Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

T-Engine allows all game modules to support addons and Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy is taking full advantage of them to allow players to customize their game.

How to install

To install an addon you simply have to download the .teaa file and place it in your game's game/addons/ folder, unless the addon explicitly gives special install instructions.

How to create new addons

See addon uploading page of the wiki.

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NameGame Version RequiredUpdatedAuthorDownloadUser Rating
Digest Elite+ Fix
talent cults writhing one demented digest
1.7.426 weeks 2 days agobad_news
Mannendake's Improved Auto-explore and Rest
cooldowns rest telepathy autoexplore
1.7.226 weeks 4 days agomannendakeno rating yet
Class: Hekatonkheire
horror melee hundred hekatonkheire hands recaiden Class
1.7.026 weeks 5 days agoRecaiden
Autosell Schematics
schematic transmogrification
1.7.426 weeks 5 days agomannendakeno rating yet
Wilder Balance
wyrmic Wilder Stone Warden Wyrmic Wilder stone warden balance
1.7.426 weeks 6 days agoTradewind_Rider
Abomination Race - Bamboo Edition
undead abomination race
1.4.927 weeks 5 hours agomannendakeno rating yet
Melinda on the Map - Bamboo Edition
Events kryl-feijan
1.7.027 weeks 7 hours agomannendakeno rating yet
Godfeaster on the Map
Events godfeaster
1.7.027 weeks 7 hours agomannendakeno rating yet
Diagonal Digging Denied
digging tweak mr frog
1.7.027 weeks 3 days agoMr Frogno rating yet
Visibly Distinct Shadow Crypt
shadow crypt far east
1.7.028 weeks 5 days agozizzono rating yet
Sholtar - mannendake's fork
race human sholtar
1.5.528 weeks 6 days agomannendakeno rating yet
Developer Console Font Options
ui developer console font
1.7.029 weeks 1 day agoRootOfAllThingsno rating yet
Mob Class Adjuster
Class rare
1.7.429 weeks 1 day agomannendakeno rating yet
Deathknight Compatibility Patch
compatibility Deathknight
1.7.029 weeks 1 day agoFL0RENT_no rating yet
Shorter East
shorter dungeons highpeak prides
1.7.429 weeks 2 days agoEltharimno rating yet
Effect Displayer
ui flying text floating text
1.7.430 weeks 4 days agocra7658no rating yet
Cleaner Item Descriptions
tooltip better description item Interface
1.7.031 weeks 2 days agoRecaiden
Faster Egress Artifact Rolling
egress artifact
1.7.431 weeks 6 days agomannendakeno rating yet
Spookier Scarier Skeletons
skeleton rework
1.7.031 weeks 6 days agoMr Frogno rating yet
Light From Below
campaign horror light below
1.7.432 weeks 10 hours agoErenion
Orc Breeding Pits Full
Breeding Pits orcs cut content censored uncensored
1.7.432 weeks 14 hours agoFeriel
Timeshaper Class
shaper Class AscendingPhoenix Chronomancer timeshaper
1.7.432 weeks 3 days agokfoelscheno rating yet
Wilder summoner Leaf Greenwatch Archer mindstar antimagic
1.7.432 weeks 3 days agoMister_Vimes
Accurate Weapon Damage
ui tweak qol weapon damage
1.7.032 weeks 5 days agoMr Frogno rating yet
Japanese Translation Test
1.7.433 weeks 2 days agoAsada