Stealth Tweaks

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Minor tweaks to stealth info in the ui.

Right now, it just adds your unseen actions success chance to your stealth sustain icon.

Planewalker font for Marson's UI Mod

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This fontpack was made in order to be able to use the original Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Font for my lore pop-ups. Planewalker is the modern version of the original 'Magic Cards' font and is based off card text from Magic: the Gathering.

Credit for everything except for the font goes to Marson. I just plopped a '.ttf' in a folder. Font by Neale Davidson.

  • Additional fonts for Marson's UI Mod. Please use only fonts licensed for such use.*

Fixed-Duration Resting

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Allows the player to rest for a specified duration, instead of just to full. This behavior is bound to Ctrl-R by default. Supplying 0 as the number of turns to rest for will fall back to the default resting behavior.

Important mechanical note: I created this addon because I wanted to be able to rest until a talent came off cooldown (and no more). To facilitate this, the number of turns you specify will be a duration in *global* turns. This will cause the "Rested for X turns" message to have a different value if your global speed is not 1. However, if you're waiting for a talent to come off cooldown, you can just enter the number of turns and you will rest exactly long enough (rounding up) for the talent to become available again. If there's demand, I could include a setting (or alternate keybinding) to instead rest for a fixed number of player turns, but I'm not sure what the use for that would be.

Charsheet Talents Improvement

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Improves the charsheet talents listing. Note: might be be implemented by next patch

Marson's UI Modifications - TEST VERSION

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This version is only for use during the test phase of a new ToME release and is currently frozen. For regular play use the original non-test version.

Fontpack example for Marson's UI Mod

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An example addon showing how to add fonts to Marson's UI Mod. See hooks/load.lua for details.

  • Additional fonts for Marson's UI Mod. Please use only fonts licensed for such use.*

The Auto Archer (Auto Shooter)

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Takes out the boring grinding fingerwork of archer gameplay with a single keystroke. This addon automatically walks toward visible enemies, uses your archer talents (or basic shoot skill), reloads your bow mid-fight, or autoexplores when nobody is around. Sit back and enjoy the magic of The Auto Archer.

Alchemist Quest Reward Display

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When viewing the quest, displays details about the various rewards you are working towards.

Example: "Agrimley the hermit needs your help making an Elixir of Explosive Force, which permanently increase your chance to critically strike with spells by 4%. He has given you some notes on the ingredients: ..."

Textlog-Hotbar Transparency

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Adds configurable background alpha settings to the chatlog and gamelog windows to help with readability -- similar to the backgrounds they get when you enter move/resize mode -- and also to the hotkey/skillbar and separately the talents on it, if you'd like to see what's going on under it.

Works with Minimalist UI only.

The hotkeybar change was requested by fiyawerx on #tome, and since I was messing about in that file already...

Simple Font Floating Text

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Changes the floating text to a different font

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