Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

T-Engine allows all game modules to support addons and Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy is taking full advantage of them to allow players to customize their game.

How to install

To install an addon you simply have to download the .teaa file and place it in your game's game/addons/ folder, unless the addon explicitly gives special install instructions.

How to create new addons

See addon uploading page of the wiki.

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NameGame Version RequiredUpdatedAuthorDownloadUser Rating
Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit
terrain tooltip actors tooltip
1.7.41 year 33 weeks agosSs1897
Better Sounds Mod
sound audio
1.7.41 year 34 weeks agoLeoMaven
Bromantic Mod Pack
Class Wilder druid Werebeast Nature Woodsman summoner wyrmic
1.7.41 year 34 weeks agoBromantic
剑圣Mod 汉化包 (Swordsmaster Class Chinese Langauge Pack)
ui i18n chinese
1.7.21 year 35 weeks agostarsapphireno rating yet
Role Race
Warzard Wizard Trapper Assasin Ninja Pyromancer Cryomancer Cristalomancer class Earthling Paralleling animaling race Role
1.7.41 year 36 weeks agoclarus
Werekracken's Beholder Fork
Beholder Class race Monster Eyes Lasers Tentacles
1.7.21 year 36 weeks agoWerekracken
Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation
1.7.41 year 36 weeks agoclarusno rating yet
Exponential Leveling - A legit way for Madness
high-level levelup level points talent points stats prodigies generics category category-unlock points enhance levelup
1.7.41 year 37 weeks agoErrant Nyles
Eoland's Vampire Race
undead vampire race
1.7.41 year 37 weeks agoEoland
Cancel Sustain/Effect on Rest
sustain effect cancel
1.7.21 year 37 weeks agoyouheino rating yet
Y Tooltip
actors tooltip
1.7.21 year 37 weeks agoyouhei
Cool sound
sound sounds sound effects
1.7.41 year 38 weeks agobehappyguyno rating yet
Experience Controller
experience settings cheat
1.7.41 year 38 weeks agoErrant Nyles
Ignore Race/Class Locks
1.7.01 year 38 weeks agozizzo
Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice
1.7.41 year 38 weeks agostarsapphire
Inferno Pettiness
hedgeknight dontcare wyrmic
1.7.01 year 38 weeks agoastralinferno
Barbarian Evolution for Berserker
dual-wield barbarian berserker Class evolution
1.7.21 year 39 weeks agonsrr
Frost Invoker
Class frost invoker cold melee unarmed ice mage frost invoker
1.7.01 year 40 weeks agonsrr
Faster ToME4
1.7.31 year 40 weeks agoyutio888no rating yet
Ring Reroll
Ring item
1.7.21 year 40 weeks agoShotrayno rating yet
Cultist Rebalance
tags are cultist Rebalance these
1.7.31 year 42 weeks agoChickadeeVivi
Arcanum Class Pack
Class Arcane Mage Hedgemage Alchemist
1.7.31 year 42 weeks agoHousePet
Adventurer Mastery
Adventurer talents
1.7.21 year 42 weeks agoFL0RENT_
Vampire Compatibility
undead vampire compatibility
1.7.21 year 43 weeks agoFL0RENT_no rating yet
Tireless Veterans
tireless combatant stamina Class
1.7.31 year 43 weeks agobiovass