarf hometown disappearing (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Fixed T_SWITCH_PLACE cloning the player (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Fixed magicMap stopping auto-explore from doing its business (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Hopefully fixed the majority of the ice block bugs (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Fixed the order of quest and death at the end-game.
  • Allowing DamageType.POISON to receive a table with dam and apply_power. Now T_POISON_GAS_TRAP uses the source actor's combatAttack, the Hydra's on_arrival uses the summoner's combatMindpower, and T_POISON_STORM uses the actor's combatSpellpower.
  • Fixed T_RELENTLESS_PURSUIT and T_SPIN_FATE interaction.
  • Changed 'encased_in_ice' to still target, but change the range to zero (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Hopefully fixing invis/stealth not properly protecting the actor from some talents (thanks tiger_eye).
  • Changing T_POISON_GAS_TRAP fix to resemble other traps (using check_hit).
  • Fixed Rune of the Rift's description (thanks edge2054).
  • Disabled Insatiable ego until it can be balanced
  • Weapon Folding damage reduced and armor penetration removed
  • Weapon Folding now reduces paradox by a small amount when a weapon hits
  • Temporal Warden Archery and Dual-Weapon mastery levels reduced
  • Turn Back the Clock damage reduced
  • Temporal Fugue and Swap confusion power reduced
  • Precognition no longer kills the player if he dies during a vision
  • Moment of Prescience rewritten
  • Spin Fate no longer increases defense, maximum bonus reduced
  • Energy Absorption power level reduced
  • Diminsional Step range reduced
  • Wormhole exit location is a bit less accurate
  • Quantum Feed and Strength of Purpose no longer grant saving throws and
  • have a stamina cost to sustain (in addition to paradox)
  • Rethread's cooldown reduced
  • Clarified a few Wilder tooltips
  • Bulwarks, Berserkers and Marauders now have access to the conditioning tree
  • Bloodbath now gives stacking life and stamina regen rather then multiplying existing values
  • Warrior escorts can now teach the conditioning tree and a few talents from that tree instead of combat accuracy or weapon mastery (they still teach exotic weapon mastery)
  • Deleting a premade now asks for confirmation
  • Confusion resistance now reduces confusion power (up to 10% min)
  • Fixed Cursed Sentry
  • Clarify Wintertide Phial activation
  • Nerfed defence of the half-finished bone giant
  • Clarified Spellcraft talent
  • Replaced Necromancer's Liches dark tendrils & creeping darkness by bone spead and bone grab
  • Lichform necromancers can not use infusions
  • Fixed barrow wight tile for Necromancers
  • Saving throws now reduce duration based on a percentage (5% per difference)
  • Saving throws with a minimum duration can now be 'shrugged off'
  • Accuracy now has it's own cross tier effect, Off-Guard, that increases critical strike chance and critical power by 10%
  • Off-Balance now reduces global speed by 15%
  • Slime slow effect reduced to 15%
  • Hit rolls now cap out at a 20 point difference rather then 10 increasing or decreasing hit chance in 2.5% increments
  • Scrolling the chatlog will remove fading
  • Trap Detection & Trap Disarm talents merged into a new Trap Handling talent
  • New Cunning/Survival talent: Piercing Sight, granting a boost to see stealth/invis
  • Power is Money provides somewhat less huge benefits
  • Alchemists do not start with Combat Training tree anymore (it was locked anyway)
  • Transmogrification Chest can now be activated to trasmo everything in it, or if empty, on the floor
  • Adrenaline Surge no longer takes a turn to use
  • Daunting Presnce no longer causes a cross-tier effect. Debuff effect slightly improved.
  • Reduced the accuracy of many starting enemies
  • Reduced a few corrupted horror talent levels in the deep bellow
  • Meditation changed to a sustain that grants equilibrium regen, mental save, healing mod but halves all damage done
  • Hate: Now ranges from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 10 to be more consistent with other resources.
  • Hate: Instead of falling to 0, hate falls to a baseline value. The baseline value is set to 50% of your current hate when you take damage, inflict damage or kill something.
  • Hate: Is now affected by fatigue Cursed Form / Unnatural Body: now scales healing factor from 40% at 0 hate to 80% at 10+ hate. No longer affects damage resistance and no longer improves with cursed equipment.
  • Cursed Form / Seethe: Allows you to stop hate loss but recieve other penalties
  • Cursed Form / Repression: now trades up healing factor for loss of hate per kill.
  • Gloom / All: Mindpower based (% chance to "hit", chance to save v Mindpower)
