Nyles GOD Mode

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Nyles GOD Mode is an addon that prevents you from being killed. Sort of.
You can only be killed by the air gauge (suffocation) which can be easily prevented by many items or skills.


It works this way (there are two different modes inside):
    - When activated, start a New Game.
    - You will find under game options > gameplay, a new setting that lets you toggle godmode on or off.
    - You can change this setting any time at any place in the game.

Upon spotting an enemy, you will be granted a huge amount of life and regen as well a an incredible amount of resistances.
When all the enemies are killed, you stats will be reverted back to normal.

Update v2.0.1
  • Fixed a bug which reduced the player stats to 1 when you de-activate the addon from the in-game menu. Now it will keep the previous stats as expected.
  • Set to be off by default instead of oneshot by default.

Update v2.0.0

  • Rewrote the code to be more functional and to not impact performance.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Infinite Cat Points

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One Cat Point per level.

Experience Controller

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Experience Controller is an addon that lets you change the amount of experience you receive upon killing foes.

You can enable/disable it realtime and it will work from the next kill onward. It also works for arena and infinite dungeon alike.



How to enable/disable or configure this addon:

  • Download, install and activate it. Start a New Game.
  • You can enable/disable or change mode, set the amount of flat experience or multiplier to apply to each future kill from the "Gameplay" settings in-game.


Modes functionality:

  • VANILLA -> Doesn't change anything compared to original game.
  • BALANCED (default) -> Gives on general more experience to the player on higher difficulties than original game, depending also on the rank and level of the defeated enemy.
  • VERY FAST -> Gives 250% flat experience compared to original TOME.
  • FLAT -> Each kill gives X experience points, regardless of what you kill or what level you/they are. How much per kill can be configured in the Gameplay settings.
  • CUSTOM -> Multiplies by X all the experience you gain from kills. You can set your own multiplier in the Gameplay settings.
  • INSTANT LV50 -> One kill for LV50. A cheat way to test out new builds REALLY fast.




Update v4.0.1

* Fixed a few typos and minor logging issues


Update v4.0

* Compatible with TOME v1.7.4

* Added multiple customization possibilities in-game and reworked functionality of all the addon

Adventurer Testing Cheat

Short Name: 

For testing purposes of adventurer synergies

Mighty Level Up Cheat

Short Name: 

Greatly enhances rate of point gain for talents, generics, stats, categories and even prodigies.

Adventurer Class Boost

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This mod is not intended to be balanced. For the majority of players, it will likely spoil/ruin the game. If you are one of those players, do not download or use the mod.

This mod alters the Adventurer class to provide even more freedom in customizing your talents. A new elven subrace is also included which provides several talents (i.e. racial) which Adventurer does not pick up. Sufficient points and options are available to make character level the only limiting factor in your talent selections. You are not obligated to use all points provided.

Given the boosts your character will receive while playing with this mod active, it is strongly recommended that you select the highest difficulty setting available to you.

If you have not yet unlocked the Adventurer class, you will also need the Ignore Race/Class Locks mod.

This mod was tested with TOME v1.3.1. Since it only edits the Adventurer-class-specific data and adds a sub-race, it should remain compatible with most other mods. For example, the Infinite 500 mod alters many parts of the game mechanics, but it doesn't make edits which affect Adventurers without affecting other characters, so the edits do not conflict.

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