Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

T-Engine allows all game modules to support addons and Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy is taking full advantage of them to allow players to customize their game.

How to install

To install an addon you simply have to download the .teaa file and place it in your game's game/addons/ folder, unless the addon explicitly gives special install instructions.

How to create new addons

See addon uploading page of the wiki.

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NameGame Version RequiredUpdatedAuthorDownloadUser Rating
Ambush Escape
ambush ambush
1.7.026 weeks 5 days agozizzo
Alchemist Notifications
alchemist brotherhood of alchemists quest
1.7.026 weeks 5 days agozizzono rating yet
Actually Usable Damage Reduction
damage reduction inscriptions
1.7.026 weeks 5 days agozizzo
Actually Usable Bathe in Light
bathe in light celestial talents
1.7.026 weeks 5 days agozizzo
UwU that Walks
joke uwu whats this *notices tentacles* cursed
1.6.027 weeks 2 days agoRootOfAllThings
Inferno Pettiness
hedgeknight dontcare wyrmic
1.6.027 weeks 3 days agoastralinferno
Mighty Level Up Cheat
race cheat OP
1.3.028 weeks 3 days agoastralinferno
Recaiden's Evolution Prodigies
prodigy talent evolution recaiden Doomed fallen shadow
1.6.030 weeks 1 day agoRecaiden
Demonologist: ReSeeded
mr frog rework demonologist
1.6.733 weeks 6 hours agoMr Frog
Juggernaut Evolution for Bulwark
evolution Class Bulwark juggernaut dual-shield
1.6.733 weeks 1 day agonsrrno rating yet
Godmode Merchant
invincible gold money imbue points prodigy spells godmode mode god
1.5.1033 weeks 2 days agoakaviriblade
Stalker Evolution for Rogue
stealth unarmed Stalker rogue Class evolution
1.6.733 weeks 4 days agonsrrno rating yet
Player AI
player-ai options keybind playerai options keybind
1.5.1033 weeks 4 days agoCharidan
Tuned Sounds Version1
audio sound combat
1.6.734 weeks 1 day agoMortoq1no rating yet
Sounds of Chaos
sound effects sounds chaos
1.6.035 weeks 2 hours agoRootOfAllThingsno rating yet
Player Escort Comments
player emote
1.6.735 weeks 2 days agosSs1897
Additional Boss Pack
boss boss
1.6.635 weeks 2 days agostarsapphire
Nexus improved tooltips
actors tooltip
1.6.737 weeks 4 days agoPreternexno rating yet
AI bot skoobot auto AI bot skoobot auto skoobot ai bot auto ai bot skoobot
1.6.739 weeks 1 day agoSkoobyDoo
Extra Hotkeys
hotkeys Interface
1.6.739 weeks 2 days agominmayno rating yet
gemblade gem subclass Class
1.6.739 weeks 4 days agoErenion
JPN Addons for ToME4
japanese translation
1.6.741 weeks 2 days agoclarus
Class living weapon animist
1.6.042 weeks 2 days agoRootOfAllThings
sapper Class Steam tinker EoR siege construct engine
1.6.743 weeks 3 days agoCathbald
Smithfield UI
hunting minimap tactical smithfield Ui UI ui keyboard small screen smithfield ui minimap Tactical Borders centering scrolling User Interface
1.6.043 weeks 5 days agosmithfield