  • Gloom / Weakness: Changed to reduce damage inflicted, attacking weakened foes adds hate.
  • Gloom / Dismay: Replaces Torment; 3 turn gloom effect that guarantees 1 critical hit.
  • Gloom / Sanctuary: Reduces damage that originates from outside of the gloom Slaughter / Slash: Insidious Poison effect has been changed to Cursed Wound (stackable damage reduction)
  • Slaughter / Reckless Charge: Number of attacks is now limited by talent level.
  • Endless Hunt / Beckon: Save v Mindpower reduces chance to move by half.
  • Taking damage can dispell it (the chance to dispel is cumulative damage / maximum life).
  • Strife / Dominate: Now mindpower based, Fixed range checking
  • Cursed Aura: Dialog to take or reject it should only open once.
  • Cursed Aura / Curse of Shrouds: should no longer cancel rest/autoexplore
  • Cursed Aura / Cursed Sentry: Fixed (was completely broken)
  • Dark Figure: Removed
  • New Rampage/Predator/Fears afflicted trees
  • Perfect Strikes now ignores the miss chance caused by attacking an unseen foe
  • Crooked Club confusion duration reduced to 4
  • Vision Runes now grant See Stealth in addition to See Invisible
  • Sun Infusions no longer break stealth but instead apply a debuff that reduces stealth power for a few turns
  • Meditation now also have a passive effect: when resting it grants an equilibrium regen
  • Meditation does not take any turn to activate/deactiavte
  • Reduced damage from Void Shards
  • Reduced healing modifier on Vitality
  • Reduced chance of removing debuffs on Unflinching Resolve
  • Reduced spike damage from Time Elementals
  • Time Elementals are now negative effect immune
  • Buffed Harkor'Zun (not the fragments)
  • Buffed Brandish and Retribution (Guardian Tree)
  • Better smooth movement
  • Frenzy now correctly debuffs at level 3
  • Mimic now resets stats on next kill
  • Preternatural Senses now rounds the range value.
  • Fixed a Rampage talent on an arena NPC
  • Outmanuever now gives a physical resistance reduction
  • Mimic now gives stat bonuses relative to the target's stats instead of relative to player's stats minus target's stats.
  • Reckless Change now scales range beyond 4.
  • Rune of the Rift paradox reduction reduced to 60
  • Rune of the Rift should no longer occasionally heal actors
  • Time Skip once again removes actors from the map rather then time prisoning them
  • Fix immunities on the Eternal Night set
  • Always-center on player is set by default for new players
  • Debug console: Cursor positioning (left/right arrows, home/end to move to beginning/end of line)
  • Debug console: Copy to system clipboard support, bound to Ctrl+C and matches Ctrl+V paste support
  • Debug console: Tab-autocompletion of table entries
  • Fixed description of Tormented effect
  • Fixed description of Panicked effect
  • Fixed moving the player in panicked effect
  • Added support for fear resistance to Fears/Panic
  • Reduced damage of Slaughter/Reckless Charge
  • Amushcade Shadow will no longer autopick up gold, gems, or gear
  • Temporal and Eldricth horror files split
  • Temporal Horrors will now spawn on levels 2 and 3 of the Rift instead of Time Elementals
  • Buffed horror stats
  • Reduced talent use frequency of Luminous Horrors
  • Increased talent use frequency of Devourers
  • Tactical Expert defense bonuses reworked
  • Reduced Inner Demon max life
  • Waking Nightmare is now resisted with Mental Save
  • Three new uniques added to Dreadfell (Borfast, Filio, and Aletta) that can randomly appear in he zone
  • Four new artifacts (Borfast's Cage, Aletta's Diadem, Hareskin Sling, and Withering Orbs)
  • Increased rarity of Boots of Spellbinding and Staff of Channeling
  • New Dreadfell Lore
  • Orc breeding pits: reduced the total size
  • Daikara: only 4 levels now
  • Maze: only 2 levels now (one is huge)
  • Eruan: only 4 levels now
  • Old forest: only 4 levels now
  • Sandowrm lair: only 4 levels now
  • Ardhungol: only 3 levels now
  • The four orc prides are now 3 levels
  • Limir dying now instantly marks the quest failed
  • Added a small speak bubble to creatures that can talk
  • NPC & Player portrait will appear in chat boxes
  • Fix multiple addons in .teaa form using overload
  • New hook "Entity:loadList" to bind on any entities file load, altering the loaded data or loading more of your own
  • New artifact: Prox's Lucky Halfling Foot
  • Reduced the number of lore notes in many zones that got shrinked
  • Added a popup warning when entering the mausoleum in Last Hope graveyard
  • When using auto-reloading quivers/pouches resting will wait for full reload
  • When the transmo chest pops up at the end of a level the inventory tabs setting is not lost
  • Trollmire is nowa 65x40 zone instead of 50x50
  • Equipment window now has a switch to select main/off weapons set
  • Letter keys work again in inventory/equipment screen
  • Learning lore stops running
  • Necrotic minions are worht 0 exp
  • Recall/Angolwen Teleport only works when the main player is alive
  • Hydra's Grand Arrival does not also applies ritch's one
  • Spiders from the egg-sac do not grant exp
  • Levelup screen shows rounded stats
  • Lore randomly found has a different tile than set lore
  • Fix Tornado
  • Fix for Frenzy
  • Beckon, Panic and Paranoia should be less annoying to deal with
  • Hex-mode support added to the engine; a simple 'core.fov.set_algorithm("hex")' in your module's load.lua and you are in hex mode!
  • Directly computing directions is deprecated; instead use util.adjacentCoords and all the new coord functions
  • Map borders should look better
  • New UI!
  • UI elements are now locked by default, with a small padlock on the toolbar to unlock them
  • Move tooltips in inventory and stores to not obstruct the list currently being watched
  • Added some missing musics to some zones, including new tracks
  • Fearscape is usable in more zones
  • Trees should have a bit less veritcal randomness
  • font:draw() can take a new parameter to prevent displaying entities with an internal FBO and instead returns a table of entities to draw and their positions in the texture string
  • New lore: "Gifts of Nature"
  • New artifact set: Staff of Arcane Supremacy and Hat of Arcane Understanding
  • Boots of Spellbinding and Staff of Channeling reworked
  • Corona no longer deactivates when there's no energy to fire
  • Added Spell Cooldown, Mind Crit, and Crit Reduction to the character sheet
  • Darkest Light can no longer give back negative energy (for real this time)
  • Talent paradox cost no longer factored into paradox failure(etc) rates
  • Spacetime Tuning reworked now a sustain that reduces paradox over time
  • Haste values reduced
  • Static History values reduced
  • Talent equilibrium cost no longer factored into failure rates
  • Fixed Ruined Earth radius
  • Fixed "weakness" damage type
  • Mage apprentice quest changed, he wont collect rings/.. anymore, he just needs one arcane powered artifact
  • Disruption Shield can never cost negative mana
  • Classes may have an inherited method that gets called after module init
  • Air warning indicator, like the hp warning indicator (corners become bluer)
  • Reworked ammo. Now ammo comes in quivers or pouches that have charges. There is a new "Reload" talent and some new egos can auto-reload.
  • Antimagic infused objects are usable without knowing antimagic, but they will incur heavy penalties on spellcasting (failure chances, reduced spellpower)
  • Ego generator will forbid an arcane/antimagic item and an arcane/nature one will be rarer (but still possible)
  • Nerf Witch-bane and Guidance for non antimagic users, buff them for antimagic users
  • NPCs do not cheat with vim regen, instead they are smart
  • Resting will auto-activate Reload
  • Mana Clash cooldown reduced and damage altered
  • Wearing an antimagic item also will incur a chance for spell sustain to be disrupted every turns
  • New addons configuration screen, to select/unselect which addons will load; can be used to enable addons with version mismatches too, at your own risk
  • Wearing the bindings of eternal night will prevent the use of infusions and wild-gifts
  • Bindings of eternal night now reduces light and fire resists and grants blight and darkness resist
  • Undead can no longer learn the harmony tree
  • New game option to select either the new or old UI
  • Some game options disappear when using the new UI; they are useless
  • Antimagic quest gives more info ahead of time
  • Aura of Silence now uses full mindpower to apply
  • Rope Belt of the Thaloren is no longer arcane powered
  • Dark Surprise now uses physical power to apply
  • Improved the DebugConsole with suggestions by tiger_eye, edge2054 and Canderel, and implemented by yufra.
  • Resizing the game does not require a (automatic) save & reload
  • Developers are marked in red in the chat
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Golem Power and Golem Resilience.
  • Life regen display in the minimalist display now takes into account healing mod
  • Weapon folding bonuses doubled for archery
  • Fixed Shooting when encased in ice
  • Improved Jelly description
  • A copy of the party is now uploaded to the server on a save (a real savefile of it, not a dump). For later fun uses!
  • Moment of Prescience now increases accuracy too
  • Spin Fate now buffs all saves each time it's applied
  • Swap and Temporal Wake ranges adjusted
  • Dimensional Step no longer lets you break line of sight but takes no time to cast
  • Wormhole now takes time to cast and the exit radius adjusted
  • Celerity improved
  • Strength of Purpose and Quantum Feed values adjusted

Have fun!

Profile server back online!

After some rough days the profile server is back online, fully working and much much faster than before!

It is also more capable and soon you'll see why :)

Have fun!

Profile server troubles: victim of the success!

The profile server has been acting up lately, while I was away, how nice of it!

There have been a great new influx of new players as of late and the server is just not good enouhh to handle them. I am working as fast as I can to rewrite it in a better way so please just hang on tight!

Thanks and have fun!

Tales of Maj'Eyal beta37 aka "Dawn of Victory"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta37 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


This is a bugfix release to fix some important b36 bugs and it also is a celebration for winning the roguelike of the year poll!


Release highlights:

  • Many important bugfixes
  • Disappearing zones should be fixed, at last!

Expanded changelist:

  • Fixed dying at the orc ambush
  • Made the end of the lichform quest more obvious
  • New "unavailable" category in the use talent menu
  • Fixed staff of absorption quest when loosing the ambush
  • Grand Arrival: Stone Golem correctly checks for stun immunity
  • Grand Arrival: Flamespitter now correctly affects foes
  • Stealth bonus correctly shows in the character sheet
  • When killing foes in walls the object drops will try to move into a clean space nearby
  • Perhaps fixed actor duplication on level change
  • A NPC using switch place while dying will not duplicate the player
  • Displacement Shield cast correctly respects maximun range
  • Wearing an item directly from the transmo chest will correctly remove it from the chest
  • Learning spells wil a shadowblade or an arcane blade will not provide mana regen
  • Necrotic minions will not spawn Will'o'Wisp upon death if their master is already dead
  • Necrotic Aura will be present even for necromancers starting with no talents
  • Smaller initial resolution
  • Golem/Arcane tree talents are now considered spells & can be silenced
  • Lichform can not be unlearnt
  • Fixed the disappearing zones bug. I'm quite sure this time! :)
  • Time Prison now prevents the application of any timed effects
  • The transmo chest will only start to provide energy once you have talked to the butler
  • Grand Corruptor correctly triggers the quest even in the fearscape if spawned in the mark of the spellblaze
  • Sunder Arms/Armour does not check for stun resistance anymore
  • Grab/Crush/Constrict check for pin resistance instead of stun resistance
  • Switching control of your character will not prevent respecing talents
  • Removed speed rune from the Weirdling Beast; gave him a new one to compensate
  • When 'l'ooking around if you press enter you get a map menu just like when right clicking
  • Darkness & Shadows trees are not spells
  • Bone Grab correctly deals damage
  • Fixed when Fillarel is dies in the unremarkable cave
  • Disruption Shield now takes effect *after* damage shield, time shield, displacement shield
  • Talent icons stay greyed out even when cooling down when the talent is unusable (but the countdown is still shown)
  • Disperse magic now respects range

Have fun!

ToME won the 2011 roguelike of the year award!

Thank to all those that voted, this both makes me happy and proud that many people like my game so much.

2011 has been an amazing year for ToME, many releases with meaty changelogs, more content than ever, some heavy rebalancings, much UI polish and obviously shockbolt gfx.

Thank to all the people that have contributed things, small or large: this is also your win!

Oh and to celebrate it, prepare for incoming b37 :)

One year of donations!

One year ago I put up the donation feature on to get a little "return on investment" as managers would say :)
Well it turns out this worked quite well, as for the first birthday I can proudly say there was over 3500 euros of donations to ToME4!

Over the time the feature evolved a bit, being integrated into the game and having a few special features to thank donators.

Some of this money was donated back to Shockbolt for the amazing work he does on the graphics and some is for paying the server.

To sum it up, what a wild ride this last few days: currently running strong in the roguelike of the year contest, reaching 10000 days of playtime and now 3500euros of donations!

I want to thank all the players for their support, all the people that contributed ideas, bug reports, code, sounds and overhaul much fun!

PS: I am in the process of buying a house, so yes, any money I can get will get me closer to that goal join the "buy-darkgod-a-house" campaign ! :)

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